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Soulful Vibes | Sam Smith – ‘Lay Me Down (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)’

SamSmith24100012-Custom-Name-720x349Remember Disclosure’s hit release “Latch” and those soulfully haunting vocals of Sam Smith?  I mean seriously, how couldn’t you? It’s such an amazing track and I still listen to it on a daily basis. However, back then I was under the assumption that Sam Smith was a moniker for Sam Sparro, but Sam Smith is actually a rising soul singer from the UK.

Having been featured on Disclosure’s hit “Latch” really put his name in the spotlight, and his breakout release “Lay Me Down” has received much acclaim. The beautiful, yet simple, piano chords allow the vocals of Sam Smith to rise to new heights and reach the depths of your soul. Surely this track is a tearjerker.

The original is something that I can’t get enough of, but the new Todd Terry Vocal Mix is quite impressive. The remix gives the song a vibe that seems more like “Latch” and it takes the soulful vocals to a happier mood.

So if you’re not in the mood for crying and reflecting, then listen to this soulful vocal mix. But if you choose to (which I highly recommend) get lost in the raw emotion of Sam Smith’s vocals, then give “Lay Me Down” a listen.

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♥ | Nick Waterhouse – ‘Say I Wanna Know’ [The Song From the Acura ILX Commercial]

Most people around me know that I’m a huge fan of the 40s, especially the films and the style. I just love the timeless clothing and I truly admire the classy vibe that women and men exuded. Those guys truly knew how to rock a suit, which is probably why till this day I just go mad crazy for a man wearing a suit (or 40s/50s inspired clothing.)

I’m a junkie for the fashion and the classic films of that era, but I also love the music of the 40s (big band + swing) and I love the soul music from the 50s. So when I saw the Acura ILX Commercial the other day, I decided it was time to finally look up that song.

The commercial came out months ago, so I’m sure you’ve seen it. But did you know who the song was by? Well if you didn’t, then let me tell you about a guy named Nick Waterhouse. He’s this soul & R&B singer that sings with a 50s inspired style, and his song “Say I Wanna Know” is featured in the Acura commercial.

It didn’t take me too long to find it, but now that I’ve found it…I can’t stop listening to it! I love just snapping my fingers and grooving the 50s sound. I usually hate when modern day artists try to pay homage or do music with an old school vibe, but Nick Waterhouse gets a stamp of approval; he knows exactly what he is doing.

I love the commercial too!


Sultry Soul | Jessie Boykins III – “B4 The Night Is Thru”

I can’t actually recall the last track I listened to by Jessie Boykins III, but I do remember that he always had this unique vibe about him. His style always reminded me of a timeless soul, and his hair is a unique work of art. But when you’re a sultry soul singer, you’re expected to bring a down to earth vibe to the table, so I don’t expect anything different from Jessie Boykins III.

His sultry vibe & soulful lyrics are surely coming back to mind thanks to his new song “B4 The Night is Thru.” I know remember why I used to listen to him a few years back; he’s got such a soulful voice that is essentially timeless. Not only does Jessie Boykins III have a nice sultry voice, but the music video directed by Dr.Woo is the epitome of soul…

Peep the visuals below for Jessie Boykins III “B4 The Night is Thru.” And how about that album artwork? Oh so soulfully chic.

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I ♥ Kenny Bobien

Today has just been one of those days in which I’m exceedingly exhausted from a few individuals. After awhile I just truly need my space to figure things out, which perhaps explain why being single for almost a year now has been an excellent decision.

I’ve tried my fair share of dating, but I’m still just not mentally ready. Every time I think I am, I just realize it’s not quite right; resulting in extenuating predicaments. I try (trying right now) not to dwell on these things, so I just focus on the uplifting sounds of house music to soothe my soul.

There is a lot of good house music out there, but sometimes the vocals of Kenny Bobien have this way of elevating my soul. In the midst of the drama & chaos I randomly stumble into (not often,) the right song featuring the vocals of Kenny Bobien usual comes on during one of the many podcasts I listen to.

I love Kenny Bobien. His high pitched soulful vocals are truly the remedy for my soul when I’m just feeling like crap. So today I was feeling a little perturbed, but then I heard Kenny Bobien’s soulful vocals on Studio Apartment’s track “On The Way.” It’s one of those song that has that uplifting gospel vibe, and it truly made my day; reminding me that better days & blessings are always on the way.

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Boddhi Satva

Spoken Words | Boddhi Satva feat. Osunlade & Athenai – “Flesh Of Your Flesh”

When it comes to house music that has an organic/native vibe, I tend to opt for a track from Osunlade or Boddhi Satva.

Both producers have a knack for crafting house tracks that usually have an organic vibe (especially when they incorporate African vocals.) One of my favorite house songs that features that atmosphere of nature/native elements is “Warriors of Africa (DJ Le Saint Remix)” by Boddhi Satva & Fredy Massamba. 

“Warriors of Africa (DJ Le Saint Remix)” is an awesome track worth checking out, but the latest track from Boddhi Satva features Osunlade & Athenai; a track that is worth listening to repeatedly. The song is called “Flesh of Your Flesh,” and it’s a house song that captures that organic vibe, yet is brought to life with beautiful spoken word (lyrics & notes for the soul.)

The track is such powerful message for the soul, especially when it comes to dealing with pain, regrets, and family ties. The song is about a woman who is addressing her father and admitting that she is the flesh of his flesh, but she is different. Her path is written by God, and her decisions are going to be hers to make.

When I listen to the track it just touches my soul. It makes me want to dance (of course, it’s house) but it also touches my soul. It makes me thing of my family and the ancestors before me; decisions made & and the things spoken & unspoken. Many people try to differentiate themselves from their parents, especially if they made bad decisions. But at the end of the day we are the flesh of our parents flesh, but that doesn’t mean we will make the same mistakes as them. Yet, even if we do make the same mistakes, we still have to remember that we still have to realize and admit that we are often of flesh of their flesh. So no matter what, we’ve got to proud of where we come from.

I’m proud of where I come from and I’m proud to be the flesh of my parent’s flesh, but at the end of the day I’ve got my own path, my own life, and my own journey to take. Luckily I look up to my parents and the path they have walked, but I’m still on my own journey of discovery. Yet the journey is copacetic because my parents gave me insight that I can hold onto years. So at the end of the day, I’m thankful for everything my parents have done for me thus far, and how they continue to inspire me daily to find my own path.


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♥ | Najee ft. Phil Perry – “Just To Fall in Love”

As of late, I find myself daydreaming and drifting away in a cloud. Perhaps it’s because I find myself intoxicated with the thoughts of this charming guy I’ve been spending time with, or maybe I’m just drifting away to the sounds of music. Eh, whatever the case may be, I know that lately I’ve been feeling very emotional, passionate, and oh so creative.

It’s nice to spend time with a man that actually praises & inspires my creativity. We write songs together (he’s an amazing singer,) we discuss my paintings, and we even have time to play Mortal Kombat (he always kicks my butt when he plays as Noob Saibot, but I’m nice with Kratos.) It’s just a lot of fun getting to know one person and not having to stress out about dating around, guys not calling me back, and having to impress a bunch of people; I only have to focus on impressing one guy.

I’m not really worried about where this could lead or not, I’m just taking it one day at a time. Yet I do find myself listening to a lot of romantic & soulful songs lately, probably because he does sing R&B and gospel. So we always discuss music, melodies, and the direction his album will take. But one thing that we both have in common is a love for that soulful/jazzy sound, and Najee’s song “Just To Fall in Love” is a track that I think he will love.

I’m a huge fan of Najee, and his new album The Other Side of Soul will be officially released 3 days. I can’t wait to get a copy from iTunes, and I’m anxious to fall in love with more soulful-jazzy tracks. The best part of his single “Just To Fall In Love” is the amazing flute player. I played flute for 7 years and was playing it the other day, so I’m a huge fan of a beautiful flute on a smooth jazz track. It just takes over and sends you into a dreamlike state; a place where true love is possible & happiness is always just right around the corner.

If you’re looking for a great track with that romantic vibe, then check out “Just To Fall In Love.” It’s smooth-romantic-jazz that can speak to your soul, and perhaps be a soundtrack for those out there in “young love.” You know, the type of love that is fresh & still unexplored. But yet it feels right “just to fall in love,” even if you don’t know where you’re heading or what will happen next. The uncertainty is what makes it so exciting!

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