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Netflix Instant | ‘Populaire’ Is A Delightful French Romantic-Comedy


If you loved The Artistthen you will enjoy Populaire. 

While the premise is of course different, Populaire has that same romantic vintage-modern vibe as The Artist. The film also happens to feature Bérénice Bejo (Peppy Miller from The Artist.) So if that isn’t a good enough reason to watch it (it should be,) then let me tell you more about this film and why it’s great!

Keystrokes To The Heart

Firstly, let me share with you how excited I was to watch this movie. It had been sitting in my Netflix Instant queue for 2 weeks, and last night, after cracking up watching SNL, I stayed up till 4am watching Populaire. Once you start this movie, you’re going to want to see how it ends.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, so I’ll keep this quite simple. The film follows a small town French girl, Rose Pamphyle (Déborah François) and her search to find her way as a modern girl in France. Continue reading Netflix Instant | ‘Populaire’ Is A Delightful French Romantic-Comedy

Ruby Sparks: A Smart, Quirky, & Oh-So Witty Love Story


As of late, I’ve spent an intensive amount of my free time watching martial arts and hardcore action movies on Netflix Instant. But today I did something different: I watched a love story. Perhaps to satisfy the girly-girl side, I felt compelled to watch something with a hint of romance, but I didn’t want to watch a cliche boy-meets-girl and falls in love story.

So, my first choice was Ruby Sparksa film I recorded on DVR.

If you loved Little Miss Sunshine and the awesomeness of 500 Days of Summer, then Ruby Sparks is an unconventional, truly impossible love story that pulls you in from the get-go.

Basically, Calvin is the genius novelist who has had great success as a writer, but he lives a very lonely life. His only companion his is dog Scottie. No real friends, except for his brother, but that friendship is more so out of obligation and not by choice. So, you’ve got this lonely novelist who lives in a beautiful home in the hills of Hollywood, and he’s not getting any action whatsoever, not even in his dreams.

But in his dreams, he does have fragments of conversation with a beautiful woman. And this woman, who doesn’t exist, becomes the inspiration for his new novel. Yet, as soon as he begins to write, the woman in the book named Ruby becomes reality: She exists. However, her existence is dependent upon whatever Calvin writes.

Calvin controls Ruby. He can change anything and everything about her, but as he enjoys their relationship he stops writing…which leaves room for Ruby to evolve and change. Causing her to realize that the relationship is unhealthy. Calvin has no world outside of Ruby, and that causes problems.

I won’t spoil the entire film for you, but I will say it’s such a smart and witty romantic comedy that I highly recommend. Watching it made me think of my last relationship with a man who was similar in character. He had no friends, no social life, was a brilliant genius, but had social and control issues….which is why our relationship only last for a month. I was smart enough to move on. And Ruby Sparks made me think about how I never ever want to date a boring asshole with no friends or spontaneity.

Anyways, enough of my complaining about that cold-hearted emotionless human being I dated. If you want a great movie to watch, then check out the 2012 film Ruby Sparks. It’s sooooo good! But 500 Days of Summer is still one of my favorite love stories.

15 Awesome Wonder Woman Illustrations

wonder-woman (1)

Everyone who knows me (personally and online) is aware that I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman. Out of the things I’m obssessed with (house music and coffee,) my love for Wonder Woman is something that I doubt will ever go away. I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. My mom showed me the series with Lynda Carter, the original comics, and always celebrated my height, so since then, considering I’m 6ft tall, I’ve always admired the Amazon.

Wonder Woman is the epitome of awesome. And yesterday I spent a few hours watching The Justice League animated series on Netflix and was just reminded how great she is. With that being in mind, I’d love to share with you some of my favorite Wonder Woman covers and illustrations. Interestingly enough, I have yet to draw my own depiction of her, but if I did it would be cool to make her brown skin. But I’m saving that “ethnic” touch for my cosplay as Wonder Woman. Stay tuned for that…

Enjoy the pictures! If you want to talk more about Wonder Woman, feel free to rant away or hit me up on Twitter @thinksoul25 or Facebook @ www.facebook.com/Jazei25

Bette Davis: Iconic Eyes & Magnificent Gowns

Jezebel (1938)Directed by William WylerShown: Bette Davis3633295963_aa35c8e6f3Just the other day I was having a conversation with my mom about our favorite Bette Davis films and while flipping through the channels, we stopped by our favorite, TCM, and they showed a preview of JezebelI had quickly forgotten which day it was supposed to air, but as I sat down this morning to write, I realized today was a Bette Davis marathon on TCM; I’m not going anywhere for hours.

Jezebel is one of my favorite Bette Davis films. I love it for many reasons (the acting, the plot, the set design,) but my favorite aspect of the film are the magnificent gowns that Bette Davis wore. She had several gowns that would cause any bride-to-be to have envy, and the picture at the top (and to the right) of this post happens to be my favorite gown from the film.

It’s such an elegant gown that exudes class and subtle sex appeal. The gown doesn’t need a plunging neckline or a massive amount of cleavage (which wasn’t a trend back then) to set the tone.

So how is the tone set in many of her classic films? The big eyes and gaze of Bette Davis could show sexual desire, sadness, happiness, fear, and a myriad of emotions in between. She didn’t need to try too hard or have thousands of lines (even though she did,) but all she had to do was gaze in one direction and you knew she was madly in love or hated the ground her suitor walked on. It could go either way.


You’ve probably, well hopefully, have heard the phrase “Bette Davis eyes.” Yes, it’s a classic song by Kim Carnes, but it also set the pace for the true meaning of acting with your eyes. Bette Davis had distinctive eyes that conveyed many emotions, and a lot of her films featured close-up scenes that allowed you to dive into her eyes and read her mind…

In most of her films she played the character you loved to hate or hated to love. Yet, once you begin one of her films, you have to watch the entire plot unfold and see what happens. And if anything, if you don’t watch it for the intricate story and her deep eyes, then watch it for the wonderful fashions.

I highly recommend if you have TCM that you enjoy the Bette Davis marathon today. And if you haven’t seen one of her films, then go browse YouTube or Netflix and get lost in Bette Davis’ eyes… :)

HBO’s ‘Girls’: It’s Like an Indie Version of Sex and the City


I may not have ever really watched every single episode of Sex and the City, but I sure did love both of the movies! Even though I’m this quirky, sometimes awkward, geeky female gamer & artist, I still love being fabulous. Trust me, if I had the money I surely would indulge in the finer things of life and go on eclectic shopping sprees, but as a college student and freelance writer, I’m living on a budget…super budget.

Sex and the City is one of those shows with glamorous lifestyles that I could probably relate to as I get farther in my career, but for now I’m surely able to relate better to HBO’s new series, Girls. It’s kind of like Sex and the City, except for girls in my generation who are trying to navigate being in their twenties and dealing with bills, sex, love, and finding some level of happiness in a world filled with constant drama.

I first heard about the show a few weeks ago when I was surfing the web. The only reason I wanted to watch the show was because a few months ago I had watched Tiny Furniture. It’s a great movie on Netflix about this girl who graduates from college, moves back home to New York, and is trying to figure out her life. The girl, Lena Dunham, who wrote and starred in the moving Tiny Furniture also wrote, directed, and stars in the show, Girls. So I knew that if I was totally in love with Tiny Furniture and the awkward journey of a girl trying to find herself, then I knew that I would love Girls.

And I was right. I love Girls! The show brings back the same British girl (she plays Jess in Girls) who acted in Tiny Furniture and it has some other appearances from actors that were featured in the movie. But the show Girls isn’t about the same characters from Tiny Furniture. It’s a riveting indie story line filled with awkward moments of these girls in New York City trying to navigate through life.

The main character, Hannah Horvah (Lena Dunham,) has just been financially cut off by her parents, she’s lost her non-paid internship, and she is trying to finish her novel. In the midst of the impending circumstances of figuring out how the hell she is going to survive in New York, she also has to deal with the issues of her friends, her awkward relationship with this guy she occasionally has sex with, and the reality that her dreams of becoming a published writer are going to be a tough road to navigate.  Doesn’t really sound like the glamorous life of Sex and the City.

Girls will probably be a show that a lot of young girls across the country can relate to. It’s not easy trying to make it in a big city. Even when you have a college degree, it can still be hard to just make it on your own.

I think I’m also able to relate to the show (even though obviously there isn’t a Black female cast member) since I’m a writer and I’m still trying to make it. I mean, yes, it would be nice to see some more diversity within the cast, but it’s okay, I’ll just watch Scandal for my dosage of a strong Black woman taking charge.

So for now, I look forward to seeing the characters journey as the series progresses. “Living the dream. One mistake at a time.”

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America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments

Even though I work out almost every single day, it doesn’t mean that I’m striving for “perfection.” I work out in order to maintain a healthy life style, to reach some personal goals, and because it’s so fun! I love getting all sweaty and feeling the adrenaline rush. If I lose weight in the process, then right on! But no body should feel pressure to strive for “perfection” in regards to standards of beauty within our society.

I’ve done a lot of essays, even speeches for school, on the unrealistic images portrayed in media. I’m a curvy woman and I’m all for woman loving their body. There is actually a site called Curve Appeal that has hundreds of real woman across the world submitting their pics and showing off their natural curves. Just your average women showing that they have curves and they don’t care about being a size 0. Check it out if you’d like @ http://curveappeal.tumblr.com/

Sites that showcase women and their real curves are a great contrast to the pro-ana sites that show off anorexic girls and gives tip on how to be anorexic. It’s sad that some many women feel pressure to reach standards in media that are often airbrushed, achieved by unhealthy tactics, or are simple just different body types. Not every woman is naturally thin, which is why I think it’s great to see filmmaker Daryl Roberts expose the reality of beauty in America.

His first film, America the Beautiful, was a documentary that followed Gerren Taylor (she was also on that horrible BET show Baldwin Hills) and her journey as a young model. Roberts used the documentary as a format to follower her career and America’s obsession with beauty. I originally watched the film On Demand and then watched it a second time on Netflix. It was interesting seeing how obsessed with beauty a lot of women and men are. Issues of beauty don’t just affect women, men deal with them as well. For more information that, read my article “Men & Body Image.”

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I think a woman that is naturally a size 4 is just as beautiful as a size 14 woman(hey, that’s my size!) You’ve got to love what you’re working with and flaunt it! Even if you’re working out and trying to lose weight (I will admit, I am working out to least tone up and burn some pounds) you’ve got to know that no matter what size you are, you are fabulous! Don’t stress yourself out and get caught up in the American obsession with being thin and beautiful.

I know it sounds like a message that is being told over and over again, but it’s important that everyone realize they are beautiful. Don’t hate on girls that have the toned bodies and don’t make fun of girls that aren’t so toned. The goal should be to be healthy. So if that means losing weight and changing your eating pattern, then do it for health reasons or personal goals. Not because you want to be a size 0 model. If that was the case, then all of us brown skin women would have to bleach our skin in order to look like all the White models we see dominating fashion. Um, I think I’ll pass on that!

Here is the first film, America the Beautiful. You can watch the entire hour-long film on Hulu or feel free to check it out on Netflix. Part 2, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments will be limited released in the next few weeks and then I think there will be a nationwide release. Check out the trailer below and visit the site for more information. http://americathebeautifuldoc.com/2/atb/the-thin-commandments/

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