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New Zealand: Four Seasons in One Day

Attention to all my regular readers: This post and the next few posts in the few weeks regarding New Zealand are for my Intro to Physical Geography class. I know it seems random, but hey, that is what being an urban nomad is all about. Taking in lots of information and sharing it with the world. So enjoy!

New Zealand: Four Seasons in One Day

Jasmine McGee

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. You’ve got beaches, rainforests, mountains, and a varying climate. It’s located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Artic Circle, which explains why the weather in the North tends to be warmer than the South. Typically, NZ has a mild climate year round, with amounts of high rainfall, sunshine, and a hint of the occasional freezing temperatures in the inland Alps of the Southern region.

NZ receives a lot of sunshine, almost 2000 hours of sunshine a year. The varying climate is a cause of its latitude and longitude. The Northern part of the country is more of a subtropical climate due to its proximity towards the equator and the Southern region of the country is known for arctic blasts.

The relation between the climate of New Zealand and the equator is the reason why the winter days are usually longer and the nights are shorter. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking fun in the sun, a winter escape in the Southern region, and high rainfalls all in the same day. It’s the main reason why New Zealand is known for “four seasons in one day.”







Island Breeze

If a big fat genie came appeared and granted me one wish, I’d love to have an infinite vacation far away. I wouldn’t even question who or why the genie was in my presence, I’d just flow with it. It would be easy to wish that I been whisked away to some exotic location, but I’d rather wish for a lump sum of money. Then I’d use that money to by a bunch of clothes, a plane ticket, and I’d pack up my life and move to New Zealand.

New Zealand has always been one of the dream destinations I’d love to visit, then probably move to. My brother has been there and said it was so breathtakingly beautiful. I have never visited, but I remember falling in love with it when I was younger. This may sound silly, but I first fell in love with New Zealand by watching Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand.

Rocket Power used to be the show! Everyday after school I’d come home and watch it, always daydreaming about being more adventurous. My goal has always been to try at least some extreme sport or at least live somewhere where I can enjoy my weekends learning how to jet ski and wakeboarding. I haven’t done it yet, but hopefully next summer I will treat myself to a nice vacation. All this hard work with school will finally be done with and I will be free!

I know Rocket Power is just an animated interpretation of the beauty of New Zealand, but it looked pretty darn awesome! If that genie could grant my wish, I would surely put together everything I needed and jet set off to New Zealand. I’d love to have that island breeze gently touching my face. I’d relax all day and still be able to work as a writer, virtual offices are all the rage now days (I currently work in a virtual office.)

The beauty and culture of the Maori people is also something that attracts me to NZ. I know that a majority of the population is European, but there is still a strong vibrant presence of the Maori people. The Maori people are the indigenous population of New Zealand and they are well known for their unique tattoos. According to the Maori people, moko (the art of tattooing) originated in the underworld and over time became a symbol as unique as the person’s fingerprints.

The art of moko is painful, but the aftermath is beautiful. The tattoos show off the pride and heritage that the Maori people have. I don’t have any tattoos, but I love and respect the significance that tribal tattoos have. It’s more than just markings on their face, it’s a symbol of their heritage, history, and beauty. Men would get moko in order to appear more attractive to the females and the ladies get a moko underneath their chin.

It’s so riveting to learn about other cultures and their way of life. I’ve learned about the Maori people in a few of my history classes during my early days of college. They are truly a group of beautiful people that make bring forth that exotic atomosphere that encompasses New Zealand. I’d love to visit New Zealand and see some of their tribal dances and watch their football (soccer) games. That sounds like a blast!

NZ, a beautiful exotic destination. I want to just be carried off to New Zealand and dive into it’s beauty. Not only is NZ a beautiful spot where it’s hard to take a bad photo, but it also has the city elements as well. You can escape into the mountains and forests of NZ, but then you can go out on the town in Auckland or Wellington.

There are so many things about New Zealand that attract tourists and hopefully next summer, I will be one of those tourists enjoying the beauty of NZ. It is one of the first place I plan on visiting out of the country, so you will probably be hearing me talk about it a lot. But, I’m also taking this geography class this semester in order to graduate, so I have to do 3 blog posts about a destination; so you will be seeing more posts on New Zealand. It is my dream destination!

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