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Jem: Totally Outrageous!

jemWhile Comcast has been busy transitioning over to Xfinity, there has been a handful of new channels added. I typically watch HGTV, Travel Channel, TLC, Centric, TvOne, and other channels; but the recent addition of HUB has become a daily favorite of mine.

Over here in Montgomery County, Maryland the HUB channel is 130. Simply put; it’s the best cartoon channel ever! They show the ultimate old school cartoons and shows such as : Transformers, Batman, Fraggle Rock, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego, Conan the Adventurer, and Jem.

Not only does the HUB world contain those great shows, but it even has R.L. Stines “The Haunting Hour” and other shows such as G.I. Joe, Strawberry Shortcake, Johnny Quest, Kenny the Shark, and other great kid shows I’m a huge fan of. All the shows on that channel rock! It’s fun to sit back and watch Fraggle Rock, it reminds me of being a child again. I remember the days of sitting back afterschool and waiting for Fraggle Rock to come on (it came on during the 90s as reruns.) The best moment of that show is the episode where they sung Buffalo Springfield’s hit song “For What Its Worth”: it’s the song that goes “stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.”

Man I miss the days of those old school cartoons and animated shows. I lived on Between the Lions, The Rugrats, Allegra’s Window, Little Bear, The Muppets, The Adventures of Tintin, Babar,Franklin, Doug, Hey Arnold, Dragon Tales, Rocko’s Modern Life, and so many other hit shows. I loved watching a lot of those shows and I still enjoy watching a lot of the cartoons on television now. Yet one show I fell back in love with was the 80s cartoon called Jem.

jem2Jem is one of those girly hit television shows about a band named Jem and the Holograms. I’m not an 80s kid; but I grew up in the 90s and watched a lot of those shows from the 80s. Jem is one of those guilty pleasure shows. You hate to admit you watch it and sing along to the songs; yet you make sure to never miss an episode. I love Jem! She’s totally outrageous, girly, glittery, and her band rocks!

She has these cool earrings that allow a hologram to transform her into anything. Her real name is Jerrica Benton and she is the owner/manager of Starlight Music. Her dad built this computer named Synergy that allows her to change into the persona of Jem with the help of Synergy and her holograms. When she is in her persona of Jem, her nemesis The Misfits is always trying to mess things up for her. Every episode they always have these catchy dramatic songs they sing. I bookannual87always end up singing along to the song and getting lost into the drama. It’s a fun show to watch! Jem’s voice is so girly and she has a way of hitting these high notes; they sound funny when she is singing/yelling her name and lyrics. It’s so 80s!!

Jem and the Holograms have some funny and catchy songs, but the show is so cool! I love watching Jem and I  must admit it’s my guilty pleasure this summer. Check out the intro to the show Jem and be sure to check your local listings for HUB. Do you have any old school cartoons you still love to watch?

Jem Opening

The World Hunger Shindig


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