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Awesomesauce | Portlandia

So the other day I was perusing Netflix in search of something hilarious to watch. The comedy section didn’t really have anything that caught my eye, so then I decided to go check out the television series section. Simply put, I love television shows. I’m a TV junkie. No shame to my game. I love TV! It’s not like I just sit and watch drama filled reality shows (even though I do enjoy Love & Hip-Hop). There’s a lot of good stuff on television to watch, but I never really knew how awesome IFC was until yesterday. It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned I was missing out an amazing show, Portlandia.

I had seen a preview of the second season a few days ago while watching “Billy on the Street” on IFC (I’ll blog about that show too). Portlandia basically is a show that is based off the eccentric vibe of Portland, Oregon. It stars Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein, and the two of them portray a variety of characters in this sketch comedy show. Each episode follows Fred & Carrie, as well as the other characters of Portland they portray.

Portland has been one of the spots in the United States (including Miami, Seattle, & Texas) that I have yet to visit. Even though I haven’t gone to Portland yet, I did hear quite a bit about it while I was living in Denver. I constantly ran into people that loved Portland and it’s hippy/90s coffee vibe. Just as the show Portlandia shows, Portland is a place where the dream of the 90s is still alive. It’s like an ultimate flashback. A city filled with hipsters, skaters, feminists, coffee lovers, and artsy fartsy folks. There is even an adult hide-and-seek league!

It wasn’t until watching Portlandia and cracking up at the characters, that I realized how awesome Portland must be. I don’t think I’d ever want to live there, but of course a visit couldn’t hurt. I plan on traveling the country and world, so might as well visit all the major cities I can. But until I actually go experience that 90s flashback for myself, then I will chill out and enjoy IFC’s original show, Portlandia.

Oh, and the theme song is amazing! The song is called “Feel it All Around” and it’s by this group called Washed Out. If you don’t watch the show for any other reason, then at least watch it for the theme song. It’s so chill….

Watch more clips on http://www.hulu.com/portlandia & be sure to check out the second season when it airs on January 6, 2012.

From the 1st episode


Adult hide-and-seek league

Theme Song w/ a cool video created by someone

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