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History of House | Pump Up The Volume Documentary (Watch the Entire Film)

So a few weeks ago I was talking to this guy (dating I suppose, but I decided to stay single) and we had a conversation about music. He was one of those people that was born & raised in Maryland right outside of D.C., so he apparently didn’t know too much about music outside of the usual hip-hop, gogo, and Baltimore club. Not to say that everyone that stays in one spot their entire life lacks musical diversity, but he was clearly unaware & ignorant to my passion; love for house music.

House music is my life. Seriously, I am madly in love with house music and have been for over a decade now (and I’m only 20.) So when I meet people and they ask me what type of music I listen to, I’m usually excited to tell them about house music. But when they respond with such ignorance like that guy did, and say “Oh, you listen to that Baltimore club shit. You know that shit, techno shit,” I got super offended. Number one, I can’t stand when people repeatedly use “shit” to describe everything. Eww, shut up. Secondly, the absurdity of him saying that house music is Baltimore club, and that is basically techno, really pissed me off. Baltimore club isn’t techno & it’s not “shit.” And yes, Baltimore club has some elements of house, but it’s a unique genre of music that is in a class of its own.

I don’t really blame people for not being aware of house music or understanding it, especially with so much dance music being produced in the mainstream music scene. I mean think about it, it seems every rapper or singer is stepping away from their genre and trying to make a hit dance track. So I don’t really blame people for being oblivious to house & the history of house, but I do blame them for their rapid ignorance when I begin trying to explain it. They just don’t get it, and explaining the history of house (which I studied when I first fell in love with house) is something that I’d rather show them than tell them. Which at a certain point involves grabbing my Macbook and going to YouTube to sit down and watch the entire documentary Pump Up The Volume: History of House.

I’m not quite sure why in the past two years of having this blog & writing so much about house music, I never posted the documentary. I’ve watched it twice a few years ago, and I love how it gives you an in-depth history of house. It features some great interviews from Paul Okenfold, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Goldie, The Shamen, Leftfield, Underworld, Youth, Tony Wilson, and Armin van Helden . In the midst of the interviews you also get to see the the evolution of house, as well as other genres in the electronic dance music category and how they are all interrelated; one genre usually inspires another, so forth & so forth.

I highly recommend watching this entire film, especially if you’re a house music junkie. But for those of who you who don’t understand house or not quite sure why people love it, then watch the documentary. It’s a great documentary that sheds light on the history of house, why people love house, and even the social constructs that makeup house; social awareness & acceptance of all races, sexual orientations, and ages are some defining aspects of house. It’s a music of universal acceptance, which is why I love house so much.

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