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SNL | The VP Debate, Californians 405 Jargon, Taken Trailer, & More!

If you may have noticed, I didn’t blog about SNL week, primarily because it wasn’t that funny. I honestly don’t recall even watching it; despite I sat there for the entire show and even watched the commercials. It just was a dull episode and Daniel Craig is an amazing actor, but comedy didn’t appear to be his forte.

So I didn’t write about last week’s episode, but the episode that aired last night was filled with laughter! The show was hosted by Christina Applegate and she did an excellent job in all of her sketches. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind she would be boring, especially because I’m so used to watching her on Up All Night. She seemed to fit in very well with the cast during most of the sketches, and this wasn’t her first time on SNL. You might recall (I know for sure I do) the unforgettable Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker sketch starring Chris Farley. Applegate starred alongside David Spade in the sketch and neither one of them could keep a straight face. Classic SNL moment!

Alright, so now that we established who hosted last night, let’s dive into the moments that were hilarious. The Cold Opening: VP Debate of course poked fun at last week’s debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Throughout the scene you could see them wanting to start laughing so hard, especially when Ryan starts drinking a lot of water from a huge cup and then a hamster’s bottle. LOL. Oh and the sketch even had a surprise guest…an all-star athlete from the Olympics who won the men’s 100-meter and still holds the world record. I don’t even need to mention his name, you should know this one guys! And if you don’t, then watch the Cold Opening. :)

The opening monologue was funny, but I really liked Applegate in a recurring skit known as The Californians. Yes, ladies and gents, the Californians are back yet again! And since Arminsen’s wife in the skit was played by Kristin Wigg, Applegate plays his new wife and she is filled with 405 jargon and the usual stereotypical Californian lingo. I haven’t spent a lot of time in California, but my brother lives in Los Angeles and even when he talks about how to get around, it surely does involve a bunch of 405 talk, take the 10, and a bunch of fancy streets. Haha, and I’m actually moving out to Los Angeles in Spring, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I started talking like that. I’ve driven around LA for a brief time and it was quite crazy, the GPS had us do so much stuff!

The Californians sketches always crack me up! But that wasn’t the only funny moment of the night. They also did a hilarious movie trailer for Taken, but instead of Liam Nesson’s family being taken, all the major revenge movie action stars such as Denzel Washington, Steven Segal, Liam Nesson, Harrison Ford, Uma Thurman, Mel Gibson, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger are trying to get their kids back. The trailer was hilarious! All the actors did excellent impersonations and I really loved Bill Hader as Schwarzenegger and Pharoah as Denzel Washington.

There were a few other sketches that made some impressions, as well as the usual Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. Check out a few of the other funny moments from the night. As I said earlier in the post, this weekend’s episode was actually funny in comparison to last weekend’s show.

More The Californians



SNL | Clint Eastwood, Gangnam Style, & The Many Voices of Seth MacFarlane

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great enthusiasm I announce that the time is upon us: the return of Saturday Night Live. For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you know that every season of SNL I always post the sketches I thought were funny the following day. It’s sort of like my Sunday ritual. I wake up, take a shower, get some coffee, and blog about SNL.

Well, I’ve got my coffee, so let’s get it started! Last night was the premiere of SNL’s 38th season and the show was hosted by a man of many voices, Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy.) We all know Seth for his voices on Family Guy, including Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Glen Quagmire. All of those voices are quite iconic and they are basically Seth’s “thing,” so I wasn’t shocked that his opening monologue included arguments between all of those characters and a song filled with a host of other voices.

The opening monologue was quite funny (mainly because of the voices) and of course, later on in the night Seth did a myriad of voices in a few sketches. And since were are on the topic of voices, I definitely have to give Jay Pharoahe props for taking over Fred Armisen’s Obama impersonation. The voice was decent, but I still think Fred does a better job. But perhaps over time, Jay’s Obama characterization will get better; the tone felt a little off.

Alright, so the Cold Opening and Seth’s Monologue were pretty funny, but lets dive into were the true laughter began for me, the Clint Eastwood Sketch. For those of you who follow politics and at least watch the news and aren’t living under a rock like Patrick, then you clearly remember Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the RNC in Tampa and how he literally talked to a chair. Seriously, that was a major WTF moment, and knowing that SNL likes to dive into political commentary and happenings, they of course took the infamous Clint Eastwood vs. the Chair and made a hilarious sketch filled with high-waisted hijinks. Bill Hader does an awesome Clint Eastwood impersonation, I’m glad they brought it back. Sidenote: Why does Clint Eastwood wear his pants so high?! SMH.

SNL isn’t one to shy away from popular trending topics, so somewhere in the back of my mind I had a feeling that Korean rapper PSY and his iconic “Gangnam Style” were going to make their way to the SNL set. Ding, ding, ding, I was correct. In a sketch called “Lids” Seth tried cheering up his co-worker (Kenan) by pushing a big red button and then Bobby Moynihan comes out doing the “Gangnam Style” dancing. Shortly after he comes out dancing again, and after a few moments followed by someone getting fired, Seth recommends turbo mode and out comes PSY and he does the dance that has made him an International YouTube sensation.

The first episode had its usual hits and misses, but there were some other sketches that had a few hilarious moments. The Puppet Class sketch was only funny because Bill Hader had this hilarious puppet that was so angry and depressed from the war. He kept telling all these serious war stories. It was pretty funny, but aside from that the sketch was sort of blaaah. 

For those of you who watch daytime talk-shows, then perhaps you’ve seen the Steve Harvey Show. Ugh, why is that even on the air? He stays wearing those over-sized suits and he tries to give relationship advice, but he is far from an expert (on his fifth marriage now.) His show just isn’t that interesting, but I could watch Kenan Thompson do a Steve Harvey impersonation all day. Too funny!

A few of the other sketches you can watch at the end of this post. But before I close out, I have to post the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. For those of you who followed the Olympics, we all know that Ryan Lochte was one of the star swimmers this summer. He’s a phenomenal swimmer, but he truly isn’t the brightest kid on the block. Seriously y’all, have you watched him in interviews? He is such an airhead. I know he’s hot, but damn boy, read a book! It’s sad that he truly seems unable to formulate full sentences, but Seth MacFarlane does a great Ryan Lochte impersonation.

Prior to Ryan Lochte’s bit on The Weekend Update the human thumb (nickname courtesy of Joe McHale from The Soup) stopped by with her daughter Honey Boo Boo.

Other Sketches You May or May Not Like

P.S. If you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about Frank Ocean’s performances, well it is because I’m not a fan of his music. Just not really into it. My brother met him last week too, said he was a nice guy, but yeah, I’m just not into Frank Ocean’s music. But seems everyone I know loves him, well I don’t. Oh, so what? Sue me then.

SNL | Oh So Hilarious Will Ferrell, Star Studded 100th Digital Short, & More!

When I found out that Will Ferrell would be returning to Saturday Night Live to host this weekend, I told myself there was no way in hell I was going to miss the episode. I usually end up catching SNL the next day on my DVR, but last night I sat in front of the television with my mom and watched the entire episode. It was non-stop laughter!

From his opening monologue, the laughter began. I just had a really good feeling that the episode was going to be hilarious, and I was totally right! Not only was last night’s episode super funny thanks to Will Ferrell, but it also marked the anniversary of the 100th Digital Short. The short featured a lot of the reprising characters from previous digital shorts, including the appearance of a lot of celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, Justin Bieber, Usher, Michael Bolton, and many more!

The digital short was, as usual, something absurd (this time it was about sucking their own dicks,) but it was still funny to see everyone coming together for the 100th Digital Short.

The episode also contained some other hilarious segments, but they showcased a new hilarious commercial for Cold Medicine. But in the commercial Will Ferrell keeps sneezing like crazy and he doesn’t do a normal human sneeze. His overacting pisses Kristin Wigg off, which is truly a hilarious sight to see. Haha, she gets so mad at him for his annoying fake sneezing.

There were some other moments in the episode that cracked me up, including Funkytown Debate, ESPN Golf, Broadway Sizzle, and Will Ferrell making a return with Anna Gayester as the singing music teachers. They did a parody of songs and it was so funny! But sadly it’s not online, so you have to watch it OnDemand. Even theWeekend Update with Seth Meyers was on point, and Liam Nesson even stopped by while Andy Samberg did his excellent Nicolas Cage impersonation.

Feel free to watch the full episode below, including Usher’s amazing performance of “Climax.” Or, as usual, watch the clips below. I hope you find the episode just as funny as I did. Thoughts on the 100th Digital Short?

Full Episode

100th Digital Short

Cold Commercial

Web Exclusive Video: Grady Wilson’s Wild N’ Hawaii

Funkytown Debate


Broadway Sizzle

Weekend Update: Liam Nesson and Nic Cage

Usher “Climax”

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SNL | White People Problems, Chantix, Sports, & More!

I haven’t really been paying attention to the NBA lately, but I still do enjoy watching sports. As a former athlete (volleyball player,) I enjoy watching a variety of sports, but I especially enjoy the commentary. Those sports commentators say some pretty interesting( often awkward/hilarious) things, but the best commentary always come from Charles Barkley.

Half the time you never even know what he is talking about. He just seems to jump from one thing to another (one comedian said his mouth is playing Marco/Polo.) I jump around in conversation too, but it’s not quite as hilarious as the way Charles Barkley does it. So when I found out he was going to be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Well, I didn’t miss it. I sat through the entire episode and found myself cracking up at the various sketches. Barkley’s opening monologue was pretty funny, but it was followed by this hilarious commercial called Chantix. It was an anti-smoking commercial, but it had all these random side effects that would make you want to kill the one you loved the most. All those side effects of those drug commercials tend to be so drastic, so I don’t blame SNL for taking it to that sick & twisted level.

That commercial ensues a lot of laughs, but I think the thing that cracked me up the most was the White People Problems sketch. I honestly could not stop laughing! Barkley did a great job at keeping his composure and not cracking up. The problems were so dramatic, but in actuality they were tiny problems that tend to get blown out of proportion. It was funny seeing Kenan & Jay Pharaoh give their “black” insight on the situation and how White people talk & tend to deal with problems. It was lighthearted racial humor, so guys it’s okay to laugh at it. :) And if you watch Portlandia, then you might remember the Farm sketch from season one and how the people keep asking about the chicken, where it came from, was it loved, it’s name, it’s age, etc. Well, SNL decided to poke fun at that during the sketch, so check it out.

Being that it’s Charles Barkley, the other sketches were sports related. They poked fun at the NBA on TNT commentary and how much Shaq & Barkley hate it each other. During that entire sketch Barkley & Kenan tried so hard to not laugh. There were a few moments where I thought they were going to break their focus and just bust out laughing, but luckily they didn’t.

Another sports themed sketch was the Charles Barkley App in which Barkley translates sports lingo & what coaches really mean when they are addressing the press. He makes sense of the nonsensical answers that coaches (also athletes) say when discussing the aftermath of a game. I can never understand what they really mean, so honestly it would be super cool if their was an App like that.

All in all, it was a good episode last night. Charles Barkley did his thing. There was a few sketches that I thought were boring, but the other sketches made up for that state of global boring. Haha, ya like that? It’s my new saying. I heard it on SNL’s Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. Drunk Uncle made an appearance and said his usual random drunk analogies. So check that out as well. Oh, and you might want to check out the Mayan Calendar sketch as well. They basically said everything I thought; Mayans ran out of space on the stone which is why the calendar ends at 2012.

Here are the sketches below.

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