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Chelsea Settles: MTV’s New Plus-Size Reality Star

So a few days ago at the gym I happened to turn to the Wendy Williams show. Usually I don’t watch her show, but lately I’ve enjoyed watching the gossip and loving her witty personality. Now I will admit that sometimes her guests are so annoying, but other times they actually intrigue me; which is what happened the other day, one of her guests actually caught my attention. The guest I’m talking about is MTV’s new reality star Chelsea Settles.

Settles made an appearance on Monday’s episode of Wendy and discussed her new reality show. Of course her appearance on Wendy is quite different than the show because she lost a lot of weight. She looks pretty good now that she lost weight; even Wendy said she looked sexy now. But prior to losing weight, her new show basically documented her overweight journey and move from Pittsburgh to LA in hopes of making it in the fashion industry as a stylist.

I usually don’t like watching a lot of MTV’s reality shows, but this one with this Chelsea Settles girl has some potential. I could tell from watching the show that her weight has kept her back from a lot of things, including being more outgoing and perhaps dating around instead of settling for the jerk she is with. On Wendy we learned that Chelsea has only had one boyfriend for the past 5 years; that is crazy! While watching her show we learned that she stays with him because she thinks nobody else will love her. Mind you, this guy has cheated and is in the army, but she settles (haha, no pun intended) and doesn’t leave him.

I’ve never in my life had a weight problem as drastic as hers, but it’s fascinating see the emotional drama in the situation. I mean I felt so sorry for her when she couldn’t get in the club for her friend’s birthday party. The bouncer wouldn’t let her in because she was big compared to all the other hot girls. Of course Chelsea stormed off and then got ridiculed by a bunch of drunk people, which then caused her to go cry and finalize her decision to lose weight and move to LA.

The episode was pretty good and at one point I got so pissed off at her lame ass boyfriend Rory. He had the nerve to attempt to deter her from moving to LA and saying she wouldn’t fit in out there. He wanted her to just move down to the military base with him and get married, have babies, and just be happy the way she was. WTF? This guy has cheated on her and then says he wants to marry her in order for her not to move to LA. She’s 24 and deserves to go for her dreams. Like seriously what is up with her man, who does that?! I was so upset because I know so many men that just want to settle down and talk about us having a future. I’m like woah! I’m young, single, and once I graduate in Summer 2012 it’s on! No commitment, just me starting my fabulous new life and on a journey with new friends. When I’m ready to settle later in my twenties, then I’ll think about slowing down and committing. But I think everyone deserves that time in their life to find themselves, go out to clubs, travel, find their career, and just live life! So I’m so happy Chelsea didn’t listen to her boyfriend and decided to jet set off to Cali. You go girl!

I like this Chelsea Settles chick, and last night’s premiere episode was an hour long, but it’s worth checking out. Like I said, I couldn’t imagine having major body issues like that. I couldn’t believe it was her first time going to the gym; I go to the gym 5 to 7 days out the week, so it was mind blowing seeing someone not work out on the regular. But she has a lot of issues surrounding how she got overweight, so I’m sure we will see more in the next few episodes. It’s unlike MTV to have a plus-size reality star, so I’m interested in seeing how this show will play out.

Check out the show at MTV’s site. I’m telling you, this show has potential. I strongly believe everyone deserves to live their life, be young, be fabulous, and go for their dreams. Don’t just live life being complacent and especially don’t settle for some lame relationship when you want to be young and go explore the world. Get up and make life happen!


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ENGL 3084: Final Visual Narrative and Documentary

McGee, Visual Narrative

Earlier in the semester we worked on visual narratives and it was fun! I had the chance to go down memory lane and talk about my move from Denver back home to the DMV. I’m glad to be back home and I don’t really miss Colorado too much.

Here is my visual narrative called “The Urban Nomad.” Be sure to check out the PDF and let me know your thoughts!

Below is also the final documentary about my brother Jamile McGee and his life after So You Think You Can Dance. I had a great time filming with him and the family, but I’m glad the process is finally done.

Reflective Post: Up Close and Personal with Life After Reality TV

While working on my rough draft of my documentary about life after reality television, I realized that there weren’t many documentaries on this subject. Throughout the course of my documentary I’ve had the position as an insider on my subject. Over the years I’ve seen my brother’s career rise and dealt with the “So You Think You Can Dance?” obsession from outsiders.

I can recall so many encounters with people obsessed with SYTYCD and individuals who were hungry to have their 15 minutes of fame. It’s sad to see how many people are willing to do anything in order to have their time in the spotlight, even if that means attempting to ride off the coats of others. Even though my brother has achieved a certain amount of acknowledgement in the dance/entertainment industry, I’ve never been the type of person to just ride off his success.

My role in this documentary and in my interactions with my brother’s dance career and “15 minutes of fame,” has been a role of support and knowledge. I aim to let others know about the reality of a dancers life and how shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance?” only help a dancer so much in their career. Being on a show like that doesn’t guarantee success and it shouldn’t be the main mission for a dancer. In my documentary Jamile briefly talked about how he strives to make a name for himself that is based upon his amazing talent and character, not riding off the SYTYCD claim to fame.

I gathered quite a bit of material for my documentary but had to shorten it in order to meet appropriate time length for my Multimedia Composition class. This topic of a dancers life and coming off a reality show, is a topic that can easily be an hour long documentary. I’ve collected a lot of footage as an insider on this topic, but one day it would be interesting to possibly talk to other dancers as well. I haven’t felt any discomfort when discussing the subject and shedding light on the reality of the aftermath following reality television. It’s been fascinating!

My hope is that people will begin to discuss more about reality television and the truth about being on season 1 of “So You Think You Can Dance?” It’s a shame how so many of the dancers from the first season have sort of been forgotten by the producers, yet they have had successful careers around the world. Interesting…


Reflective Post: Life After Reality Television

As I approach the final two weeks of summer classes, I’ve begun preparation for my documentary. I’ve chosen to do a documentary about my brother Jamile McGee and his life after being on “So You Think You Can Dance?” In 2005 he wowed audiences with his amazing dances moves on the first season of SYTYCD and six years later he has a wife, a passion for choreography, and a dream to live a stable yet exciting life.

I found this subject interesting because many people over the years have always asked me about his career and what it’s like having a brother that is rich. Whenever people find out my brother was on SYTYCD, they always assume his must be rolling in money. The life of a dancer is one that has it’s up and downs; the glitz and glamor of reality television don’t ensure riches.

I personally know a lot of my subject for my documentary; I mean come on now, I am his only sister. I’ve helped him out a great deal. From managing his social media sites, networking, helping him with his website, and just being a support system; I’ve been there through all the years.  Within the allotted time I will inquire about life after reality television and show my audience that reality tv doesn’t guarantee fame or happiness.

This documentary is going to be concise. I have done some research about life after reality tv and also this obsession with desiring fame. So many people want to be in the public eye and be famous, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Reality television sucks. It’s fun to watch but the aftermath is brutal. The great thing about Jamile is the fact he never planned on being on reality television. He just happened to audition and from there things took off. He doesn’t like to live off his “So You Think You Can Dance?” days, he prefers to make a name for himself as a choreographer, husband, and a normal guy that loves to dance.

He may have toured all over the world, petted lions, eating fine cuisine and stayed in luxury hotels, but he is still a normal person. Jamile doesn’t have a lingering desire to be famous or on a reality show again, he just wants to make money and build a life for him and his wife.Now that’s reality.

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Reflective Blog Post:The Genre of Documentary

After receiving feedback on my visual narrative, I decided to stick with the theme of urban nomads for our upcoming assignment. The next project in my English 3084 class is a Multimedia Documentary. I’ve never had the chance to work on a documentary, but I’ve always had this desire to film one.

The genre of Multimedia Documentary is an innovative outlet for creative expression. Documentaries allow you to take a simple concept and expand on it through various perspectives. The usage of multimedia allows the creator to carefully and critically use multiple elements of media to convey a message. If executed properly, a multimedia documentary can literally change someone’s train of thought and viewpoint on a certain topic.

I’ve personally always been a huge fan of documentaries and since the addition of Netflix Instant Streaming on my Ps3; I’ve been able to watch an immense amount of thought provoking documentaries. Documentaries are an important genre in film due to their ability to reach national audience. I have the option of traveling the world and experiencing another lifestyle without having to leave the comfort of my home. Of course, I am a huge fan of traveling and experiencing other cultures; but documentaries are a powerful and educational insight into topics that may be foreign to my daily happenings.

This week in out Multimedia Composition class, I had the chance to view some documentaries produced by students at the University of Colorado (the school I attend.) It was amazing seeing how much information can be packed into a small amount of time. The documentaries were concise and informational, as well as inspirational. It’s important for everyone to find an outlet for their beliefs and passion in life. Whether it’s through art, music, film, dance, writing, and other forms of creative expression; it’s important that you express how viewpoints on life.

I’m looking forward to begin working on my Multimedia Documentary and exploring the concept of life after reality television. I think it’s important that people realize what life is like after being a reality television sensation and a multimedia documentary is the best way to shed light on this topic. I plan on watching some more documentaries this weekend on Netflix and hopefully gaining more inspiration.

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Scripted Lives: Do I Really Care?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my friggin gosh! Heidi Montag has a new reality show coming on Vh1 and it’s going to be….wait, why do I care? Apparently there is this buzz going around that Heidi has yet another reality show she is going to star in and it’s big news to some people. It’s not news to me because I don’t care. It’s like those people on Facebook who update their status and say “Just ate a burrito” or how about this one” Goodnight Facebook”. Do I really care if you ate a burrito? Unless it was from Chipotle and you bought me one, then I don’t need know to about it.

Why bothering saying goodnight to Facebook, just log offline and go to bed then. Geeze! So annoying when people post status updates that are irrelevant. I mean I’ve updated my status before with subject matters that may not have been important to everyone, but it’s productive information. Such as “Listening to some house music and working hard on my book” or “Playing the new Mortal Kombat, it’s so awesome”. Come on now, who doesn’t want to hear about video games? The new Mortal Kombat is awesome! Man, I can’t even talk about it right now because this post is devoted to reality tv. So I’m going to come back to video games later in another post.

My point is, not everything you do is important and not everyone cares about it. We live in such a reality tv show generation, yet a majority of the shows are scripted drama. Half of the stuff on reality television is a script, including the friendships, the drama, the “chance encounters”, and attempt at having an actual career. Most of the time it’s just some fame whore (men included) who is trying to make a name for themself by having a television show and creating a glamorous life. What the heck is a snooki and is it really “the situation”? I think the real situation is the fact that on The Situation’s Wikipedia page, it barely has any information concerning his life prior to Jersey Shore. He was 25, an unemployed guy who used to work at a fitness center, and he started modeling underwear. Then Jersey Shore pops off and now he makes all this money per episode. Wow, is that what our society has come to now?

I’m so sick of seeing these fame whores getting paid substantial amounts of money for doing nothing! All you have to do is be hot (or in snookie’s case that doesn’t apply) and be an egotistical person with some scripted dream. I think the worst kind of reality shows are the ones in which contestants try to find love, such as “The Bachelor” and VH1’s crappy love shows. Who wakes up and says, “you know what, I’m going to put my love life in the hands of Vh1 casting department. A place where interns run coffee errands and take reality show rejects from MTV’s Parental Control. I mean online dating is already a zoo of its own, but trying to find love on a reality television show in a controlled environment with cameras and producers telling you who they want you to fall in love with, it just all seems like a waste of time.

Yet across America and the world we continue to indulge in these shows. How do I know this? Because sadly enough I do have some reality shows I enjoy watching. I’m not sitting here bashing reality shows, I’m just saying some of them are a waste of time. I don’t care what the kids on Jersey Shore are doing, I don’t care about Kate plus 8 minus a miserable ex husband, and I sure don’t care what the girls from The Hills are doing.  If your reality show gets rejected or cancelled, then we really don’t care about your life. As much filth as there is out there on television, that has got to be a blow in the face to have your reality show rejected from the “quality” shows in the reality cease pool.

When I think about reality shows, I instantly think about The Truman Show. I love that movie! Jim Carrey thought everything in his life was real, until he learned that it was all scripted. His “friends” were actors and his life was taking place on a huge studio lot with hidden cameras watching every moment. That movie is up there on the list as one of my favorite movies because of the concept. You think your life is seemingly perfect but everything is actually a lie…it’s all fake.

Of course normal people usually know what’s real in their life, unless they are a special undercover agent or living double lives for some odd reason. Reality shows are just scripted depictions of what people wished their lives looked like. Some shows are better than others and some are just hilarious to watch.

I will admit I just checked out Mob Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Beverly Hills Fabulous, and Sinbad’s reality show. I can’t stand Love and Hip-Hop, it’s just a bunch of chicks that have been involved with rappers and are trying to make a name for themselves, yet they still live off the rappers and always talk about them. Wow, what a great way to make a name for yourself…NOT! At least Elgin Charles is an actual hair dresser and his stylists are funny to watch and Mob Wives is cool (not going to bash a show with mafia affiliation, I’m not an idiot). It’s an interesting show, but I doubt I’ll watch it on the regular.

I’d rather spend my time watching hilarious shows that remind me how crazy life can be. That’s why I love Always Sunny in Philly, Workaholics, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and old 90s black shows. You know Martin, Jamie Foxx show, Hanging with Mr Cooper, and Fresh Prince. I wish there were more good black sitcoms and less annoying reality shows that feature mainly people of white decent. If it’s such a reality, then how come a majority of these shows feature primarily white individuals? There are other races that exist, don’t forget the poster from your childhood geography class, you know the one with all the kids around the world holding hands. Now that’s the reality, whether the kids are fighting or in peace, at least they are in the same picture.

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