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SNL: Stomp & Lulu Diamonds

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was filled with hits and misses as usual. Some of the skits are ROFL and others are just a huge snooze-fest. I didn’t find myself laughing as hard, probably because I had just watched Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at My Pain.” After watching something so hilarious, you really have to bring the funny to make me crack up. If you haven’t seen Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at My Pain,” then check it out! I didn’t go to the theatre to watch it (I got the hookup lol,) but I enjoyed watching it on my Macbook with my mom. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Sometimes SNL has episodes that cause you to laugh on every skit, but other times it just doesn’t make the cut. Last night’s episode was pretty funny, especially since Melissa McCarthy was the host. I love her acting! She was so hilarious in the movie Bridesmaids; I had to see the movie twice just because she was funny. It was great seeing her do her thing on SNL last night, but two of the skits stood out to me.

The first skit worth checking out is a digital short called “Stomp.” When I was young I used to love watching Stomp and the creativity behind it. I’m assuming some of the writers on staff used to love watching it as well, which explains why they did a funny digital short. Overall the skit had subtle things in it that are bound to make you laugh, so it’s worth watching.

The second skit I found pretty funny was the one starring Melissa McCarthy as Lulu Diamonds. I watch a lot of Turner Classic Movies and I’m huge fan of Mae West. She was so slutty and had this diva attitude; she is a classic seductress! I love the way she would just take charge and drive the men crazy in her movies. She was so blunt, raw, confident, and one of those classic sex pistols. So seeing Melissa McCarthy try to portray a Mae West character was so hilarious to me! If you like watching classic films and love the good old fashioned lines the women used, then I’m sure you will like SNL’s Lulu Diamonds piece.

Below is the famous line from Mae West. She was such a confident and seductive woman. Lol she would never take no for an answer. Geeze, I love the way the women talked in those old movies. Man I’m going to talk like that for an entire day sometime. I bet it would be fun!

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