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Slow Deep Grooves | Solomun – ‘Something We All Adore’

It’s nice to finally sit down and write on my own blog. I’ve been doing so many other projects for other people, and I’m slightly exhausted. I missed my blog! I know it’s only been a few days since I’ve written my last post, but the agony was killing me.It’s just been overwhelming lately, and on top of that my brother just moved back to California. :( It’s great that he is going back out there to continue living his dream, but I surely do miss him.

I’m still on this path to figuring out exactly what I want to do with my writing. It’s fun writing for others and having my work be read by many, but I also don’t ever want to reach that point where writing is no longer fun. It would be such a shame to chase after the fame & fortune of being a hotshot writer, but then losing the initial passion and curiosity that made me fall in love with writing.Hopefully that day of falling out of love never happens; I’ll make sure to always write because I want to.

This post isn’t going to be rattled with my thoughts on writing, but listening to Solomun’s “Something We All Adore” is what really got me thinking about the aspect of life, fame, fortune, and humanity. “Something We All Adore” is the name of one of Solomun’s beautiful deep grooves off his EP Something We All Adore, which was released in November 2011. I didn’t hear this track until a few days ago while listening to the latest podcast of Deep House Cat, but the moment I heard it was instantaneously hooked.

I’ve been a huge fan of Solomun for quite some time now. His music always has this industrious quality infused with abstract urban tales. I can always just close my eyes, drift into fading pictures of an urban oasis, and reflect on profound revelations. Time. Space. Love. Life. Hate. Discovery. Sadness. Frustration. Tears. Laughter. Regret. A deep abyss of limitless expression.

It’s powerful to think of the innate quality that music has upon our nature as human beings, and how the simple arrangement of sounds come together to provoke moments of discovery, moments of clarity, and simple moments of content. A lot of house (especially deep house) has that unyielding impact, but the slow chugging deep grooves of Solomun are so organically abstract…

He’s Watching You

Something We All Adore

Girl Slow Down

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