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Abstract Hip-Hop: Union – “Time Leak” ft. Talib Kweli & Sly Johnson

I usually would sit here and write paragraphs in regards to my opinion, but I will honestly say that Union’s “Time Leak” featuring Talib Kweli and Sly Johnson is simply abstract dopeness. That’s not even grammatically correct, but who cares! Union is made up of these two Parisian producers that have this eclectic fusion of analog beats, hip-hop vibes, and an electro sound that isn’t electro overkill.

The song “Time Leak” features some solid rhymes from Talib Kweli and the soulful voice of Sly Johnson on the hook. The video itself is literally a creative piece of art. The video is paying homage to films such as the Matrix and Alien, while drawing influence from other sci-fi futuristic film concepts. As the song is playing, Union is controlling the futuristic girl with the music. Ah! I can’t even explain the full essence and abstract quality of this song, so watch the video!

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