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Awesomesauce | Unleash Your Inner Skier with ‘Unicorn Sashimi’

I’ve been living in Maryland for well over a year now, and as Fall slowly begins to creep it’s way onto the horizon, I find myself daydreaming about winter sports. Topics of skiing, snowboarding, and frolicking dangerously in the snow are conversations I used to have on the regular while living in Denver, Colorado, but here I find those conversation far and few.

Nine years of my life were spent in Colorado: 5 years in Colorado Springs and 4 years in Denver. The misconception people tend to have about Colorado is that it always snows, but in Denver it’s not that often. It’s actually quite sunny and breezy most of the time, with random weather changes that you can predict. One day it might snow, the next day it melts. But if you’re looking for snow and want to unleash your inner skier, then you need to head to the mountains.

Sadly, I have yet to ski or snowboard, but if I ever go back to Denver I will make it my mission to truly take advantage of the mountains. And watching the short film Unicorn Sashimi really gives me the motivation I need to get lost in a winterland of awesomeness.

Unicorn Sashimi is a short film by Felt Soul Media & Yuki Miyazaki of Sweetgrass Productions.  According to the video description, the initial goal was to “hunt the mythical Hokkaido Unicorn. The creature proved difficult to capture on film, so we just decided to do a little skiing.”

Well, they may not have found the Unicorn, but they sure did capture some amazing footage that gives me snow envy. Geeze, I just really want to look badass in some outerwear and take a shot at skiing (more likely snowboarding.) Hmmm, sounds like I need to take some snowboarding lessons this winter. But for now, I’ll just keep watching awesome videos on Infinity List. 

Unicorn Sashimi was shot in Japan in January 2012 using a RED Epic Camera & Canon EF Lense, so I highly recommend you leave the HD switch on; watching this video in anything less than HD would be a crime. :P

Xtreme Sports: Warren Miller’s “Like There Is No Tomorrow” Film Tour

I’ve lived in Colorado twice. From 1995 to 2000 I lived at the foot of the mountains in Colorado Springs, then from 2007 to 2010 I was living in Denver. I enjoyed my time living in Colorado, but I don’t really miss it much. True, the nature was insanely gorgeous and the cost of living was cheaper, but the overall lifestyle wasn’t for me. I needed more action, more fast paced city life, and basically I really missed the DMV. It may not be the best place in the world, but for now until I graduate I’m happy back home in Maryland.

Maryland does have a lot of trees, water, and some beautiful nature in certain regions of the state, but I will admit it’s not the crème de la crème for xtreme sports. I can bet you that you’d never see a Warren Miller film being shot on location here in Maryland. Of course up in the England states that have ski slopes, but you’re not going to see a Warren Miller tour bus on the 495 anytime soon; unless they are coming across country and working their way up North.

Basically the point I’m trying to make is that I love living in Maryland, but I will admit that living in Colorado did turn me onto xtreme sports and Warren Miller films. I never had any real cool friends out in Denver that actually had real friendship beyond class, so I didn’t have the chance to make it up the slopes. The only time I came close was when I was dating a guy and we talked about buying tickets to the Honda Session at Vail. I wanted to go so bad, but then things sort of fizzled out with us. So, instead of complaining I began watching xtreme sports competitions on television and falling in love with Warren Miller. If you don’t know who he is, then let me fill you in briefly. Warren Miller is a director who has made a name for himself with his company, Warren Miller Entertainment, a film company that has produced over 750 sports films featuring skiing and surfing. If you’re big into snowboarding and skiing, then most likely you’ve seen some of his films.

I’ve never been on a snowboard or a set of skis, but I still love watching a Warren Miller film. The cinematography is mind blowing! It takes me back to the days when I used to play games like SSX; pretending to snowboard and ski was always cool in my opinion, so when I wasn’t playing Tony Hawk, then I was hoping on SSX. Maybe one day I’ll head up to the slopes along the Northern East Coast, but for now I can continue to enjoy watching Warren Miller’s annual snowboarding films. Every year he comes out with a full-length film that never ceases to amaze, and this year his film “Like There Is No Tomorrow” looks to be yet another award-winning successful production from the Warren Miller production camp. The film tour is focused on visiting various cities throughout the UK in November & December, while giving snowboarders and skiers around the world a chance to also buy a ticket, compete, and be on camera.

The film is of course not finished yet, but the trailer for the film tour has been released by Nissan X-Trail. From the looks of the footage so far, and from previous Warren Miller films, I can tell this is going to be yet another wonderful winter celebration of xtreme sports. I’m stoked about seeing this film once it’s finally completed and released to the public. But for now I still have so many other Warren Miller films to check out. I mean there are 750, so I’m sure I haven’t seen everything. I may not be hitting the slopes this winter, but I still got mad appreciation for winter sports. Even though I didn’t like Colorado that much and don’t miss it, I can at least say “Thanks Colorado for turning me onto xtreme sports.”

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