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Jonah Hill Me Trailer

Awesomesauce | Jonah Hill ‘Her’ Movie Spoof – ‘Me’ (VIDEO)

Last night, Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live and while most of the skits were decently funny, the best was his hilarious spoof of Spike Jonze’s film, Her.

In the same way Her is about a guy falling in love with his phone’s OS, Jonah’s spoof follows the same premise, except his OS sounds just like him and has the same personality. Basically, he is in love with himself.

The whole Spike Jonze concept is creepy, but apparently it’s a really good movie. And I hadn’t planned on seeing it, but after watching this “Me” spoof, I might have to see what it’s all about.


Oh, and in case you missed the opening monologue from SNL, be sure to check it out.

“Yes, Rose. Yes, you’re flying.”

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SNL | Sasheer Zamata Rocks The Crowd x Drake Shows Us His Funny Side

Dude, for the first time in a really long time, Saturday Night Live was actually really funny! Not just a few giggles here and then, but I mean totally LOL funny. 

Last night, two things happened on SNL: Drake hosted/performed and Sasheer Zamata made her debut is the first black-female cast member in 6 years.

Sasheer Zamata Is #Winning


For her first time on the show, Sasheer totally wins the spotlight. At first I thought they would only have her in 1 or 2 sketches (remember when Jay Pharaoh first joined,) but she was present in almost every majorly funny skit.

Drake Channels Lil Wayne/Steve Urkel & Katt Williams

In “Before They Were Stars” skit featuring Drake, as well as Sasheer, Drake had me rolling on the floor in tears @ his crazy impersonation as Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel.


Not only was I laughing at that, but even Sasheer pretending to be Rihanna was quite a riot! She is so silly and she seems to really be fitting in with the cast. You go girl!

But Drake wasn’t done with impersonations. In the video above he does a hilarious Jay Z, but wait until you see him act as Katt Williams in the skit below. LOL. He actually really does sound like Katt Williams, he especially has got the mannerism down to a science.

More Clips

Overall, it was a great episode last night! Check out some of the highlights from last night’s episode of SNL.

Drake Performs


Kristen Wiig Makes SNL 10x Better

Kristen-Wiig-hosts-SNL-5-11-13Last night, Kristen Wiig made her triumph return to Saturday Night Live and reminded me that the show was really better when she was a cast member. Even though she was just hosting last night, her presence on most of the skits brought back that energy that a lot of the SNL skits have been missing. Don’t cha think so?

Wiig has been busy transitioning into the roles of movies, but she still has got the perfect comedic timing and characterization that made her such a star on SNL.

With the return of The Californians, she couldn’t even contain her laughter with all the 405 jargon and Rodeo drive nonsense. And in a skit for Mother’s Day, she had a hilarious hell of a time dealing with an annoying mom and buying her 1-800 Flowers. That skit was one I’m sure you’ll relate to, but the best of the night was the return of The Californians and the Lawrence Welk Show.

So yeah, The Californians was the best, but how about the weirdest skit? I’d say the Acupuncture one. Kristen Wiig giving acupuncture and blood squirting uncontrollably. It was grossly hilarious! Oh, and the second weird-but-funny skit was the Disney channel spoof, Ghost Mom. LOL. It’s the Ring meets Disney channel following the hilarious shenanigans of Kristen as a ghost raising Disney-style kids. Check it out!

Not only did Wiig do a knockout job last night, but even a very pregnant Maya Rudolph stopped by to make a few appearances. Overall, it was a hilarious episode that just shed light on the reality that one person can make a show better…and Kristen Wiig makes SNL better! Ugh, I miss her as a regular cast member!

If you love Kristen Wiig, then be sure to watch the skits below! And just in case you are wondering, yes…Target Lady made a return!


Certified Awesome | Justin Timberlake Does ‘History of Rap Part 4′ x Medley of Greatest Hits



Unless you truly are unaware of pop culture, then you’d know that Justin Timberlake has been on a roll this past week! From debuting new songs off his upcoming album to last weekend’s appearance on SNL (which I still need to post,) he’s been making sure his name stays in the media circuits. And last night, he truly topped his stellar week off by stopping by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for the History of Rap Part 4 and a medley of his greatest hits. 

Let me just tell you right now, turn up your speakers! Justin and Jimmy did justice to a lot of old rap hits and you’ll find yourself wondering how on earth do these guys do it? It’s quite creative and it’s a great trip down memory lane.

Then you’ve got the amazing jam session of Justin Timberlake and a big band (including back-up singers) going through JT history and playing his greatest hits. It will truly remind you how amazing and awesomely talented Justin Timberlake truly is.


SNL | YOLO,Sopranos Diaries, Catfish: The Tv Show, & Much More!

adamlevineI’ll admit, last week I wasn’t feeling Saturday Night Live. The episode just wasn’t really that funny and I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence;comedy doesn’t seem to be her forte. But despite a let down last week, I’m glad to say this week’s episode of SNL was hilarious!!!

Adam Levine was the host this week and the musical guest was the amazing Kendrick Lamar. I’m a fan, especially of his track “Swimming Pools” and I was glad that he performed it. :) Oh and he performed “Poetic Justice,” which basically samples my favorite Janet Jackson song, “Anytime Anyplace.”

From the cold opening to the digital short, YOLO, the entire episode was filled with huge LOL moments. But hands down, the Soprano Diaries and the YOLO Digital Short were the best! Kendrick Lamar even took some time out and spit some bars in the YOLO skit featuring Lonely Island and Adam Levine. The skit basically took Drake’s famous saying, You Only Live Once (YOLO) and turned it into a hilarious mashup of all the things that can kill you, so You Ought to Look Out. Trust me, it is pure comedy! 

The other skit that I found super funny was the Soprano Diaries. Man, I couldn’t stop laughing even if I tried. I watched it over and over again (thank God for DVR) and I just love how they put the Soprano characters into an 80s high school setting. Too funny for words!!!! So, yeah, you should go watch that clip now!

The episode contained a few other hilarious skits, and I personally thought Catfish: The TV Show skit was pretty funny. It does seem like somehow it ends up always being about Nev, the host, and the reactions are always so confusing prior to the commercial breaks. 

More Clips from the Show

Kendrick Lamar Performances

Screen shot at 2012-12-09 9.52.09 AM

SNL | Jamie Fox Brings Us Back to the Days of ‘Living Color’ with His Hilarious Antics!

Screen shot at 2012-12-09 9.52.09 AMI’ve been living without cable for the past few weeks, so as the DirectTV guy is setting up everything, I figured I’d go ahead and watch SNL on Hulu. I didn’t get to watch last night’s episode with Jamie Foxx, but my mom called me and told me it was hilarious, so I made sure to catch it this morning.

If you didn’t watch the episode, then be sure to check it out. Jamie Foxx is hilarious, but we already know that. If anything, from his career on my favorite classic sketch show, In Living Color, and his own show, The Jamie Foxx Show, we have known since the 90s that he is a seriously funny dude! So it was amazing to see him on SNL doing his thing and actin’ a fool.

They had a big selection of skits that were funny. A consistent theme throughout the night was game show parodies. The first game show was “Bitch What’s the Answer?” in which Foxx asks vague questions and wants the contestants, the bitches, to answer. It was pretty funny, but the second game show really caught my attention. It basically had Foxx, Thompson, and Pharoah as black contestants who couldn’t figure out the difference between Dylan McDermott and Dermott Mulroney. The whole joke was that black people think they are the same guys, but it was offensive in my opinion because the guys do have confusing simliar names and features.

The other sketches such as a Tree Pimp and even the J-Pop one was okay, but I never usually like that sketch. But Foxx looked pretty funny in his outfit. But the best outfit of the night? His hilarious take on Tyler Perry and Madea in a spoof of Alex Cross. That was hella funny! Major LOL moments.

Peep some of the sketches from below. Oh and in the Maine Justice skit we have a surprise visit from one of my favorite people. Want a hint? He’s a cast member of Always Sunny in Philly  who stalks a waitress and he hosted the show in October 2011. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. :)