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♥ | Experimental (Fusion, Improv, etc) Jazz, Chillout, & Lounge

I love the beauty of experimentation that music encompasses. There is an infinite amount of arrangement of sounds, and the arrangements aren’t always confined to a specific set of guidelines. Of course, certain genres of music have a basis which allows the music to fit within the defined genre, but then some musicians are experts are defying the guidelines of a genre and creating a unique fusion fueled by experimentation.

I’ve listened to quite a bit of experimental music in the past, but one of my favorite genres that allows for broad experimentation is jazz.

Not only is my nickname Jazz, but I truly am inspired by the intoxicating and often infecting sounds of jazz music driven by avant-garde patterns and surreal experimentation. I even like hints of acid jazz, but as of late I’ve been drowning myself in the sounds of experimental jazz and chillout music. Thanks to Pandora, I’ve been finding more than a handful of delicious tracks that capture organic experimentation.

It’s nice to ease my mind and reflect on abstract thoughts, especially when I’m aided by the sounds of experimental jazz & chillout. The rhythms compel me to reflect on distant memories and visions of surreal daydreams I desperately seek to become tangible realities. Not trying to go all deep and philosophical, but that’s the best way I can some up how some of the tracks below make me feel. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m quite in sync with my imagination and zest for complex surrealism, or perhaps I’m just in this abyss of creativity in search of a sense of peace while dealing with these frustrating allergies.

Whatever the case may be, one thing I know for sure is that the sounds of experimental jazz & chillout are my obsession (of course, house music will always be my number one obsession.)

The songs below are some of the tracks I heard while listening to my Pandora station I created based off the song “Ananda” by Animaya.

“Chance’s End” by Oblivion


Drum ‘n Jazz Rawhide Tailshake DnB Remix

“Outta Town” by Echophlekz

“Transatlantic” by Quantic

“Clean Living” by RJD2

“Nightmares On Wax” by You Wish

“Sunrise Light” by Panaphonic & Guanavana

“Signs( Bonobo Mix)” by Badmarsh & Siri

“Ike’s Mood” by Visioneers (more like experimental hip-hop, but still a groovy track!)

“A Special Morning” by Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band

“Moon” by Little People

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Sassy, Soulful, and the Imaginative work of Roisin Murphy

I love Roisin Murphy’s soulful and sassy voice! She was the lead singer of Moloko, until the group parted ways in 2006. Moloko’s music fits into the genres of house, trip-hop, nu jazz, and electronic dance music. Her style is quite vintage, so refer to her as the original essence of Lady Gaga. Whatever the case may be, her music is awesome! It takes you into a magical place, where happiness and being a silly kid is acceptable. I have an acquired taste for music that dares to be outside the box, and Roisin Murphy fits into that description. She is a quirky UK singer, that has a beautiful voice and her personality shines through in her videos.

One of my favorite remixed tracks is “The time is Now”, which she did when she was in the group Moloko. The original “Time is Now” is an awesome song, but the DJ Plankton remix has been on my favorite house tracks. My feet move non stop to this party track, it’s a good use of my house dancing skills. If I had to compile a list of my favorite house tracks, this would surely be on that list!

Other songs worth checking out: If We’re in Love, You Know Me Better, Sow into You, Never Enough, Forever More, and Sing it Back.

The Time is Now (DJ Plankton Mix)- Moloko

Β©Jasmine McGee