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Fresh Vibes | Starsmith – ‘Now I Feel Good’

Before I call it a night and get ready for what should hopefully be a wickedly awesome productive week, I want you to fall in love with these fresh vibes from Starsmith. 

The London-based EDM producer (mainly Dance music) has unveiled his new single “Now I Feel Good,” which is forthcoming on Ministry of Sound.

This new single is a beautiful electronic journey into a story of overcoming a first love and speeding into the right love. And it’s got a pop-vibe (the vocals), but the beat is perfect for a late-night cruise through the desolate city streets.

This track might not give you an eargasm, but it could get you close (or least warm you up):

Now I Feel Good

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Nu Disco | Medsound – ‘Strangers (Original mix)’

There is something so refreshing about venturing over to soundcloud.com and stumbling upon new music, originals, remixes, and sheer creativity from souls throughout the world.

Certainly, that sounded more poetic/dramatic than need be, but you get my point: Soundcloud is great. I’m always finding new music and interacting with some great folks who are passionate about what they do…

And in the midst of my usual browsing, I found some nu-disco bliss from Barcelona-based electronic music producer, Medsound. 

His latest original “Strangers” is sun-kissed disco infused with 80s synths. Does that make sense? It’s just feel-good music that is perfect for the ripples of summer.

Check it out:

Strangers (Original Mix)


Trap Master, RL Grime, Drops Insanely Fresh Visuals For “Core”

I never thought sub-bass trap could sound so intoxicatingly eargasmic…that is, until I heard/saw RL Grime’s fresh new video for “Core.”

The video has an 80s 8-bit vibe, which is perfect for the 808-styled track that truly takes RL Grime’s reputation as “trap master” to new heights.

Without a question of a doubt, he’s one of my favorite producers/DJs in the trap scene, and I’m totally obsessed with the innovative aura of this video.

See for yourself:



Indie Pop |Olympic Ayres – ‘Control (Pat Lok Remix)’

Yesterday I shared with you some indie vibes from Australia, and today I’ve got even more awesomeness from Aussie pop-duo, Olympic Ayres. 

Riddled with sun-kissed vibes, their single “Control” is a slice of pure bliss. It’s a solid track that creates that chillwave atmosphere…but things get even better with this infectious, tantalizing, summery remix by Pat Lok. 

What else can I add? This remix is a powerhouse of summer fun! :)

Control (Pat Lok Remix)

Control (Original)




Certified Awesome | Michael Gray – Missing You

If you don’t know how Michael Gray is, then shame on you! Okay, it’s not that serious, but it kind of is. You see, in my eyes, ever since discovering his music back in the day on Myspace, Michael Gray is truly notable dude in the Dance Music scene.

Not only is he half of the incredible production duo, Full Intention, but Michael Gray has also made some buzz on his own. And the biggest highlight/track of his career is perhaps one we all should know, “The Weekend.”

The Weekend

He’s put out some great releases such as “Borderline” and “Somewhere Beyond,” but I’m certainly giving my full support to his latest track: “Missing You.”

It’s got a newer sound, but still has an edgy electro house vibe that makes it an iconic Michael Gray track.

Missing You

Analog Is On (FULL ALBUM)

Originally it was exclusively released in Japan. But I remember hearing some of the tracks on Myspace, especially “Asteroid.”


Fresh Vibes | The Presets – ‘No Fun (RÜFÜS Remix)’

I’ve never been to Australia, but I sure am a huge fan of many indie bands and production duos from the “land down under.”

Being the fan that I am, I’m pretty stoked that Aussie indie-dance production duo RÜFÜS have put their remix vibe on The Presets track “No Fun.”

And if you didn’t know, The Presets are from Sydney Australia and they’ve made some buzz as a really cool electro duo. So yeah…except awesomeness with this remix. :)

‘No Fun (RÜFÜS Remix)’