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Deep Bass | Dots Per Inch – ‘Get Up’ [Free D/L]


Sampling the legendary Michael Jackson, Dots Per Inch delivers some wiicked deep bass with his free download “Get Up.”

Dots Per Inch has had a successful year with plays on Ministry of Sound Radio, Kiss, 1Xtra, and Rinse FM. This track is sort of a thank you to all the fans for their support, as well as a wiicked indication that 2014 is going to be jam-packed with some massive tunes.

Can’t wait to see what else Dots Per Inch has got in store. :)


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Indie Disco| From Kid – ‘Sun (Lou Teti Mix)’


Nu disco is known to make me dance, even jump up and down a little, but did you know it can also cause eargasms?

In hot pursuit of an eargasm, I stumbled across Lou Teti’s nu disco remix of From Kid’s “Sun.” Continue reading


Soul Spy Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix [Nov 13]


After a long day of running errands and working on projects, there is nothing I love more than coming home, grabbing my Macbook,  and hitting the blogs & soundcloud in search of music.

Each day I’m hunting for new music, and today I’ve found a slice of nu disco goodness from Soul Spy.  Continue reading


Free Download | PUMP & FLEXX – ‘Ambiantana’


If you’re looking for a house music booming with some kick ass bass, then get hip to the music of Pump & Flexx. Continue reading


Deep House | Stefano Esposito & Timmy P – ‘We Can Try’


As a part of their VA compilation series, Development Music has brought together some deep house goodness! With artists such as Alex Agore, Dirty Room, Timmy P, and Stefano Esposito, the compilation (coming soon) is bound to be a banger! Continue reading


Soulful Remix | Disclosure – ‘Voices (Wookie RMX)’


Who doesn’t love Disclosure? They’ve got a little bit of something for the house lovers, the UK garage lovers, and everything in between. And from judging by the success of their debut album Settle, it seems this UK-production duo is internationally praised by many music lovers x critics.

Perhaps everyone is wondering what their next project will be (and sound like,) but before we can move towards the future, let’s visit one of their earlier tracks “Voices.”

Definitely a classic Disclosure track, “Voices” has received a new “facelift” from Wookie. Taking things to the soulful side of house, Wookie’s remix creates a superb new track. It’s still got that same Disclosure sound, but it’s something totally different…maybe better than the original.

Judge for yourself: Give this soulful remix a spin.