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Flexible Guidelines and Not a Concrete List

Proverbs 18:22 says that ” He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” The scripture always keeps me hopeful on the adventures of love. I’m a Christian and I strongly believe in the Bible and the teachings within it. This principle can be applied to anyone, even if you don’t practice Christianity. A man knows when he finds the women he wants to be with, and it isn’t up to women to go crazy searching for Mr. Right. With that being said, I’m not suggesting as women we should sit complacently in the house hoping Mr. Right will knock on the door. Sounds like a Lifetime movie to me, except Mr. Right is the new neighbor from out-of-town who stalks you and you end up having a knife fight the last five minutes of the movie. Haha, I’m definitely not talking about that guy. You want to make sure you appear available (not slutty or desperate) but willing to mingle and you have to place yourself in environments around people( school, work, hobbies, gym,etc. )

 So once you put yourself out there and are hopeful that Mr. Right will find you, you also have to know what your definition of Mr. Right is for you( not what your girl friends think or your mother). Guidelines should be realistically flexible and not a concrete list that one man couldn’t fathom living up to. Tall, dark, and handsome may not be in one package. He may be handsome on the short side. That’s just hypothetical, for some people (like myself) height is a definite that a man must possess. In my defense, I am 5′ 11” and with heels 6’1” or 6’3”, so I don’t feel comfortable with a man shorter than myself. I like the height to balance itself out and I’m mainly attracted too and get hit on by men who are taller then me. I have dated a few shorter men, but they constantly complained about my  height and wished I was shorter. Waste of time to be with someone who can’t appreciate my height, so I just stick to the tall men who I encounter.

Physical looks such as facial features aren’t on my list of guidelines, because that would be picky and weird if I had a detailed list of what I want Mr. Right’s face to look like from the eyes to the lips. I’m not a plastic surgeon! Chemistry isn’t predetermined it is a magical spark that is either present or lacking. You never know who is going to cross your path, so don’t discount him because he has glasses or his lips are too small (even though I do like nice full lips like them C Breezy lips lol)…I’m just saying don’t try to formulate an image of what he will look like.

Life is random and dating is the most random circumstance. However, having some guidelines does help weed out the men that have the possibility of being right and the men who just don’t measure up. So what attributes make up your idea of Mr. Right? Or for those men out there possibility reading… your Mrs. Right. I know that my basic guidelines have helped me avoid unneccessary drama and headache, and continue on the path to knowing when Mr. Right has found me. As long as you have an idea of what your Mr. Right may possibility be like, then you’re a step closer to being found and satisfied with the finder.