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♥ | Melbourne Electro-Pop Band, Strange Talk, Release Visuals for New Single ‘Cast Away’

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce the return (seems they’ve been on musical hiatus) of Melbourne electro-pop band, Strange Talk. It’s been quite some time since I first heard their single “Climbing Walls” and fell in love with the colorful music video + awesome song, but I’m glad the band is working on a return with a forthcoming debut album.

It’s not like they have been missing in action, but the band has been mainly pumping out some really good remixes. I love the remixes, but I’ve been hungry for some original tracks from Strange Talk. However, the news of a debut album in the works surely does ease my mind.

The debut album is slated for release sometime in early 2013, but the electro-pop band has graced us with their new single “Cast Away.” The single is just a small taste of what to expect on Strange Talk’s debut album, and I must say I’m loving what I’m hearing thus far. I look forward to hearing more tracks in the future from this awesome Melbourne  electro-pop band; Strange Talk is back!

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Ramshackle Glory

Ramshackle Glory is a band for ANYBODY interested in the issues of poverty, drug addiction, police brutality, and/or radical politics. They’re a DIY punk band from Arizona that formed in early 2011. They have 2 great records ‘Live the Dream (2011)’ and ‘Who are your Friends Gonna Be? (2012)’ and are just ending a summer tour.

What makes this band so interesting to me is 2 things. They’re frontman Pat the bunny and the instruments in this band. They have the simple guitar, bass, and drum set up. But they also add keyboards, accordion, banjo, horns and violin. The instrumentation just works awesomely with Pat’s incredible lyrics.

Pat is known for his previous bands Wingnut Dishwashers Union and Johnny Hobo & the Freight trains. You can find all that music for free some where on the Internet. Just Google it or something because it’s worth checking out.

I had the chance to see them in July at the 2640 space in Baltimore. It was a fun show with good opening acts and a table of free CDs. But that’s beside the point, the first 2 albums released are incredible and can be streamed on their bandcamp page. If you like indie, folk, or punk you NEED to at least give this band a listen.


The Thirst Debut Visuals for ‘There She Goes’

English indie rock band, The Thirst, have released yet another set of visuals for a track of their critically acclaimed EP, Laugh With Sinners.

I’ve written about the Thirst in the past, and I’ve truly come to love their unique indie sound infused with a soulful vibe. There latest Jak Frsh directed video is for a mellow yet sultry indie song called “There She Goes.” It’s one of my favorite tracks off their EP, which you can downloaded from www.thethirst.co.uk as a limited free download.

Laugh With Sinners was a really good EP that made me fall in love with the sounds of The Thirst, but I must say I am also looking forward to the second part of their EP, Cry With Saints. The band has this intoxicating artsy vibe that is hard to resist, especially when you watch the avant-garde concept for their music video “There She Goes.”

They could have easily told a story, yet instead the video is shot in the stunning simplicity of black and white, while band members Mensah (vocals/guitar), Kwame Hart (bass), and Mark Lenihan (guitar) sit in an a desolate room and sing the beautiful lyrics to “There She Goes.”

Watch the official video below for The Thirst’s “There She Goes” and be sure to support their music. This English indie rock band is on their way to something great….I can feel it in my bones.

Check out their website: www.thethirst.co.uk
Like their page on Facebook.com/thethirst
Follow them @thethirst

Little Red: Sometimes You’ve Just Got to “Rock It”

My mind is often a conundrum. I can be sitting somewhere or working on an article, then all of a sudden a random song or memory from years ago will make it’s way to the forefront. 90% of the time the things that pop into my head have nothing to do with my current state of mind or emotional state. It’s just super random! I mean I know my personality is random and I often talk in riddles that always end up back to the main point, but I still can’t explain why certain things pop up in my noggin.

Last night is the perfect example of things just popping up. I had spent a few hours watching television with my family and celebrating Jamile’s 27th birthday. Things were very chill for most of the evening and the sound of  laughter was roaring throughout the house. I always have an awesome time hanging with the family. We ended the night by watching America’s Got Talent on DVR and then we retreated to our individual spaces. I told myself I wasn’t going to stay up late, so I shut off all the lights and closed my eyes. I was ready to get lost in a world of beautiful surreal dreams, but that wasn’t the case.

I woke up around 2:30am humming the melody for the song “Rock It.”  I woke up and was humming the lyrics “Rock it to the break of day/Don’t stop rocking now, no way/If everybody feels the same/This is why we play these games/Rock it to the early dawn/Soon those good times will be gone.” The song is by a rock band from Melbourne, Australia (home of LMFAO’s catchy shuffle dance.) The group is called Little Red and they are best known for their song “Rock It.”

The song has a palatial vibe and the video is a glamorous visual story of rocking it till the break of day. I hadn’t listened to this song in over six months, but it decided to randomly pop in my head at 2:30am. Now if that isn’t the power of a good, then I must not know good music (and that’s not the case.)

I’ve checked out some of the other songs by Little Red, but by far “Rock It” is a noteworthy song deserving a replay addiction. After you watch the video, you’ll probably want to go have a bonfire with your friends and dance in slow motion. Sometimes you’ve just got to rock, even if it’s at 2:30 in the morning, don’t stop rocking it. You never know when all those good times in life will be gone, so cherish every moment like it’s your last and live life as if you dancing at a party and rocking the night away.

Ihsan Bilal Drops New Music Video for “Big Band Theory”

If you happened to pick up the summer issue of D.C. based magazine Monarch, then you hopefully read my article on Ihsan Bilal. She is a gifted eclectic singer/songwriter based in D.C. and she has this awesome artistic swag.

Her debut album The Big Red Box is finally available for hungry music fans to feast on. Her hit song “Big Band Theory” sets the pace for the album and shows off her artsy personality and delightful vocals. For more information about Ihsan Bilal, check out my write up on here in Monarch’s Summer 2011 issue or on their website. http://monarchmagazine.com/magazine/summer2011/profiles/ihsan_bilal/  I wrote a few of the other bios on there as well, but I enjoyed writing about Ihsan the most. She’s awesome!

I love how she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she dares to be different. She isn’t trying to be another Beyonce or Keri Hilson, she has her own swag. Her music video for “Big Band Theory” dropped a few days ago and it is superb! I love how she actually used a real marching band in the video and shows off her fun and flirtatious side. You can still be sexy and artistic while bright colors and a flawless hairstyle.

She’s on fire in this video and shy folks can learn a thing or two from her. Don’t be afraid to get out there and let your personality shine! Ihsan isn’t afraid of anyone and she lets her music truly be outside the box. Whether you love it or hate, you’ve got to give her props for doing her thing. You go girl!!!

Peep the video and support D.C. based singer Ihsan Bilal. She’s so awesome!

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