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Funny or Die Mike Tyson, Wayne Brady, Jamile McGee, Behind the Scenes

Hey guys, be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage that my brother Jamile McGee filmed while working with Wayne Brady, Bobby Brown, and Mike Tyson on the Funny or Die "Every Little Step I Take" video.

From Jamile McGee’s blog http://jamz84.wordpress.com

A few months ago I had the oppurtunity of working with Mike Tyson, Wayne Brady, and Bobby Brown. Just those three names alone sound funny together already. Many of us known Bobby Brown can sing and dance, many of us know Wayne Brady can sing and dance, but who would ever think that Mike Tyson the heavyweight champion of the world could dance? Just the thought of that makes people laugh.

This all happened when I moved back to LA. Wayne called me on the phone and said “You, me, Bobby Brown, Mike Tyson…Every Little Step I take.” My initial response was “Huh?!” At the same time I was eager to hear the next words to come out of his mouth. He went into further detail about the concept of the video and that I would be choreographing the entire video.  READ THE REST AT HIS BLOG! ADD US ON FACEBOOK and BECOME A FAN OF JAMILE MCGEE ON FB!

He just relocated back to the DMV (DC.MD.VA) area and working on putting together some dance workshops. All those interested in learning to dance or gain more skills from a dancer who has danced around the world and worked with some of the greatest entertainers, then check you will want to stay updated.Stay tuned for more information regarding dance lessons, workshops,and show some love!

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Behind the Scenes Footage

Jamile McGee Performing at United States Air Force Band Guest Series

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