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SNL | Sofia Vergara Rocks!

Did you happen to catch Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live? Well Just in case you missed it, then you should totally check it out!Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara did an excellent job hosting SNL for the first time, and she showed the crowd that not only is she beautiful, but she is super hilarious!

I’m a huge fan of Sofia Vergara, so I was anxious to see how she did on the variety of skits. I kept wondering if they would poke fun at her thick Latina accent, and of course, they did. In a skit for Pantene Commercial, Sofia and another actress tried to be super sexy while reading the lines for the commercial. The director gave Sofia the easy words, but prompted to give the other Latina actress some awfully difficult words. It ended up being a pretty funny skit! Especially since everyone who knows Sofia, knows that she has a thick accent since she is from Colombia.

Sofia made her appearances on a few skits, including a skit mocking The Hunger Games. That one was basically funny only if you’ve read or watched The Hunger Games. I read the book, so I thought the skit was funny. But the episode also had some other skits that were funny, including a News Promo, Sex Ed w/Gilly, Manuel Ortiz Show, Bein’ Quirky With Zooey Deschanel, and a hilarious We’re Just Friends Commercial.

Overall, I thought the episode was pretty funny. Sofia Vergara rocks! She did such a great job and she exceeded my expectations comedy wise. I’ve come to love her on Modern Family, butSNL gave fans a glimpse of just how funny she really is.

Check out some of the skits from the episode below. :)

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