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LXTV: The Black Apartment

NBC might be a great network that has some hilarious hit shows, but there local media lineup is quite impressive as well. If you live in/or close by to a major city, then most likely you have a local NBC channel provided by your digital cable provider. Here in the DMV (DC.MD.VA) area, Comcast/Xfinity has a local NBC channel that comes on channel 208 (depending upon where you live.) The channel features various shows that showcase different areas in DC, as well as a lot of content from New York.

My favorite shows to watch are Nonstop Foodies:DC and Nonstop Scene:DC. Both shows are worth checking out if you live in the DMV area and want to find some great spots to check out in the area. They usually go to various spots in DC, Maryland (Silver Spring, Bethesda, etc,) and Northern Virgina. There are so many great restaurants and unique venues to hang out in the area, but Nonstop Foodies and Nonstop Scene, the DC edition, help you find out about the hottest places to visit.

Every major city has a Nonstop Foodies and a Nonstop Scene, such as Nonstop Foodies: LA and Nonstop Scene: New York. The programming content is usually focused on the area it is being broadcasted, but NBC also shows content from LXTV. If you haven’t heard of LXTV, then it’s worth checking out. It’s an upscale luxury video and media program that shows off the hottest in design, food, fashion, nightlife, and other activities that are popular in major cities. The network was originally a strictly local entertainment television and web series, but in 2008 NBC brought it and made it’s programming content available on different local NBC channels.

LXTV, Life/Style Television, has a great selection of shows that air on the NBC local channels. One of my favorite shows is Open House. The show is perfect for all those who love luxury housing and unique apartments that make bold statements. Each episode takes a look at some great abodes in major cities across the country and flaunts off unique design flairs. It’s a hint of HGTV, but with a more luxurious urban vibe.

Earlier today I watched an episode of LXTV’s Open House and they took a look at the famous Black Apartment. I’ve heard of it once before, but never had a chance to actually check it out. The apartment is located in Manhattan, New York and it’s owned by renowned international advertising guru Cindy Gallop. The stylish apartment is known for it’s all-black decor, designer shoe collection, and it’s dark yet enticing vibe. You’d think that a space with all black walls and floors would be depressing, but the Black Apartment is delightfully bold with pops of color.

I wouldn’t want to live in a Black Apartment, but this place does look pretty awesome. I’d personally want to live an apartment with exposed brick, red walls, and hardwood floors; but the famous Black Apartment is pretty chic. Watch the video below and check it out!

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