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Soulful House Edits From Karizma (Free Download)

Baltimore’s legendary producer/dj, Karizma has released two free edits that are classy, jazzy, and oh so soulful.

Under his alter-ego Kaytronik, he has given a soulful vibe to Sade’s “Stronger Than Pride” and Quincy Jones’ “Superwoman.”

Check them out:

Stronger Than Pride (Karizma Remix)

Superwoman (K2 Redit)




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S.Chu and Terri Walker Closure

Soulful House | S. Chu x Terri Walker – ‘Closure’ (SBTV)

Probably one of my favorite deep & soulful house tracks, “Closure” is truly a beautiful debut release for S.Chu on Defected Records. 

I first heard this track about a week ago while listening to a podcast (I think it was Defected Radio Show,) and since then I’ve been madly in love with those intoxicating vocals from Terri Walker. 

If you thought listening to the track gave you goosebumps, you’ll surely want to get the full experience with this performance for SBTV.

Filmed in a dramatic black & white tone, this video is a wicked good performance! You’ve got Terri Walker doing her thing on the vocals and in the background, we get to see S.Chu producing.

Check it out:

Closure | (SBTV)


Fresh Vibes | Wookie x Zak Abel – ‘Higher’

artworks-000071321480-dwrf91-t500x500If you’re looking for a soulful excursion, the type that brings certain delight to your day, then check out these fresh vibes from Wookie featuring the incredible vocals of Zak Abel.

Perfectly titled, “Higher,” this new single is a soulful edit that will tease your ears. And if you’re crushing on someone or find yourself in love, then it might even become your soundtrack.

Give this soulful edit a spin and let the happy vibes ease your mind.

foremost poets

♥ | Foremost Poets – ‘Besides Myself (DJ Spen & Neal Conway Remix)’

Two days out of the week, I make the 35-40min commute to my evening graduate classes in Baltimore. At first I was apprehensive due to the distance. But thanks to the bumpin’ house music in the car, the commute feels so much shorter (and the program is pretty awesome too!)

I’ve got a variety of mixes that I listen to, but last night while driving back from my Digital Video class, I was getting my life to DJ Spen & Neal Conway’s remix of Foremost Poets soulful house cut, “Besides Myself.”

I’ve heard this remix years ago, but thanks to Shazam, I was able to ID it right away.  :)

The remix takes the soulful original and adds more of a Gospel House vibe to it. You can easily starting shouting and praising to this track, whereas the original is still church-like, but doesn’t have those dominant piano chords.

So whether you want to have church or get your dance on, the remix & the original are surely going to satisfy your needs.

Gospel House

Soulful House Original


Deep Sugar: Dance Ritual – Little Louie Vega x The Girl Squad (Saturday Feb 8th)

#girlsquad – Ultra Nate x Lisa MoodyUltra Nate, Jasmine McGee, Lisa Moody
Ultra Nate, Me, & Lisa Moody @ 18th Street Lounge

If you’re looking for the core of house music, that pulse that keeps the community alive in Baltimore (and DC,) then experience Deep Sugar. 

For a decade, international sensation,Ultra Nate, and the incredible (oh so soulful,) Lisa Moody, have been throwing their monthly house music party at the legendary Paradox. And if you’ve never been to the Paradox (aka The Dox,) then think of it as Baltimore’s underground circuit with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Paradise Garage.  Continue reading


Garage House | Strick Biz ft. Dawn Tallman – ‘Life Is Beautiful (Scott Diaz Mix)’

Yesterday, I was just totally in the dumps. Okay not totally, but I definitely wasn’t a happy camper. I was irritated with drama going on, ultra moody (not even PMS,) fed up with a few people, and just not in the best of spirits.

But then everything changed…

Life Is Beautiful


So to get rid of all the negativity, I turned on some house and  worked out on my spin bike. While spinning my frustration away,  I became so overwhelmed with joy when I heard this beautiful track “Life Is Beautiful.”

The original track is by Strick Biz and features the vocals of Dawn Tallman, but the deep garage house mix by Scott Diaz truly brightened up my day.

While the beat makes you want to get up, dance, and shout some hallelujahs, the vocals are what truly resonate: “Life is beautiful.” Which is so true. Despite those moments of frustration I might feel, my life is beautiful. I’ve got a lot of good things going for me.

Llittle moments of nuisances can’t ruin my day, my week, or even my life, because you know what, my life is beautiful…and so is yours!