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Indie Pop x Rock | Granell – ‘One Way//Uma Maneira’ (VIDEO)

GRANELL Foto alta sepiRemember awhile back I wrote about a Brazilian indie rock band named Granell? Well, if you don’t remember, check out the post here. 

Granell have captured the hearts of many Latin & American fans with their smooth vocals from leader singer Enio, accompanied by superb guitar riffs from his bandmates Josué Torres (Bass) Eder Ribeiro (Guitar).

There music has been featured throughout the globe, including coverage from MTV. If MTV mentions you, then you know you are a big deal!

Granell stands out in the Brazillian market due to their seamless blend of rock & pop that is soulful, organic, and just fun to jam out to!

A majority of there songs are in Português / Español, however they did an English-version of there song “Uma Maneira.”

I know this video came out awhile ago, but I totally got wrapped up and forgot to post it (sorry Enio). So despite the fact it’s not a “new” video, it’s still totally worth checking out.

Experience Banda Granell


Brazilian Indie Rock | Banda Granell

Music has the ability to transcend language barriers. You don’t have to understand a language to appreciate the organic talent and raw emotion that can drive the vocal chords and instrumentation.

The universal understanding of music and ultimate appreciation is what compelled me to fall in love with the sounds of Granell. I don’t speak Portuguese (the official language of Brazil) but I can still appreciate the musicianship of Granell.

Granell is a band (often referred to as Banda Granell) from Brazil. The band has a pure indie sound which can be attributed to the lead vocals & guitar work of Enio Torres, the drumming of Lucas Medina, and the bass guitar rifts by Josué Torres. Together, the members of Granell have made it their mission to have their music reach the masses, which includes their recent recognition by MTV UK.

Even though I’m a newbie to the sounds of Granell, it doesn’t mean they are new on the music scene. The trio has actually been hitting the road since 2003 and their band became popular in 2006 with their song “Pra você” (For you). That song alone was quite a huge success throughout the Brazilian market; a market heavily saturated with samba.

I recently had the pleasure of checking out Granell’s latest single, “Se decide”. Albeit in another language, it’s still such a great song that I can totally find myself grooving to. Luckily the video has subtitle for fans who may not be familiar with the language, but aside from the vocals, the overall musicianship of the song alone is more than enough to please the ears. Great song!

Banda Granell has the potential to continue reaching fans worldwide via the Internet and with their shows. I can honestly say that I’m definitely a new fan of Granell. I had always dreamed of visiting Brazil and exploring the culture, so it’s nice to actually run across indie rock music from Brazil that is driven by such sincerity and pure musicianship.

If you like what you hear, then be sure to visit Granell’s official website http://www.bandagranell.com.br/

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