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Hip-Hop with a Punk Rock Swagg

I was cleaning my room earlier today and happened to turn to MTV Jams. They were playing Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz “6’7”. Not going to lie, the beat on that song is kind of ill and I was definitely shaking my groove thang! I guess the video came out a few days ago and it was interesting how it started off like the scene in Inception in which Leonardo get’s dropped into the bathtub. Would have been better if the video actually explored the concept and not just have random images, yet of course the video wouldn’t be complete without the video vixens…smh. I may not listen to Lil Wayne on the regular and it comes to no surprise I’m not a huge fan of mainstream, but I will listen to it once in awhile if I feel like getting hyped.

Before the song went off I ran downstairs to get something to drink and when I came back up stairs this video was playing.I didn’t know the name of the artist but I loved his rock edge and his hip-hop flow. They made for a unique combination.So I couldn’t help but fall in love with P.O.S. This former punk rock musician has a nice flow! It’s such a shame that I haven’t heard of his music till earlier today, but thanks to MTV jams having an indie artist showcase posI was able to see what P.O.S. is all about.

His punk rock past creates an impressive collection of hip-hop songs filled with honest material. His named apparently has different meanings, but while he was playing punk rock he became known as “Pissed Off Stef”, because his real name is Stefon Alexander. Like most acronyms, it holds various meanings and according to Stef it depends on the musical moment.

I’ve had the chance to check out a few of his songs and I’m loving what I’m hearing! Still mad at myself for discovering him so late in the game, but eh that’s how indie hip-hop is. Our society can become so mainstream that we miss out on the true gems and don’t get to fully experience them until later down the road.

P.O.S. is signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment, which is an independent record label from Minnesota, which is Stefon’s hometown. The artists signed to their label are legit! I thought I just found one amazing rapper today, but in the end ran across a collection of musical superiority.

Check out their website and some of their other artist. If your looking for that underground hip-hop sound infused with soul and a little punk rock edge….then P.O.S. and the other artist on Rhymesayers label are what you’ve been looking for.



Saw this video on MTV Jams earlier and loved it!! Great song!

©Jasmine McGee