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Certified Awesome | SecondCity – ‘I Wanna Feel’


Second City’s “I Wanna Feel” is a massively wiicked, hands down certified awesome tune!

For sure? For sure for sure.

I heard this track a few weeks back at Eighteenth Street Lounge, and I went crazy! I was housing it up, had a little circle going, and was just in the zone jacking my body (jack yo body!)

This track is also featured in Sam Divine’s Defected Radio takeover, so if she featured it, then you know it’s the truth. That girls knows her house!

Loosely classified as a “garage house” track, the piano and the heavy bass are what make this track so damn good! On top of that pulsating bass, you’ve got these sexy vocals saying ” I Wanna Feel.”

Yes baby, I wanna feel…house me all night long! ;)

Check out the official music video below.

Trust me, you’re going to want to dance…like RIGHT NOW!

Defected Radio | Sam Divine Take Over – Guest Mix MK


Hey hey house junkies, ready to kick off the New Year? Whether you plan on housing it up all night at the hottest nightclub or throwing a nice lil’ shindig, be sure to kick off the year with some of the best house cuts from 2013.

I’ve got so many favorite tracks that I’m bumpin’ right now, and in Defected Radio’s latest episode, DJ Sam Divine takes over & plays a wiicked set of all my favorite tracks.

Starting off with Mike Mago’s “The Show,” this is a stellar mix that also includes an incredible guest mix from MK.

Happy housing:

Tracklisting via soundcloud:


Mike Mago – The Show – BMKLTSCH
Josh Butler – I Got a Feeling (Pleasurekraft Edit) – Kraftek
Dusky – Vanishing Point – Naked Naked
Huxley – Boxclever – 2020
Bicep – Satisfy – Feel My Bicep
Tube & Berger – Set It Off – Kittball
Secondcity – I Wanna Feel

ALBUM OF THE WEEK – Breach – DJ Kicks
Detroit Swindle – Break Up – Heist Recordings

G.Logan – How Did We Get Here – Defected
Flashmob – Brickhouse (La Flouq Edit) – Flashmob Recordings
Eats Everything – Evil Tram – Pets Recordings
Russ Chimes – Turn me Out (Justin Jay Remix) – Deconstruction
Yousef – I See (Shadowchild Remix) – Defected

Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally – Defected

GUEST MIX – MK @ Defected Heads Up Party (Horse & Groom)

Richy Ahmed feat Kevin Knapp – The Drums – Hot Creations

Sonos Commercial Song: N.A.S.A. – ‘Hide'(Tropkillaz Remix)

Okay, it’s official: Sonos is pretty sweet. Now I will admit I haven’t used their sound system, but after vibing to the trap music in their latest commercial, I’m sold on checking them out!

I’ve seen the commercial about 4 times, yet I still had no I.D. on the track playing throughout the house. Well, now I do!

The song in the Sonos “Face Off” commercial is by N.A.S.A. and it’s called “Hide (TropKillaz Remix.)”  And while some trap song can be really annoying, this one actually is pretty good and makes me want to get super hyped in a club.Oh yeah, I’m gonna be needing to hear this one on a dancefloor ASAP! Continue reading Sonos Commercial Song: N.A.S.A. – ‘Hide'(Tropkillaz Remix)

Nu Disco | Brynjolfur – ‘I Love You’ [VIDEO]


Until today, I had never heard of Brynjolfur. Yet, this artist who originally hails from Faroe Islands, has made his debut on Eskimo Recordings.

And you know what, the response so far is looking good. His single “I Love You” has gotten some early support from many producers, even Tensnake!

Check out this peculiar nu disco track and watch this experimental, borderline avant-garde, music video for “I Love You.”

Take a Risk, Skydive with The Presets – ‘Fall’ [Official Music Video]

maxresdefault (2)

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is go all out adrenaline style and skydive in a bright red jumpsuit. But the fear of dying or my parachute failing has kept me from taking the leap, but perhaps a good place to start would be indoor skydiving. They don’t have a place here in DC, but I’m sure I can travel somewhere in the states and take a simulated leap.

But one thing I wouldn’t want to do is “Fall,” all the way to hell and that’s what The Presets are doing in their new music video.

Okay, not exactly a bunch of flames everywhere, but they are skydiving while the addicting single “Fall” plays during their fall.

Check it out, watch the video now!

National Geographic’s ‘Found’ Showcases Rare Pictures

NGS Picture ID:661747
Bengal tigers crouch as animal trainer carries a 300-pound lion in Moscow, March 1966.

Growing up I’ve always had this desire to see the world, but never quite knew how to make that mission a reality. And as I’m embarking on my 22nd birthday next week and still dealing with life after college, in the back of my mind (and in my heart) I long to see the world. Yes, I’ve seen most of the United States, but my glimpse of the world over the years has come from National Geographic (amongst other sources) and I thank them for their breathtaking 125 years of bringing travel into the homes and hearts of those of us who have yet to go abroad. 

However, in 125 years of photojournalism and discovery throughout the globe, National Geographic has kept thousands of images a hidden secret up till now. In celebration of 125, National Geographic recently revealed a brand new Tumblr, FOUND, which is the new digital home for rare pictures dating back to the 1900s.

FOUND, which is set up in a minimalistic design that allows the pictures to speak to you as you scroll down the page, has some riveting pictures that capture the beauty life throughout the various eras.

From culture to technology and innovation, the pictures from some of Nat Geo’s best photographers are bound to inspire you to grab a camera. I know that it truly caught my attention and has spoken to my love of photography. Culture is a beautiful thing to experience, and documenting it is even better; it’s priceless. :)

Visit National Geographic’s FOUND tumblr.