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R&B Vibes | Perseus – ‘Shadow of the Beast’ [French Express]


It feels like forever since we’ve heard some new music from French Express’ smooth R&B/electronic producer Perseus. But in the midst of what seemed like a year long hiatus on soundcloud, Perseus has uploaded some new heat! Continue reading R&B Vibes | Perseus – ‘Shadow of the Beast’ [French Express]

Ultra Funky, Super Groovy | Moon Boots – ‘Love Strong’ [Free Download]


Take an out of this world journey to the groovy realms of space, where funky basslines and piano riffs are shooting stars. Okay, let me back up. Perhaps that was far-fetched, but I must say that Moon Boots brand new release “Love Strong” is sooooo0 funky and groovy!

Released on French Express and offered as a free download, “Love Strong” is a solid track that guarantees an experience; you don’t just listen to this song, your body becomes it!

Nu Disco | Crayon & Pyramid – ‘So Far So Gone’ EP [KITSUNÉ]

K181_cover-1024x1024French label,KITSUNÉ, has had a handful of great releases covering the genre of Nu Disco. In the past I’ve checked out a few of their artists and I’ve been digging what I’ve heard, but I must say I’m really impressed with Crayon & Pyramid’s label debut EP So Far Gone.

The EP is the perfect Nu Disco soundtrack to vibe to over a Blue Moon and some Converse sneakers. Weird combination, but that is the first thing that comes to mind. You’ve got to get your hipster on when listening to this EP.


French Express | Moon Boots Atmospheric New Single – ‘No One’


Take a journey into the atmosphere with Moon Boots’ new single, “No One.” 

Released on French Express, this new single is the perfect spacey house track for an afternoon chill pill with out of this world daydreaming. :)


My professor in Creative Writing give us this assignment. The guidelines were: 1) three found words from a nonfiction book 2) no abstractions whatsoever! 3) the name of a city 4) a bird 5) a very specific color

Of course I ignored the second rule and used abstractions, but I still got a good grade. :)

So here is what I selected: 1)Fetish, Liberation, Aristocrat 3) New York 4) Owl 5) Red

Here is the poem I ended up creating. 


I love the work of Edward Hopper. So timeless, truly captures the moments of life.

He sits high above,
Aristocrat steeped in pride.
Watching the moon rise

The night owl comes alive.
On the prowl, he seeks liberation.
Office politics become a haze…

Painting the New York skyline red,
Indulging in his weekend fetishes.
Monday, life begins and ends.

by Jasmine McGee

Moon Boots Gives Alison Valentine’s ‘Peanut Butter’ a Summery Disco Remix [Free Download]

In the mood for a summery disco track? Well then, check out Moon Boots’remix of New York-based singer Alison Valentine’s single “Peanut Butter.”

If you thought the original captured the vibe of summer, then surely you haven’t even heard Moon Boots nice disco touch.  Oh, and it’s a free download, so that is yet another delight; great song and it’s available for free, now thats the spirit of summer.

The Remix

The Original Song