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My Guilty Pleasure(s)

Some mornings I wake up and wish I had superpowers. It would just be amazing to have super strength and fly around, but then go out into society and remain incognito. Nobody would ever know my true identity; unless a charming gentleman swept me off my feet and I invited him into my “real” world.

Of course having superpowers is entirely a fictional concept, but it doesn’t stop me from daydreaming. I don’t have an alter ego like Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) but there are certain aspects of my life that are really “hush hush.” For instance, one of the things a lot of people don’t know about me is the fact I collect coffee mugs and love Wonder Woman. I know a lot of females say she is their favorite super heroine, but for me it’s deeper than her just being a female idol.

Wonder Woman is the epitome of the powerful, beautiful, and bold tall woman. I love her because she represents for the Amazons out there. I know I’m only 6-feet tall and there are women a lot taller out there, but when I’m wearing heels I tower at 6’3”, sometimes 6’4.” I used to be weary about  my height as I was growing up, but Wonder Woman became sort of a fictional inspiration. Her values and attitude made me proud to be a tall Amazon; which is why I know collect Wonder Woman mugs and have been inspired to start expanding my coffee mug collection to include other retro mugs.

But my passion for Wonder Woman and collecting coffee mugs isn’t the only thing a lot of people don’t know about. One of my huge guilty pleasures is 80’s/90s love songs and the crooning voices of Rick Astley, Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, Michael Mcdonald, Michael Bolton, and George Michael. I love listening to those guys singing their love confessions; it’s totally awesome! Before I even got into Always Sunny in Philly I had been jamming to Rick Astley and cheesing at his duster. He always seems to be wearing some type of duster/trenchcoat and doing this geeky dance; I love it!

Rick Astley, George Michael, Michael Mcdonald, and Michael Bolton are some of the artists that I consider my “guilty pleasure.” I usually don’t like to admit I love their music, but I can’t help that it’s a guilty pleasure. You should have seen me yesterday, I was on fire! I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time and I cried. I’m the type of woman that doesn’t like to get all emotional and cry, but I began crying when Patrick Swayze (God rest his soul…) had to say goodbye to Baby and the song he wrote “She’s Like the Wind” was playing in the background. I got so emotional and began thinking about romance, falling in love, and one day finding a guy that can inspire me to commit and take a relationship serious.

Dirty Dancing is officially up there with my favorite love stories, including Ever After, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. I was always so ashamed of being a sucker for romance and getting emotional, but sometimes a woman can’t help but to cry. I just cry, then go annihilate people on Black Ops and Resistance; that’s how it has to be done. Get emotional, move on and do damage on something that doesn’t allow weakness. I’m not saying crying is necessarily a sign of weakness, but some some women just cry over everything and it annoys the hell out of me. When I cried yesterday while watching Dirty Dancing, that was the first I’ve cried in six months. I’m just not big on tearing up unless I’ve lost an eyelash.

But what can I say? My guilty pleasure for 80s love ballads and Dirty Dancing, along with other love stories, make me emotional at times. I rarely show my sensitive side because I’m usually on my grind and too busy dealing with life, but I do have a vulnerable woman inside that does believe in love at first sight and magical romance; it just isn’t my time to have that and I’m so okay with that. Being single is great! I do get lonely sometimes, but I’m just focused on being the best me I can be. I live each day being productive and getting closer to my dreams, but in the midst of my determination, I like to enjoy my guilty pleasures and sing along to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and “Whenever You Need Somebody.”I don’t need anybody right now, but one day I know I’ll need a good man in my life that can laugh and love my guilty pleasures.

Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up

Michael McDonald-Sweet Freedom

Michael Bolton- Soul Provider

Steve Winwood – Higher Love

Patrick Swayze Featuring Wendy Fraser – She’s Like The Wind

George Michael-Fastlove

I love this song!!!!!

SNL Digital Short Ft. Michael Bolton- “Jack Sparrow”

I occasionally watch SNL every week and my mom also records it on the dvr. While watching last nights episode of SNL on dvr today, I couldn’t help but crack up at the digital short. Lonely Island is known for their hilarious and upbeat songs, but their latest song featured Michael Bolton.  Lonely Island’s album comes out on Tuesday and it features all of their hit songs, including “I Just Had Sex” and “The Creep”.  I also just found out that their song from last night episode of SNL will be on the album as well. It’s a tribute to Jack Sparrow featuring the legendary Michael Bolton. Believe it or not, I’m have an interesting taste in music and love Michael Bolton, Michael McDonald, Phil Collins, and George Michael. I’m also a huge Kenny G fan, especially when he is playing sax and Michael Bolton sings.

Michael Bolton is one cool white dude! He used to be a looker back in the day and at the age of 58 he still looks good. Of course I wouldn’t date someone who is that old, but I’m just saying he is a pleasant-looking man. Most black men I know are often shocked when I say a man of another race is attractive, but what can I say? I love all flavors of men, so I don’t just limit myself to black men. But that is a post for another day….so seriously, check out his voice. It’s so sultry and reminds me of an 80s love story. His voice is what makes Lonely Island’s “Jack Sparrow” song so hilarious. The song actually isn’t that bad, I like it! Check it out and if you don’t know who Michael Bolton is…shame on you!

Kia Bennett: A New Note in Jazz


Jazz.The language of human sensation brought to life. Abstract, playful, electric, romantic, provocative, and the art form for the lovers, the broken, the strong, the weak, and those searching for euphoric escape.With every note, jazz has the power to embrace the soul. Nu jazz percussion infused with whimsical instruments and the beautiful atmospheric voice of Kia Bennett bring forth a new note in jazz.

Kia Bennett is a beautiful, classy, and down to earth talented singer and songwriter from Washington, D.C. Her music and soulful voice have been described as “cozy,electric, warm, and atmospheric.” As a native of Richmond Virginia and a musical commodity from Howard University, Kia Bennett’s voice has touched the souls of jazz lovers throughout the country and abroad.

She had her first taste of the entertainment industry when she sang with former Washington D.C. group “Entyme”. She was blessed to have the opportunity sing alongside other down to earth soul singers such as Geno Young, Sy Smith, and Yahzarah. Her voice and dedication to music have swiftly moved her up in the ranks of jazz and soul, yet she remains humble and grateful for the voice that God has given her. Through her music, Kia exemplifies the beauty of love and life. In regards to her musical mission, Kia says “I want you to feel high without the feeling of a superficial one . Through my music, I want to create and redefine an atmosphere of love and beauty in all forms and on all levels, embracing you as you embark upon a ‘New but classic feeling’.

With just one soulful note, Kia’s voice has the power to embrace your mind, body, and soul. Her music isn’t just for the elite jazz connoisseurs, nor is solemnly for those  facing the daily struggles of life. Her music is for everyone. No matter your race, religion, age, sexual orientation, or musical background, Kia Bennett’s music has something that every individualKiaBennett2 can take to heart. She reminds us that “My music is universal and for all seasons. You can make love to my music, clean the house, cook, entertain, drive, sleep, relax to my music, get motivated and even get lost in it and be vulnerable..!”

Her music relaxes the mind, eases the body, and embraces the soul with passionate and tender kisses. Kia Bennett’s talent is one that will become renown amongst other leading ladies in jazz and soul. She is known for her sensational and soothing background vocals for international artists D’Angelo, Ledisi, Michael Bolton, Julie Dexter, and Deborah Bond. But her work doesn’t stop there. Kia has had the pleasure of collaborating with house music producer and musician Osunlade, Spanish singer Carlos Mena,Tamara Wellons, Ave To, Shambahala, Ezel, SoulPersona, Twin Cities, and London drummer Nick Van Gelden (original Jamiroquai drummer).

As she continues to collaborate and write for other artists, Kia is becoming nationally recognized as a prominent artist in the jazz, soul, and r&b genres. Recently, as a member of Roy Ayers Music Production band (RAMP), Kia has been selected to participate in a documentary that explores Roy Ayers influence in the music industry. Kia will be featured in this documentary along side Erykah Badu, QuestLove, The Roots, Common, and many others as well, including her mentor John Manuel/RAMP. Kia Bennett is honored to be featured in this documentary, which is still in the works and she thanks God for her success.

In the midst of all her accomplishments, Kia Bennett is truly a beautiful leading lady in the jazz and soul scene. This beautiful and exquisite singer has a voice that will you send you into a dream state, a vibrant journey that will relax your mind and free your soul. Kia Bennett is the truly a new note in jazz…

Be sure to check out Kia Bennett’s music and Roy Ayers Music Production. Prepare your mind for a whimsical and romantic journey that will take you to a higher place.



©Jasmine McGee