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Certified Awesome | SecondCity – ‘I Wanna Feel’


Second City’s “I Wanna Feel” is a massively wiicked, hands down certified awesome tune!

For sure? For sure for sure.

I heard this track a few weeks back at Eighteenth Street Lounge, and I went crazy! I was housing it up, had a little circle going, and was just in the zone jacking my body (jack yo body!)

This track is also featured in Sam Divine’s Defected Radio takeover, so if she featured it, then you know it’s the truth. That girls knows her house!

Loosely classified as a “garage house” track, the piano and the heavy bass are what make this track so damn good! On top of that pulsating bass, you’ve got these sexy vocals saying ” I Wanna Feel.”

Yes baby, I wanna feel…house me all night long! ;)

Check out the official music video below.

Trust me, you’re going to want to dance…like RIGHT NOW!

Soul To Unite | The Best Soulful House of 2013 [Mix]


Greetings to all my soulful house lovers! Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season and warming up to the sensational vibes of house.

2013 was a year filled with some incredible soulful releases, and our buddies over at Soul To Unite put together a stellar mix featuring their picks for the top hits of 2013.

No commercial nonsense: strictly soulful house for your soul. Go on a musical journey and experience the sounds of African house, Latin house, deep house, and everything in between that’s soulful and even a little deep. :)

Check out the mix and be sure to get the full track listing at www.soultounite.com

Garage House | Leftwing & Kody – Datatransmission Podcast


Boy oh boy, do I have banging mix for you!

Coming from Leftwing & Kody, this certified awesome mix for Datatransmission is jam-packed with some wiicked garage house cuts.

Check it out:

G-House | The Beatangers – ‘Get Up Everybody’ EP Teaser


Amine Edge isn’t the only one keeping the G-House movement alive. With an affinity for all things house and that urban hip-hop vibe, The Beatangers are making gangsta moves with their new EP, Get Up Everybody.

Get Up Everybody is their first release on Kolombo’s LouLou Records and you too can be all gangsta when this release drops on December 12th (only a few days away!)

This is a wiicked good release and I’m totally giving it my full support. It’s got that old school hip-hop sound with that banging bass and house music arrangement. If you are a house music who digs hip-hop, then you’ll like, better yet, you’ll love this release. Continue reading G-House | The Beatangers – ‘Get Up Everybody’ EP Teaser

Ask Me Out, it’s Not Rocket Science

jazzsooveritYou see the picture to the right? Yeah, that’s me and I took it the other day while lying down at the dance studio. I only had 3 hours of sleep within the past 30 hours and I was just so over it. Well apparently this picture doesn’t solemnly exemplify my sleepiness, but also it’s a great billboard for me saying “I’m so over it.” Over what you may ask. Well at this point I’m just kind of over this whole process of dating. Continue reading Ask Me Out, it’s Not Rocket Science

Bass House | In Session w/ Shadow Child [Mixmag]


You might know him as Simon Neale aka Dave Spoon, but in the last year he’s been producing bass house under the alias Shadow Child. 

Producers change their alias from time to time, but I sure do hope Shadow Child’s affinity for bass house sticks around awhile.

In a new “In Session” mix for Mixmag, Shadow Child brings out the heavy hitters with the best in bass house.

Kick off your morning, kick off your weekend, and get in the bass zone with this certified awesome mix. :)