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Contra Shattered Soldier 2: An Awesome, Yet Oh-So Underrated Ps2 Favorite [Gameplay Video]

Even though I was born in Columbus, Ohio, I didn’t live there for a long time. Most of my life has consisted 250px-Contrass-frontof moving back and forth between Maryland and Colorado, but when I did live in Columbus I enjoyed visiting the 24/7/365 video rental store in German Village. Whenever my brother came home on the weekends, we would randomly go rent a game at 2am for less than $2.

The store was (it’s no longer in business) was the best place to go at any time of the day to try out new & old videogames on the PS2 and other systems. I remember so many late night strolls down to the store, and I even remember stopping by the store to pick up games before a blizzard hits. I fell in love with a lot of games when I was at that store, such as Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Dynasty Warriors, Escape From Monkey Island, and Ecco The Dolphin: Defended of the Future, but by far the game that impacted me the most was Contra: Shattered Soldier.

For years I’ve gone on epic rants about how amazing Contra: Shattered Soldier is, especially if you have the amazing opportunity to play co-op. Personally, I’ve played the game solo and co-op with my brother, and I found that it was much more fun playing co-op and taking on some of the most disgusting alien bosses I’ve ever seen.


If you’re faint of heart, then don’t even bother playing this game. Well, it’s not crazy gore or anything, but some of the alien bosses just look so disgusting and gross. I mean bug guts everywhere gross! But oddly, it is what makes this game so awesome and an instant Ps2 classic in my opinion.

But gross alien bosses and weird creatures with alien bodies but creepy gigantic human faces isn’t what makes this game awesome, it’s the progression of each stage in the two-dimensional gameplay style. In most first-person games you can spray bullets everywhere and now that sooner or later it’s going to hit, but in a 2D game where you shoot matters; hitting large targets and small targets in the midst of obstacles is something that makes Contra: Shattered Soldier an amazing game.

There where a lot of games that hit the PS2 that really caught my attention, but I’ll never forget paying $1 a day for Contra: Shattered Soldier and staying up late nights to beat it. And once my brother and I finally beat all those disgustingly awesome bosses, we headed to the video store between 3-4am and selected the next game we’d hope to conquer. Yet, Contra: Shattered Soldier would always be a game we would talk about for years to come. As I said before, it is an instant favorite that shouldn’t be slept on.

Here are some great videos that show how awesome the game is, as well as how disturbing and disgusting the bosses are. The turtle boss with the morphed-human-like butt face is the so gross! It even spits out acid, body parts, and bugs. LOL. But it’s a hell of a time shooting at it. Ah, good times…

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Friday Shout Outs to Everyone I’ve Met so Far in Cali (Awesome People!)

I’ve officially been living in Los Angeles for four weeks and I have officially been at my new job (I’m a Marketing Coordinator/Social Media Specialist for a marketing company) for two weeks. Within these past four weeks I have met some amazing people and had the chance to see new things. I have yet to explore Los Angeles much since I’m carless for now, but even the bits I have seen have been awesome.

From hanging out with Wayne Brady at the W Hotel to spending every Friday at the Federal Bar in Noho with some awesome new friends, I’ve just been having such a great time. I thought I was going to hate LA and that all the people were fake, but I’m meeting some cool people from here and the East Coast (New York and Maryland) that are genuine, down to earth, and just trying to make life happen. It’s awesome!

So I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone. Of course a big shout out to my brother Jamile McGee and a shout out to the girls I’m hanging out with tonight. Oh and a shout out to LeAnn Hodge, an amazing upcoming singer that was great from the first day I met her at my new job. We work in different departments, but I hope to get to know her more and hear more of her music. She’s keeping it ultra 90s y’all, so get with it!!!

That’s all for now. So thank you so much for everyone I’m meeting and my lovely co-workers. You guys rock!!!

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This is an assignment from my Scriptwriting class I took in sophomore year. I’ve never really had any close friends or friendships that have lasted a long time, and I surely haven’t had long-term relationships. So when it came to writing this assignment, the one person that came to my mind was a friend that really had a spirit for life. She died in a car accident while I was in Colorado and she was still in Maryland, but I always think of her and imagine what her life would have been like. She had so much pain and hurt, but she still had a joy for life. All she wanted was love…


Jasmine McGee

JASMINE, 19, tall height for a female, brown skin with caramel undertones, short curly hair, outgoing demeanor with a raw outlook on life.

When I first met her, I realized that for a big girl she held no limitations to her life. Yeah, it’s true we both dated the same guy. She had him first…I had him second. Truth of the matter is, I had him last. So many times in life when you walk pass a wall and see graffiti sprayed with three desperate letters “RIP” you realize that this will become a part of your reality one day.

Lustful weekends. Drunk phone calls. Exaggerated lies in the face of a concerned mother. These were threads woven into the fabric of our friendship. She didn’t let her natural h cup earthquakes stop her from expressing her love for sports or fashion. All of her clothes were customed made. Price didn’t matter, her dad was VIP of a top pharmaceutical company and their estate on Masters Run was 15 houses in one. She clocked in at 6 feet tall and used her height on the volleyball court and on the streets with men.

Our friendship began on Myspace. All it took was one message, one text, one phone call, and a lunch date at Panera Bread. Next thing you know, before I even know it…we became best friends. It dawned on me that we had more in common than dating the same guy and being 6 feet tall. She loved to laugh. Melissa had a roaring laughter that could shake California. Her favorite comedian…was herself. After a long day at the mall looking for “hot” black guys, I would laugh at her excuses for why the guy’s didn’t want her.

She would explain to me the reasons black guys didn’t want to date her was because she was “just a white girl”. Every guy she pushed up on, ending up trying to get with me…and walking away empty handed. My mom always told me to never break the number one girl’s rule. Don’t date your best friend’s ex, but also never date their crush. I couldn’t diss my friend. I couldn’t let her beat herself up for being downgraded to “just a white girl”. Melissa was more than that. The color of her skin didn’t stop the love she donated. Melissa was a bubbly ray of sunshine, with the voice of Taylor Swift. Grown men would cry when Melissa would sing her song. All she wanted was to be loved.

I never really believed in the fairytales of love, until I met Melissa. For 2 years I watched her go through ultimate pain, rejection, pregnancy scares, on her knees in random bathrooms with random black men, 2 rape cases that resulted in restraining orders, 2 abortions, and spending Friday nights alone eating ice cream filled with tears. I wanted to grab a spoon and join her in eating Ben and Jerrys. I wanted to watch cliché romantic comedies and plan each of our wedding days in our minds.On plenty of occasions I wanted to disappear from her life…but her mother’s words tugged at my heart. “Don’t let anything happen to my Melissa. She needs a good person like you in her life. Please stay her friend” Her mother would beg for me to hang out with Melissa. To somehow deflect the pain and to create new memories that normal teen girl’s should experience. Going to the prom and passing drivers ed.

It took her forever to pass drivers ed. She failed the test 3 times. It took her meeting a guy off myspace, falling in love, and getting married for her to finally pass the test.

Life is like a wind that keeps blowing. The wind blew me to Colorado. The wind blew me to new friends. The wind blew me on a Sunday afternoon a year later to Melissa’s Facebook page. The wind blew me to tears when I saw all the RIP posts that stormed and rained on her wall. A friendship that began on Myspace…ended with a RIP on Facebook. Now the wind blows me to tell her story. My story.

Weekend Drive | Sohight & Cheevy – ‘Travel Anthem’

Boy, oh boy! If you’re in search of that perfect anthem for a weekend drive or a cross country road trip, then I highly recommend you peep Sohight & Cheevy’s “Travel Anthem.”

I heard the track in a mix I was listening to across the country, and let me tell you, I totally couldn’t get enough of it! It made driving 11 hours a day seem like a total breeze. I love driving long-distance anyways, but the “Travel Anthem” really soothed those sour moments of road-trip agony. Ya know, those moments when you just want to teleport to your destination and take a nap. Yup, I had a few of those visions, but I stayed strong in my drive from Maryland to Colorado.

I don’t plan on taking another road-trip until I move to California in January, but you can sure believe that I will be getting my hands on Sohight & Cheevy’s “Travel Anthem.”  Not only is the original track good, but the remixes are pretty sweet; grab the remixes on the Travel Anthem EP being released next week on the 5th.

Next Time You’re in Nebraska, Stop By King Kong for Gyros, Phillies, and Huge Burgers!

Whew, it feels so good to finally lay down, put my headphones on, and blog away. You may have noticed a lack of posts the past few days, and the reason being is I’ve been driving across the country; long four day drive from Maryland to Denver, Colorado.

I wasn’t alone on my journey. My mom and dad drove the truck with all our furniture in it, and I followed behind them in the car. So basically every single day I drove about 8-10 hours, with only a few short stops for rest. Yeah, sounds exhausting…and it really was. In the midst of the trip, so much stuff happened, including the headlights going out on the car. Even when we replaced the bulbs at Walmart, they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So at night time, I had to hold the brights on (switch wouldn’t stay on by itself) for about 2-3 hours. I drove with one hand, and boy I was so over it!

This wasn’t my first time going across the country on a massive road trip. Most of my life has been spent driving/moving back and forth from Colorado to Maryland, with short stays in Virginia and my birthplace, Columbus, Ohio.

So it wasn’t my first cross-country roadtrip, but it was my first time eating at King Kong in Lincoln, Nebraska. You heard that correct, a restaurant named King Kong. Awesome, right? So here is the situation, basically right off of i-80 you’ll spot this huge gorilla in the air and below it is a sign that says it all. Yup, the sign lets you know that not only can you get gyros, but they have phillies, steaks, and burgers! And not just a small burger, nope, you get a KING KONG BURGER. Seriously, the burger is massive!

Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of the burger my dad ate, but I did take a picture of my gyro. And I must say, it was absolutely delish! The last good gyro I had was from this cool food truck in Manhattan, and since then I haven’t had a pretty good one. Hey, some of them food trucks can really throw down and the food taste better than restaurants. Sometimes, not all. Some food trucks suck!

Anyways, so was it worth driving through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illionois, Iowa, and Nebraska just to stop by King Kong for some delicious food? HELL YES! It’s so worth the drive. King Kong is awesome! And the decor of the restaurant has vintage King Kong posters, stuff apes hanging from the ceiling, and in front of the restaurant are mini King Kong statues. The entire restaurant is truly an experience!

So next time you’re in Nebraska, stop by King Kong for some good mood food!

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Panama Releases Visuals for New Single, ‘It’s Not Over’

It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m sitting here wishing I could just transport myself to a beautiful beach somewhere and enjoy the sun, but sadly I’m sitting here in Maryland and exhausted from a day filled with annoying rude people. But it’s all good, I’m moving in two weeks. Where you may ask? Can’t tell you, it’s a secret! :)

Not sure if I’m going out tonight, but I will say that I’m actually quite content listening to some pop music, blogging, and reading a Zadie White novel. But back to the soundtrack of the day, let’s talk about some good pop music. Ya know, the type of pop music that is uplifting and has an indie sound that you can’t help but smile & think of the good times.

A lot of music is in my pop shuffle, but right now I’m loving Sydney based band Panama’s new single “It’s Not Over.” 

The song is a beautiful pop delight that was released on Future Classic and it’s a nice follow up to Panama’s other single, “Magic.” It’s the type of song you listen to whenever you feel that you might have missed your moment in life to do something, and you need a nice little reminder that it’s not over you. Keep going forward, test the limits, and do what you want.