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♥ | New Music From J.Holiday & It’s Certified Sexy!

042612-topic-music-j-holiday.jpg-2Listen up ladies (and fellas, but mainly ladies,) J. Holiday is back in action with new music! Yes, that’s right, the undeniably sexy J. Holiday who captured our hearts (and panties) back in 2007 with the sex anthem – “Bed.” Continue reading ♥ | New Music From J.Holiday & It’s Certified Sexy!

Soulful Vibes | Sam Smith – ‘Lay Me Down (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)’

SamSmith24100012-Custom-Name-720x349Remember Disclosure’s hit release “Latch” and those soulfully haunting vocals of Sam Smith?  I mean seriously, how couldn’t you? It’s such an amazing track and I still listen to it on a daily basis. However, back then I was under the assumption that Sam Smith was a moniker for Sam Sparro, but Sam Smith is actually a rising soul singer from the UK.

Having been featured on Disclosure’s hit “Latch” really put his name in the spotlight, and his breakout release “Lay Me Down” has received much acclaim. The beautiful, yet simple, piano chords allow the vocals of Sam Smith to rise to new heights and reach the depths of your soul. Surely this track is a tearjerker.

The original is something that I can’t get enough of, but the new Todd Terry Vocal Mix is quite impressive. The remix gives the song a vibe that seems more like “Latch” and it takes the soulful vocals to a happier mood.

So if you’re not in the mood for crying and reflecting, then listen to this soulful vocal mix. But if you choose to (which I highly recommend) get lost in the raw emotion of Sam Smith’s vocals, then give “Lay Me Down” a listen.

Soulful House | Jonny Montana & Dawn Williams – “New Me” [Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix]

It seems as though Winter here in Maryland never came this year, and honestly I’m not complaining. It’s nice to go straight from Fall into the sunny days of Spring. The months just seem to be passing by, and that just means my summer graduation from college is just right around the corner. Then I’m faced with the decisions of whether I should go to graduate school, or enter the workforce as an entry-level technical writer (fingers crossed, that’s probably what I’m going to aim for.)

So many decisions to make as a I transition into a new phase of my life, but that’s the beautiful thing about becoming a “new me.” I’m learning things about myself, finding out what important, and slowly molding myself into a new person; still the same personality, but slightly wiser, slightly more focused, and even more determined. Change is a good thing. Without change, things just remain stagnant and lack lucrativeness. How can you become a new person if you don’t  change by letting go of the past and become a new person?

Well, in the tradition of every change in life and every emotion, there is always a nice house track out there that fits the occasion. So in the spirit of changing, finding yourself, and becoming a new person, I’d like to share with you a hot new release from Jonny Montana & Dawn Williams. The track is called “New Me” and the Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix gives the track a nice soulful rework.

Listen to the track below. It’s so nice to have yet another soulful house tune that discusses the beauty of being free & being a “new me.”

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I ♥ Kenny Bobien

Today has just been one of those days in which I’m exceedingly exhausted from a few individuals. After awhile I just truly need my space to figure things out, which perhaps explain why being single for almost a year now has been an excellent decision.

I’ve tried my fair share of dating, but I’m still just not mentally ready. Every time I think I am, I just realize it’s not quite right; resulting in extenuating predicaments. I try (trying right now) not to dwell on these things, so I just focus on the uplifting sounds of house music to soothe my soul.

There is a lot of good house music out there, but sometimes the vocals of Kenny Bobien have this way of elevating my soul. In the midst of the drama & chaos I randomly stumble into (not often,) the right song featuring the vocals of Kenny Bobien usual comes on during one of the many podcasts I listen to.

I love Kenny Bobien. His high pitched soulful vocals are truly the remedy for my soul when I’m just feeling like crap. So today I was feeling a little perturbed, but then I heard Kenny Bobien’s soulful vocals on Studio Apartment’s track “On The Way.” It’s one of those song that has that uplifting gospel vibe, and it truly made my day; reminding me that better days & blessings are always on the way.

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Amazing | The Vocals of Bluey Robinson

Some days I like to just sit down and listen to artists that having mind-blowing vocals. As of late I’ve really been enjoying the one of a kind voice of Florence Welch, as well as the vocals of Jessie J. Both of them made appearances at the VH1 Divas of Soul that premiered Monday Night (will post on here later,) but I must admit that Florence Welch almost brought me to tears. There is something so surreal and overwhelming majestic about her voice…

It’s nice to still see a lot of artists out there that are being plagued by auto-tune. I still get mad when Chris Brown puts so many effects on his voice with a lot of tracks. He should totally stop doing that; with a voice like his, he doesn’t need much to make it sound better. Now it’s just becoming too trendy and I’m over it. So now I have to find a new favorite male artist, so I think I’m going to go with Bluey Robinson.

This sexy lad has been making quite the buzz on the music scene, and notably he could probably be one of the best male singers from South London. This 22-year-old has quite a range on him when it comes to vocal ability, but his most recent cover “Can You Stand the Rain” has truly made me fall in love with his music.

He’s done a lot of covers of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Biggie Smalls, and most recently New Edition. You guys remember the song “Can You Stand the Rain” and how amazing it was? Well I will say that Bluey Robinson does justice to this classic New Edition track. Not only does he look extremely sexy singing it (haha, I’m a sucker for artistic guys with dreads, especially if they are British,) but he also reminds us why he is one of the best singers from the UK. His voice is impeccable!

I could go on & on about how much I adore Bluey Robinson and his music, but I think it’s best for you to check out his talent for yourselves. So check out some of his music below, which includes his latest video for his cover of the classic New Edition song “Can You Stand the Rain.” Seriously, I hope I run across an artistic guy in D.C., if not then I’m so moving to London and wooing one of those creative guys with a sexy accent. Ah, sounds like a backup plan if D.C. doesn’t work! :)

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Feelgood Grooves: Ben Westbeech “Something for the Weekend”

There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than sipping a latte, reading a good book, and grooving to the sounds of a feelgood grove in the background. That is probably my favorite thing about Autumn. I love to just curl up in a comfy chair and have my Ipod dock on full volume, serenading me with the euphoric rhythms of soulful house.

A soulful song isn’t quite complete without the addition of a soulful voice and that is where UK singer Ben Westbeech fills the void. His soulful voice has made him an exceptional singer that can be somewhat compared to Jamiroquai. Yet he isn’t trying to be like Jamiroquai (another favorite singer of mine.)

Ben Westbeech has this captivating soulful voice that is perfect for those feelgood moments. Not only does he have a great voice, but get this, he is also a trained cellist. I first ran across him a few years ago when I was listening to the Yoruba Soul remix of “So Good Today.” The mix is one of those songs I often find myself jamming to early in the morning and walking around the house dancing. You ever have those days when you just wake up and feel amazing? There is no explanation for it, you’re just overpowered with joy.

Those feelgood days are pretty regular for me, probably because I wake up and the first thing I do is turn on some soulful house music. The sounds of music resonating throughout the room always take me to a place of serenity and if there happens to be some delightful soul vocals, then I’m even more content.

Ben Westbeech has mastered the art of producing and gracing us with feelgood vibes for those moments in life when we need a pick me up or just want to smile for miles. His forthcoming album There’s More to Life Than This will be released on Strictly Rhythm Records in September and it promises to be a soulful house and disco infused delight. There is a great collection of songs on his second album, including “Falling,” a song with Rasmus Faber, and a great disco-house feelgood track called “Something For the Weekend.”

“Something For the Weekend” is one of those tracks that you can’t help but to love. It can sort of peace you out and get you in a playful mood, especially if you watch the video. There’s nothing like having a fun and flirty pillow fight, except I’d probably only pillow fight with one guy and not two. But, eh, it’s Ben Westbeech. With such a powerful soul voice, I’m sure this British hottie can attract quite a few women. But in any case, the video is still a fun and flirty delight and his voice will ring in your head even once the video ends. I’ve already listened to the song a few times and I still can’t get enough, I love Ben Westbeech!

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