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Dosage of Truth | Napoleon Da Legend ft Sean Price – ‘Wise Men’

End your night/start your day with a heavy dosage of truth from one of my favorite rappers, Napoleon Da Legend. You’ve heard me go on and on in the past about how epic his rhymes are, but yes, it’s the truth; NDL is a methodical wordsmith that needs to be heard!

His latest music video is raw, real, and some deep conscious lyricism. Simply titled, “Wise Men,” the cut is one of those songs that you should listen to and perhaps take note! Featuring Sean Price, this is a great collaboration that has a cool conceptual music video to match.

Watch the video below and be sure to show some mad love to Napoleon Da Legend.  :)

New Music x Video from Napoleon Da Legend


Y’all know that I love me some house music, but I’m into all types of music, especially if it’s good music. When it comes to hip-hop, I’m really into thought provoking revolutionary lyrics, and when I’m in revolutionary mindset, I’m vibin’ to the lyrics of Napoleon Da Legend (NDL). 

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted some music from my friend NDL, but today I’ve got quite a treat for everyone. New video from NDL x new music. He’s been mad busy on his grind in New York, but that’s a good thing! I expect that 2013 will be a huge year for him, so I’m excited to see what is next. :)

Watch the new video for “My Life” directed by Crazy Al Cayne. This video x song is reality rap!!

New music from NDL featuring Sean Price

Africa Is the Future | Napoleon Da Legend – ‘African in NY’

Attention dudes & dudettes, Napoleon Da Legend has released yet another new music video. Seriously, this dude is on fiyah!

One of the things I truly love about Napoleon Da Legend, is his constant grind. He never stops!  His prevailing efforts to make his music known our quite evident, and he’s making sure everyone gets a good dosage of what they should be look forward to on his upcoming first full-length solo album Symphonies of a Lost Soul.

Today, Napoleon Da Legend released yet another new video. This video is for a song called “African in NY,” a track upon which NDL shares his thoughts on his experience as an immigrant living in the U.S. Yeah, don’t be mistaken by his complexion or perhaps swag; Napoleon Da Legend is actually from Comoros, a country in East Africa. He actually grow up in one of the world’s poorest countries, and he’s got quite the experience worth sharing.

His background and desire to share the message of “Africa Is The Future” isn’t just some bandwagon attempt to appeal to audience using pathos (I notice rappers tend to rap about things for mass appeal, but often not reality based), but for Napoleon Da Legend, this song is based upon reality and his personal connection to Africa. Click here to read more one of my previous blog posts in which I discuss NDL, his experience, and why he chose the name “Napoleon Da Legend.”

Napoleon Da Legend hasn’t had an easy life, but he uses his music to spread his message. It’s refreshing to hear his experience, and I think fans will like the direction he takes with his song “African in NY.” It’s a little different from what he usually does (i.e. the singing,) but it works.

Watch the Cyril Mahe directed video below.

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Napoleon Da Legend Drops Visuals for ‘Jewelz Part 3’

DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend has finally dropped visuals for “Jewelz Part 3.”

It’s been a long awaited time since fans have heard the follow-up to “Jewelz” parts 1 and 2, so it’s nice that the rapper has debuted Edson Florez for EVG Studio directed video. The visuals are dope! This video surely takes a unique creative direction, while still allowing room for NDL to do his thing, shine.

Peep the visuals below for “Jewelz Part 3,” which will be featured on his forthcoming EP Symphonies of a Lost Soul. And be sure to show some love to NDL on Twitter @TeamNDL

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iLL Rhymes | Napoleon Da Legend – “Napoleonic Language” (Official Music Video)

At the rate Napoleon Da Legend has been blowing up on the music scene, I seriously wonder how much longer people will be referring to him as a DMV based rapper. Napoleon Da Legend is clearly international. And with the major moves he is making, he is bound to take the music industry by storm! And I don’t just mean any storm, I mean one that is truly of legendary proportions.

NDL is definetly a rapper that I have a lot of respect for, and I have the pleasure of knowing him personally. It’s nice to see his motivation isn’t driven by fame or fortune, but by a message to reach the people with heavy dosages of raw truth; he coined his signature style of rap, “Reality Rap.”

I’ve posted quite a few posts on him in the past, and one of the last posts I had written was about his hot new song called “Napoleonic Language.” Fresh off the success of his track with Raekwon, NDL immediately gave his fans yet another dosage of ill rhymes with “Napoleonic Language.”

After hearing his track “Napoleonic Language,” I was anxious to see what Crazy Al Cayne directed video they would unleash for this powerful track. And as usual, Crazy Al Cayne delivers yet again with a solid music video for NDL’s “Napoleonic Language. ” The collaboration effort between CAC & NDL has been quite impressive to watch over the past few months, so I’m anxious to see what else these two have in store. But one thing I know for sure, is that Napoleon Da Legend is truly a great rapper with a bright future ahead of him. :)

So ladies & gents, I present to you “Napoleonic Language.” Enjoy.

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Napoleon Da Legend – “Napoleonic Language”

DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend has been making major (possibly legendary) moves lately, especially following the success of his track “Oxygen” with Raekwon. You can expect to see a video for the song hopefully within the next few weeks, but for now lets divert some attention to NDL’s new track “Napoleonic Language.”

The track is a freshly pressed song that allows Napoleon Da Legend to engage in some methodical wordplay, resulting in a track that is composed of “Napoleonic Language.” He doesn’t speak ebonics, he speaks “napoleonics.” I could easily sit here and try to break down every single lyric in the track, but I think it’s best if you head over to his bandcamp & give the track a listen for yourself.

Click here to go listen to the track. If it’s any indication the direction his upcoming project Symphonies of a Lost Soul will take, then I’m loving what I’m hearing so far!

Follow him on Twitter @Napoleondaleg

If you still haven’t checked out “Oxygen” featuring Raekwon, then peep the track below.

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