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Garage House | Strick Biz ft. Dawn Tallman – ‘Life Is Beautiful (Scott Diaz Mix)’

Yesterday, I was just totally in the dumps. Okay not totally, but I definitely wasn’t a happy camper. I was irritated with drama going on, ultra moody (not even PMS,) fed up with a few people, and just not in the best of spirits.

But then everything changed…

Life Is Beautiful


So to get rid of all the negativity, I turned on some house and  worked out on my spin bike. While spinning my frustration away,  I became so overwhelmed with joy when I heard this beautiful track “Life Is Beautiful.”

The original track is by Strick Biz and features the vocals of Dawn Tallman, but the deep garage house mix by Scott Diaz truly brightened up my day.

While the beat makes you want to get up, dance, and shout some hallelujahs, the vocals are what truly resonate: “Life is beautiful.” Which is so true. Despite those moments of frustration I might feel, my life is beautiful. I’ve got a lot of good things going for me.

Llittle moments of nuisances can’t ruin my day, my week, or even my life, because you know what, my life is beautiful…and so is yours!

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Nu Disco | Destiny’s Child – ‘Bug A Boo (Borneland remix)’


When you think of Destiny’s Child, I’m pretty sure the sounds of nu-disco don’t immediately pop in your mind. Well, Borneland have figured out a snazzy way to remix “Bug A Boo” and put their nu-disco touch on it. And you know what…it works!

So what’s the story behind this remix? See what Borneland had to say about the mix:

Neither of us have tattoos nor hair on the chest, though we have been told that these are essentials to survive in our business. Luckily we have great friends with both tattoos and hair on the chest to give us advise when things are tough. One of these advisers once told us, that the first release often ends up completely different from the original idea, due to the fact that one has so many expectations… All these imaginations. 
Combined with perfectionism, one ends up spending too much time on details and the original idea disappears – this is a shame! To avoid this (unnecessary) “first-time-nervousness”, we chose to start out with something as silly (to us at least), but classic, as a different version of “Bug a Boo” by Destiny’s Child.
As a matter of fact, did you know that Beyoncé, LeToya, LaTavia and Kelly Rowland did exactly the same thing in the making of their single. Try listening to the original “Bug a Boo”- single and you will find clear references to Toto’s classic from 1978 “Child’s Anthem – Micki & Jonas via soundcloud

Within the past year and a half, I’ve really grown to love the mixes & remixes from Denmark-based production duo, Borneland.

I’ve posted their mixes in the past, so in case you’ve missed their latest nu-disco mix, “Milestone,” peep it out here. 


EDM | Britney Spears- ‘Perfume (DJ Aqueous McO Remix)’

Philly-based DJ/producer, DJ Aqueous, has put his EDM touch on Brittany Spears’ single, “Perfume.”

With hints of dubstep, the DJ Aqueous McO Remix is a nice change of pace from the original. 

Check it out: 

Get to Know DJ Aqueous



Indie Funk | SKOGSRÅ – ‘Now You See Me’

artworks-000066080545-txngd7-t500x500I started off the morning with some funky new vibes from Canadian-duo Chromeo featuring the vocals of Toro y Moi, but now I’ve got some indie funk from Sweden. That’s right, music from somewhere in Sweden. Continue reading


Certified Awesome | SecondCity – ‘I Wanna Feel’


Second City’s “I Wanna Feel” is a massively wiicked, hands down certified awesome tune!

For sure? For sure for sure.

I heard this track a few weeks back at Eighteenth Street Lounge, and I went crazy! I was housing it up, had a little circle going, and was just in the zone jacking my body (jack yo body!)

This track is also featured in Sam Divine’s Defected Radio takeover, so if she featured it, then you know it’s the truth. That girls knows her house!

Loosely classified as a “garage house” track, the piano and the heavy bass are what make this track so damn good! On top of that pulsating bass, you’ve got these sexy vocals saying ” I Wanna Feel.”

Yes baby, I wanna feel…house me all night long! ;)

Check out the official music video below.

Trust me, you’re going to want to dance…like RIGHT NOW!


Kenny Dope ft. Josh Milan – ‘Be Your Freak (Kenny Dope O’Gutta Mix)’

One of my favorite things about watching house dancing battles on YouTube is the excitement I get from hearing new music! Of course the dance moves are killer and make me want to get up and start housing, but I love the remixes that make your body move nonstop.

I’m not sure which battle my brother was watching, but last night we both went crazy for this killer track that sort of had that underground Masters At Work sound. And thanks to Shazam stepping up it’s game in identifying house tracks, we were able to learn the name of this deep, sexy, and infectious wiicked tune. Continue reading