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Kindred the Family Soul feat. Snoop Dogg

kindredthefamilysoul It would be hard for me to mention contemporary soul artists without including Kindred the Family Soul. Even though soul is a part of their stage name, these two lovebirds have been pumping out neo-soul and r&b music for years! The duo consisting of married couple Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon are a spinoff from the Philadelphia neo soul movement which brought forth the beautiful Jill Scott.

Just as there website states, their music is meant to “celebrate love, family, and the true fighting spirit that keeps us all moving through the world.” Kindred’s music deals with the ups and downs of love, but also bringing forth a family and cherishing the loved one in your life. In my opinion that is what makes their music such a hit and a favorite in my list of neo-soul artists. Everyone can relate to something in their songs, even if it’s just one lyric or the entire message.

Their latest song “You Got the Love” is a track that I warmed up to immediately! I saw the video the other dayglasses! on VH1 Soul (I watch that channel a lot) and I had to find out where Aja got her glasses from…they are hot! I was really feeling the song and enjoying the purity of the lyrics. It’s such a beautiful thing when you find someone who has that love your looking for and the bond between you is unexplainable. That’s how love should be. Love should leave you speechless, confused, in a daze, and leaving you wanting to do anything you can to make that person feel like they are on top of the world.

“You Got the Love” is a beautiful song and it got even better when Snoop Dogg showed up. It’s nice to see Snoop trying to put his wife in more of his music videos and talk about how much he loves her. It seems pretty genuine and hey who am I to judge? I’m just Thinksoul25, I’m not an expert on judging the validity of someone’s heart!

But whatever the case may be with Snoop and his wife, it’s nice to see them all having fun in this video and celebrating love. Check it out and see for yourself. Are you feeling it?


©Jasmine McGee