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Outer Realms of Creativity | Gajah feat. Myk Mansun – ‘Breakfast Shoplift’

When I first saw Gajah’s video for “Breakfast Shoplift” featuring Myk Mansun, I immediately thought of hipster meets underground hip-hop. I couldn’t really think of a way to describe his music, but I attribute that to the impressive level of outer realm creativity that Gajah exhibits; he leaves you speechless.

In actuality, this is my first time ever listening to Gajah. If it wasn’t for him mentioning me on a Tweet, then I probably would have missed out on his sensational creativity. The video “Breakfast Shoplift” isn’t a breakout music video for Gajah. He’s been on the scene since mid 90s, and is best known for being the founding member of the underground hip-hop collective Acid Reign.

He’s made quite the name for himself as an emcee in the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene, as well as the poetry movement over at South Central’s legendary open-mic, Project Blowed. I didn’t know that Gajah was also known for his lyrical prowess in the open-mic scene, but you can kind of figure it out just by listening this lyrics. It is like poetry in motion infused with a hip-hop vibe.

“Breakfast Shoplift” is a pretty cool song, as well as a cool video that takes us inside the mind of Gajah. It’s nice seeing the imagery from his poetic rhymes coming to life with the outside-the-box visuals.

This is my first time listening to a track by Gajah, but I definitely plan on checking out his latest project, Missleaneous.

For more information on Gajah, visit his bio page over at Acid Lab Records. Also follow him on Twitter @Gajahmatik

I look forward to hearing more music from this “LA based rhyme slayer.”  :)

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