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Best Performances from the 2011 American Music Awards

I may listen to a lot of music from around the world, but I would never miss the American Music Awards. Every year they have a wide variety of great performances, and I always tell myself “Wow, if only the BET Awards could actually have an unlimited budget.” Seriously, the staging, lighting, and digital effects at the American Music Awards are usually way better than most award shows. The performances last night were phenomenal; good music combined with amazing stage production is what brought a lot of the performances to life.

When the show first came on I sat there with my mom and mentioned all the performers we knew would have to perform that evening, and of course we were right when we both said LMFAO has to be there. You can’t have American Music Awards with LMFAO. They’ve done so much in the music scene and “Party Rock Anthem” will never die! So you know I was stoked that the awards show ended with their performance, and it was awesome seeing Hawk and Ryan Confidero up there killing it. Like I’ve said in the past, my brother Jamile McGee was on “So You Think You Can Dance?” so he knows a lot of dancers in the industry and has worked with many celebs. It still blows my mind that he used to chill and play videogames with Miguel! But I digress. It was just uber cool seeing LMFAO perform and it was fun shufflin’ around the living with my mom. Oh, even Justin Bieber got on stage and shuffled with LMFAO, so I definitely had to give Bieber props.

LMFAO ended the show, but throughout the night there were some great performances. I love David Guetta, so I wasn’t even hating on Nicki Minaj’s performance. It was even funny she almost fell a few times when accepting her awards. Her performance was okay, but it was way better than Jennifer Lopez’s horrible first performance. The only thing that saved J.Lo last night was an amazing performance with Will.I.am. They debuted a sick new song called “T.H.E.” and it featured Mick Jagger. The technology during that performance alone was enough to blow your mind, as well as Chris Brown’s high-tech digitally stunning performance. Of course Katy Perry, One Republic, Pit Bull, and the other artists had some good performance, but my top favorites were: LMFAO, Chris Brown, J.Lo & Will.i.am, Enrique Iglesias and David Guetta with Nicki Minaj (only because the beat was hot and he killed it.)

Click here to see the debut song from J.Lo and Will.i.am “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” http://popdash.com/news/7815/william-debuts-the-alongside-jennifer-lopez-at-american-music-awards

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Shufflebot vs. Green Man

LMFAO has been one of my favorite groups since they first stepped on the scene and their revival of the Melbourne shuffle is becoming a cult movement. A lot of people in America were unaware of what the Melbourne shuffle was, but thanks to LMFAO it’s becoming a mainstream phenomenon. It’s hard to resist the desire to shuffle everyday, you just can’t help it! Plus, it’s a great workout! My ringtone is the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and every time my Blackberry begins buzzing, my mom and I start shufflin’. It’s a great bonding moment!

Shufflin’ is so much fun and I wish I had a shufflebot. Every time I go to a club or somewhere that requires me to get pumped and act a fool, I’d have a shufflebot by my side. That costume is probably hot, so I wouldn’t want to be the one wearing it. You’ve got to admit though, wouldn’t it be cool to have a shufflebot? It would ensue so many laughs and it would turn a dull dance floor into a parade of dancing maniacs. That’s the stuff dreams are made of!

The shufflebot has become one of my favorite “mascot” characters, but I’d love to see the Green Man from Always Sunny in Philly challenge it to a dance battle. The Green Man always cracks me up. You can’t help but laugh and wonder why this man is dressed in a green man suit. What’s the purpose? I still haven’t quite figured out the purpose, because I think it’s main mission is to pump up the crowd and create laughs. If you see a Green Man at a football game or walking down the street, you’d probably go take pictures and do a little dance with him.

The two mascots are completely different but they belong together. The perfect party would consist of epic dance tunes, a shufflebot, and a designated Green Man. If more people had these random characters at their parties and night clubs, then I’d probably go out every single weekend. Life is too short to live it dull and afraid of off the wall humor. You’ve got to get out there and have a blast! I know the moment I turn 21, there is no looking back! I will probably be going to all the clubs I really like and also traveling the world checking out new hot destinations and music venues worldwide. I should make it my mission to promote the shufflebot and the Green Man suit. I won’t stop until every party has a shufflebot and a green man dancing in an epic battle of the decade. Sounds groovy, right?

P.S. I’m not high, I don’t even smoke! Haha.This post is completely random, but hey it’s what I do. I have conversations like this on a daily basis, my mind is an interesting place….

LMFAO – Champagne Showers ft. Natalia Kills

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3. Episode 2 “Freak Show” Excerpt: The Green Man!

Putting the Running Man on the Map: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

I love LMFAO! I’ve been listening to their music ever since they came on the dance music scene. These guys are known for their crazy hair and their bright clothing and super skinny jeans. Their hit song “Party Rock Anthem” does a great job of putting the Melbourne shuffle on the map. Essentially, the Melbourne shuffle is just a faster and pumped up version of the running man. I first heard about the Melbourne shuffle when my brother got back from being on tour with Wayne Brady. He went to the Ministry of Sound Australia; him and a few other dancers on tour began cracking up while all the people in the club began doing this version of the running man on drugs.I love hearing him tell the story and watching him shuffle around the house; it’s a fun and easy dance that anyone can do, but it’s hilarious seeing my brother who has danced all around the world and is trained in so many styles sit back and do the running man. Such a sight!

If you’ve ever been to a rave or a nightclub that plays dance/electronica music, then you’ve probably seen the Melbourne shuffle. I saw their performance of “Party Rock Anthem” on the Jay Leno show ending (I was waiting for Jimmy Fallon to start, Jay Leno ran late) and I noticed Ryan and Hawk. Ryan Confidero and Hawk are from the Quest Crew, the guys who won America’s Best Dance Crew season 3. But not only are they from that show, they happen to be really good friends with my brother Jamile McGee. Ryan and Jamz where on season one of “So You Think You Can Dance?” together, so I recognized Ryan immediately.

The performance on Jay Leno was so funny to watch and Ryan was shuffling so hard. The best part of that performance was then the Shuffle Bot came out and started dancing. I just watched the video for “Party Rock Anthem” and of course Ryan, Hawk, and other members of the Quest Crew are in the video wearing crazy bright colored outfits and doing the running man Melbourne Shuffle.

If your a fan of LMFAO and the running man/Melbourne shuffle, then check out this hilarious and fun video for the “Party Rock Anthem.” Sometimes you got to party hard and keep shufflin. Everyday I’m shufflin! LOL LMFAO rocks!!!!!


I really want a Shuffle Bot. I would party every single night if my crew had a Shuffle Bot. That’s so effin’ cool!

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