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Fresh Sounds | Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Parson’s Nose’

Blending together funky synths with a steady house rhythm, Simian Mobile Disco’s new track  “Parson’s Nose” is an electronic journey of awesomeness.

This original track comes from Ralph Lawson’s Content Part 2.0 compilation which includes 20 exclusives from an array of collaborators.

The album won’t be released on 2020Vision Records until June 30th, but for now you can stream this slice of awesomeness from Simian Mobile Disco. :)

Parson’s Nose

Fresh Sounds | Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Snake Bile Wine’


“Snake Bile Wine.” It sounds disgusting, but it’s actually an intoxicatingly delicious techno track from Simian Mobile Disco.

Well…its also more than a new track from their forthcoming release, DelicaciesAccording to Simian Mobile Disco, it’s this concoction that is used to enhance male virility. Don’t believe me? See what the guys wrote via soundcloud:

snake-bile-wine-200811-ssSnake Bile Wine – a tipple enjoyed in both China and Vietnam, where the venom and bile from the gall bladder is believed to improve male virility, amongst other benefits – consuming the poison makes you a man, it seems…. Snakes are either steeped whole in wine, or the bile is squeezed directly into a glass.

Hmmm…sounds so strange, but it’s been around for ages, so maybe it works. Fellas, would you give it a try? Maybe if you drink it like a shot it wouldn’t be so bad..nah, it probably taste disgusting still!

Watch Bicep & Simian Mobile Disco’s Geometric Video For ‘Sacrifice’

Two weeks ago I shared with you Bicep & Simian Mobile’s collaborative track “Sacrifice.” Now the official music video is here.

Similar to most of Simian Mobile Disco’s music videos featuring geometry and patterns, the new music video for the track has the same theme. Shapes, patterns, and basic geometry are at work here. But the song is so addicting, so watching the video doesn’t led to boredom. :)

Give it a spin!

BICEP Collaborates with Simian Mobile Disco For Massive Release – ‘Sacrifice’

What happens when Bicep and Simian Mobile Disco collaborate? You get electric bone crushing bass. Seriously, this is the type of throbbing bass that could potentially crush yo bones!

Titled, “Sacrifice,” this new release from Bicep and Simian Mobile Disco is a catchy track that deserves some repeat-button-action. From the synths that are clearly the works of Simian Mobile Disco to the iconic Bicep basslines, this new release is certified awesome!

Give this massive release a spin below. It will be out for digital release on June 24th.

Simian Mobile Disco ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ [Official Video]

Every time Simian Mobile Disco releases a new music video for a track of their album Unpatterns, you can expect the video to be filled with patterns.So it’s not to big of a shock that there new music video for “Love Ain’t Fair” features, well, a bunch of lights turning off and on in a pattern.

Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty good track. And if you don’t mind watching lights turn off and on, then you might actually enjoy the music video.

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Obsessing Over Life & Music | Simian Mobile Disco- ‘Serpahim’ [Official Music Video]

I guess everyone has their own little quirks and obsessions that make them unique. I can’t really think of any major quirks I have, except the occasional tendency to bite (okay, more like nibble) my tongue when I’m nervous or randomly scratch a surface (yeah, random…)

People have little things they do that make them who they are, and sometimes we also have things we obsess over, including music. So when I first watched Simian Mobile Disco’s music video for “Seraphim,” I could easily figure out the overall message. Yet some people were unclear what the message was, so Simian Mobile Disco explained their video in a Youtube comment.

“Since people are asking – It’s a series of scenes of people going over their obsessive-compulsive type behaviours… as to how that refers to our music, on our new album we’ve been inspired by ideas of repeated loops and patterns breaking down and decaying over time. And the process of making electronic music lends itself to obsessive-compulsive tendencies..”

I love how they were able to bring forth a video based upon an abstract concept, yet it still makes awe inspiring sense.

The video for “Seraphim” just came out yesterday, and it’s a great indication of what we can expect on their upcoming album Unpatterns. Life is essentially filled with so many loops and patterns, yet the arrangement can change depending on a variety of factors.

Essentially, life is mundane, repetitive, and routine based. But it’s the little things we do, our little obsessions, our quirks, and our habit to switch one thing in a routine that can take a dull moment and turn it into something exciting. If not exciting, well then at least worthwhile. But at the end of the day, life is all about patterns, but thoseunpatterns” make it count.

Oh, might as well throw in Simian Mobile Disco’s newly released track off their upcoming EP Unpatterns, “Put Your Hands Together.”

And, while I’m at it….Haha I just love sharing cool stuff with y’all. I might as well post their video “Cerulean” which came out a few weeks ago.

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