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Awesomesauce | I’m Too Old For This Sh*t

So I  only turn 21 next month, so I’ve got probably another decade or longer before I can use the iconic phrase “I’m too old for this shit.” It would just be ridiculous, yet hilarious funny for me to use that in conversation. I suppose if the context is right and someone is acting extremely immature, then of course it would be perfect to whip out that catchphrase.

But usually whenever that line is used in movies, especially in Lethal Weapon, it’s always said by someone of a “certain age.” And usually people of a certain age always often complain when faced with a high level of foolishness, so it’s fitting that the folks over HuffPost Entertainment made a mash up video of all the times in movies when people have said “I’m too old for this shit.”

The video is awesomesauce! Mainly because I’ve seen a lot of the movies or at least the clips in which the person is using that iconic statement to explain why they don’t want to do something. It’s just such a timeless catchphrase, but it’s still the best when Danny Glover says “I’m too old for this shit.”

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Everybody Says Sh*t

I guess 2012 is the year for sh*t everyone says. Nobody is holding back this year, and this is evident by the rise of these Sh*t {insert Race/Group] Say. At first there was the Sh*t Girls Say, then it was followed by the Sh*t Black Girls Say, followed by Sh*t Black Guys Say, followed by Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls, and on, & on, & on!

The video are super hilarious! But after doing a simple YouTube search you see a bunch of people trying to make their own versions of Sh*t [insert word] Say. Some of the videos are hilarious, while others are sad attempts at comedy. But I have to say that this phenomenon of copy cat videos is not going away, and the latest addition Shit Nobody Says is one that takes a different spin on the approach. Check it out.

And here is another video, except this one is Shit Nobody Black Says. Haha, it’s funny & kind of true.

The videos just keep on rolling in, and the views keep racking up. It’s a great way for budding filmmakers & average people to make a name for themselves. I personally don’t think I’d do a video, but I will keep enjoying these hilarious videos! They cover so many topics from what lesbians say, gay guys say, white people say, monks say, asians say, and even what redneck guys say. Now I have spent some time around some rednecks, so I can honestly say I’ve heard some of the things in the video Shit Redneck Guys Say.

Oh, and there is even a Shit Monks Say. Which if you think about it, monks tend to be quiet. So watch the video below and enjoy the shit monks say or shall I say lack of actual conversation.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the random stuff us girls have said to gay guys. Haha, not gonna lie I’ve also said some of the stuff in the video. It’s super funny!

There are just so many of these videos! But I tend to like the ones that are have good sound & film quality. Some people have just filmed themselves in their room or their bathroom, and it’s just so sleazy looking. I like the videos that at least put some creativity into it, and actually planned it out. So I could have easily posted lots of videos, but these are the best ones I’ve seen so far.

Anyone have a favorite? Perhaps any random ideas on the next video someone should make. I mean everyone says shit, so what group/category of people have been left out? Hmmm….Shit Babies Say? Oh wait, never mind. I just watched one. LOL….man, YouTube is insane!

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Yeah, I Said It | Sh*t Girls Say – Episode 1

I may love videogames & daydreaming about being a Marvel superhero, but at the end of the day I’m a female. I can be all tough and competitive when I’m playing videogames, yet when it boils down to my demeanor, I’m totally a girl. I love bright colors, adorable animals, I love cliche romantic comedies (yeah, I cry on Dirty Dancing,) and I love having the luxury to say random shit that girls have the pleasure of saying.

You’ve got to admit it ladies, we say some epic shit. Whether it’s our girlfriend commentary like “Girl, you totally don’t look fat in those jeans” or “I’m just kind of in a weird mood today,” we are always saying something that is perfect for every moment in life. Hell yeah we talk a lot, but that’s what makes being a female so much fun. I mean I’ll admit that I can’t stand nagging and I’m totally irritated when females nag,(dude, sometimes you’ve just seriously got to shut up and let a man do this thing) but there is nothing wrong with being expressive and talking a lot at the right moments.

I admit that I talk a lot, but when it comes to hanging out with my male friends and playing videogames, we have this unspoken rule about not having foolish conversations when in gaming mode. We don’t discuss dating, politics, or fashion. We discuss pwnage and dishing out major ass kickings. It’s all about knowing the time and the place to talk about frivolous drama. Yeah, I have stuff that happens and pisses me off, but I go talk to females about it and not my guy friends. Girls, we have shit that we say that is just totally for when we hang out with our girls. But even when we aren’t hanging out with our girls and are just traversing through life, we always end up having some epic shit to say.

If you follow the Twitter handle @shitgirlssay, then you’re quite familiar with the female language. It’s become such a successful Twitter account that if you’re a female and you’re not following it, then seriously you’re totally not a cool chick. Haha, okay…that was dramatic. But come on ladies, you know the shit we say is priceless! It’s so epically priceless that they’ve even decided to devote a video to some of the phrases that almost every female has said at some point in their lives.

The viral video Shit Girls Say – Episode 1 is yet another great video of 2011 that is being passed around the Web. The hilarious thing about this video is that it doesn’t even star a female; a female could have played the role, but it’s more comedic with male actor/director Graydon Sheppard. In the video, actor Graydon Sheppard (who wrote and directed the episode) portrays a typical female who goes throughout her day saying different words shit. It’s such a funny video because half of the things he says in the video I’ve found myself saying at times. Often it’s not even this long elaborate sentence, yet instead a simple “Shut Up.” No matter what race you are or cultural background, if you’re a female then you can relate to this video. A lot of the things said in this video I have said, but usually with a lot more sass or the typical Black girl response “Girl…”

Even if you want to be offended by this video, it’s kind of hard not to. It’s just lighthearted fun and even actress Juliette Lewis (she’s always in a bunch of quirky romantic comedies) makes an appearance. I’m sure the men watching this video will be nodding there heads in agreement that a lot of girls do say some priceless phrases. At the end of the day it’s what makes us as women so beautiful and fun to be around. It’s all fun in games, unless you start nagging…then you really just need to shut up and take a moment to yourself. Seriously, nagging is lame & you’re just embarrassing yourself.

If this video isn’t enough, then follow the official Twitter account @shitgirlssay and check out some of the epic shit us females say. Ah, I just love being a woman!

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Found Shit

The title of this post alone is probably conjuring up some curiosity. You are maybe wondering what in the world “Found Shit” means and why am I writing about it. Well, I didn’t actually find a piece of “shit” and this post isn’t about how crappy something is. There is a story here, so lets begin.

A little under a year ago, I was sitting in Denver one day minding my own business. You’d think I was probably contemplating ways to get out of Colorado and back home to the East coast, but in actuality I was working on homework.I usually tend to multitask while working on homework and end up getting distracted by a blog or something my mom emails me.She is always sending me helpful information in regards to career and networking, but on this very chill day in Denver; my mom sent me the most random website I’d seen in a long time. FoundShit.com

When I first saw the link she sent me, I was apprehensive to click on it. I didn’t know why my mom was sendingA picture from FoundShit.com me a website called Found Shit. I’ve heard of a lot of random and bizarre things in my life, but a site with that title ensues a lot of off assumptions. Yet, I trust my mom. She wouldn’t just send something without a meaning behind it,so I clicked on the link. As soon as the site loaded, I realized I had found my new favorite website. My mom had struck website gold.

The first thing I saw was this picture to the right. The post was titled “Peanut Butter Factory.” I almost died from laughter. The concept is abstract, sick, and some may say weird, but it works! It’s one of the coolest photographs I’ve seen in a very long time and I think the person who crafted it is a genius. A peanut sitting on a toilet and taking a dump of peanut butter, genius!

Found Shit is a website filled with “funny, bizarre, amazing pictures and videos.” It’s a haven of hilarious and artistic antics. Basically it’s a site filled with people just finding cool and bizarre shit. It’s a masterpiece! Some people may not have the type of humor to comprehend the randomness of Found Shit, but I totally get it! I’m always taking pictures of the most random occurrences in daily life and it’s nice to see a site where people appreciate them.

I love taking pictures of funny signs, it’s a hobby of mine. I’ve got a good collection of signs from all the road trips I’ve taken and I need to collect more. I may not have a lot of bizarre pictures, but Found Shit has already done the hard work. There are so many random things on Found Shit and you have to see for yourself…so check it out!

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