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Winter | Rainy Day at Great Falls, Potomac MD

Jasmine McGee-Ventura:

Weekend adventure at Great Falls in Potomac, MD. All photos shot with Canon Rebel T3i

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Even though it was a rainy day, decided to trek to Great Falls, MD to get some great shots of the Potomac River. It was quite an adventure!

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Photography | Winter in OC x Assateague Island

Happy holidays! Did you all have a wonderful holiday?

In great need of a #vacay, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas adventuring around Ocean City, Maryland with my boyfriend. I can’t believe we’ve been together for almost a year and we still have amazing adventures; it’s the simple things that make us happy.

On our vacation, I took the opportunity to rediscover my love of photography. I dusted off my Canon Rebel T3i (which hadn’t been used since summer) and took some awesome photographs of wild ponies at Assateague Island, my papi chulo (he’s Puerto Rican/Dominican), myself, and of course, the ocean. Oh, and my boyfriend has a great eye for photography too and he took some great shots of me. Thanks love!

Check out some of the photos:

Space-Disco | Flight Facilities – ‘Clair De Lune (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)’

Whew, feels like I have been gone forever!

Sorry for being totally MIA this past week and a half. I had to make the final trek to Denver, Colorado via Amtrak from DC to Chicago to Denver, and then, with the help of my mom, pack up all our furniture from storage and drive it back home to Maryland. So yeah, long crazy road trip!

But, with the help of house music, I was able to get through the road-madness. And now I’m back to provide you with all things electronic dance music, especially the joyful sounds of house.


So, right now, go ahead and check out this Prine Thomas Diskomiks space-disco remix of Flight Facilities infectious single “Clair De Lune” featuring the vocals of Christine Hoberg. 


House Music | Deep Sugar 10 Year Anniversary [Review]

Kenny Bobien
Photo taken using my S4 :)

I know the weekend is almost here, but I’m still on an adrenaline high from the events of last weekend!

On Saturday September 14th, all the house heads from DC, Maryland, and Virginia (the DMV) were getting down on the dancefloor at the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Deep Sugar @ The Paradox in Baltimore, Maryland. If you love house music, live in the DMV, and weren’t spotted at Deep Sugar last weekend, then you truly missed out on an incredible, perhaps stellar, night of house, dancing, singing, and the spirit of love that exudes from the Deep Sugar family.

Hosted by Wayne Davis (owner of the Paradox,) Lisa Moody, Ultra Nate, and the rest of the Deep Sugar crew, the event was a celebration of over a decade of keeping the underground house scene alive in Baltimore. Yes, Baltimore has a strong house music community. And I’m not talking about a bunch of young hipsters zoning out to Swedish House Mafia. No no, you won’t find that at Deep Sugar, and certainly you won’t hear any hardcore electro and techno posing as house music.

House Music Date

As a lover of the purity of house music (especially the classics,) I myself was extremely stoked upon hearing that house legends Kenny Bobien and Darryl D’Bonneau would be performing. Missing Deep Sugar wasn’t an option, even if I was to ride solo. Yet, in the spirit of happiness and friendliness that the house scene in DC and Baltimore offers, I met a charming guy at U Street Music Hall 2 weekends ago and talked him into accompanying me on a date to Deep Sugar. Hailing from Chicago, he is a lover of house, disco, electro, you name it, but had never experienced Deep Sugar. So, I took him under my wings and showed him the light that is Deep Sugar. :)

I’ve gone to a few house music events with guys I fancied in the past, but this was actually a date with someone who loved the music as much as I do. So, armed with that knowledge, I was excited to spend the night dancing to the love of house with a guy who celebrated the music, as well as enjoyed getting down on the dancefloor. He surely won some points. ;)

The Paradox 

Me and my buddies from DC
Me and my buddies from DC

I love going to U Street Music Hall in DC for Red Fridays, but Deep Sugar is my monthly fix of “underground” style house. The Paradox itself is a massive club that could easily survive in New York City nightlife. With a huge main dancefloor, a chamber with yet another dancefloor, and a large courtyard, this is a large nightclub that takes you on a journey.

At Deep Sugar’s 10 Year Anniversary, my date, my friends (few I ran into, as well as two I invited) and I had a great time going back and forth from room to room. I spent a good 2 hours in the chamber putting on a show for my friends and the DJ. You see, nobody else was in that room, so we had our own little party as the DJ spun some deep and vocal house, as well as a few classics. Fun times! :)

Bobien and D’Bonneau Lift Our Spirits


Lisa Moody, Ultra Nate, and Wayne Davis killed it on the decks in the main room! From afro house to gospel house to classic house, anything and everything in the name of house went down on the dancefloor. But the true highlight of the night was a stellar mini-concert from the insanely talented vocalists Kenny Bobien and Darryl D’Bonneau. 

If you didn’t come to Deep Sugar to see the usual crew (which are always on point,) then surely seeing Bobien and D’Bonneau would have been all the inspiration you need to get your butt to the Paradox. And let me tell you, man, seeing both of them perform live was incredible! It goes down in history as one of the best nights for me.

Seriously, my spirit was lifted beyond words!

When they say that “house music is a spiritual thang,” last Saturday was all that proof that I needed. You could feel the spirit in the room, as people raised their hands high, even shouted a few hallelujahs, as Kenny Bobien blessed the mic with his angelic vocals. In a performance that went on for roughly 18+ minutes, everyone in the room swayed and praised in the name of house, as Kenny blessed us with a voice that is truly God-given.

Man, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps! He’s so powerfully talented, and it just amazes me how house music can bring people together. As I stood there filming his performance, I myself grabbed hands with a random girl with crazy-cool face paint and we shouted a few hallelujahs. It was a cool bonding moment that only house can create. :)

You Need Deep Sugar In Your Life

I’m still living off the enigmatic high of last weekend. The Deep Sugar 10 Year Anniversary was an amazing night that reminds me why I love living in the DMV so much. Whether it’s DC or Baltimore, you’re bound to get your fix of house music fulfilled. And if you’re overdue for a night of house dancing, then Deep Sugar @ The Paradox is where you need to be. I’m telling you, Deep Sugar will change your life…it surely has changed mine. :)


The Art Of Finding…Whatever It Is Your Looking For…

Dc Rooftop viewNearly six months have passed since I graduated from University of Colorado, and my big move to Los Angeles in November often feels like a haze. It feels like a distant reminder of my old aspirations to live the Hollywood life, and the great disparities enticed by a struggle that my bachelors degree couldn’t rescue me from (at least not in Cali.)

With the memories of struggling, homelessness (hotel to hotel and nights in the car,) heartbreaks, and crushed dreams behind me, I’m now 22 years old working as an intern in Washington, DC and living in the capital of Maryland.

I’ve come along way, not just these past six months, but even the distant frustrations of Fall 2012 are now lingering fragments instead of op-ed essays.

Armed with sheer brilliance and determination, I’m now on this enigmatic journey of finding…something. What should I be looking for? What do I need to find? And the biggest question of all: Why do I need to be on the search for something?

My answer: Life is the fulfillment of achieving the answers/solution to our organic and artificial desires. To my understanding of the woman I’ve evolved into and have become to know, I realize that I’m not complete until I arrive to a realistic equilibrium that brings forth harmony in my life.

The actualities of success, happiness, and a sense of tranquility amongst one self, are not cookie-cutter experiences that each of us holds dear, oh so near, to our hearts. The journey of finding whatever it is your looking for, even if it’s yourself, is a collective journey of your timeline: experiences.

Our experiences become the ingredients for the cultivation of personality, values, distinction, relationships, and dreams.

My experiences, which range from tragic (stories for another time) to joyous life-changing moments, have brought me to where I stand today. My dream…hmmm…good question. Given my circumstances and my passions (which are still shifting,) I don’t have a concrete dream, but I do know it will marry my love of music and art. 

Perhaps an art gallery, a lounge, a cafe, or maybe even a record label just for house music. I don’t know yet, but I know as the years go by and as I rack up more experiential knowledge, I’ll be steps closer to the evolution of my dream. But for now, I’m on the majestic journey of finding happiness, comfort, love, health, and whatever else life has in store.

Life is calling me, I just have to answer the call…

Deep Sugar: Where House Music Lives In Baltimore

Normally, I blog about an event the day after, but I partied last weekend at Deep Sugar till 5 in the morning; slept most of the day and Monday was an exceptionally lazy day. By no means am I a slacker, but as a freelance writer/artist, I make my own schedule. So you know what that means? I can live it up on the weekends  (and weekdays if I want) with no regret, but I must say, there is nothing like a night/morning at Deep Sugar.

I hadn’t been to Deep Sugar in quite some time, considering I had moved to Los Angeles, and prior to my move, I was living all the way in Germantown (crazy far from Baltimore.) But I knew that since I had moved back to Maryland and had already had my night of dancing at U Street Music Hall’s Red Fridays, I would have to venture to downtown Baltimore and get in my monthly fix of Deep Sugar. And boy, did I ever!

Bringing my mom with me for the first time (we had never been out dancing together, it was a new experience) we made the 15 minute drive to the Paradox. My mom, being cautious of finding parking, decided we should get there right at 11pm. And…we did. Normally I don’t go early unless I have to, but it was nice seeing Lisa Moody already getting warmed up. Shortly after some great funky tracks, the room began to slowly fill as people from all different backgrounds, ages, sizes, and even fashion choices made their way onto the dance floor.

Let me tell you, Deep Sugar is truly an experience! You can try to be a wallflower and bop your head to the music, but trust me, you’re gonna wanna dance. Sweat, sweat, sweat! I can’t even tell you how soaked my shirt was. It was so wet, I had to take it off and wear my tank while jumping up and down, smiling, and getting lost in the infectious house.

From classics to tribal to soulful to deep to tech to gospel, Lisa and Nate played all types of house!

If you’re looking for some pure house and you happen to be in the vicinity of the DMV (DC.MD.VA,) then you need to check out Deep Sugar. Held at Baltimore’s legendary nightclub The Paradox on the second Saturdays of every month, Deep Sugar is a fabulous event hosted by the Deep Sugar Family. It’s a big family, but the lovely Girl Squad Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody hold it down in the main room.

Not only did I have such an amazing time (as usual,) but I met some cool people (lots of dancers) and passionate house junkies. Everyone comes with a vibe that is just all about the music. Every now and then you might sense an attitude, but once a certain track comes on, someone’s frown is turn upside down into a joyous smile. It’s hard to be upset when you get lost in the spirit of house. My mom and I even shed a few tears while dancing and getting lost in the spirit of some of our favorite gospel house tracks.

59714_10151600163843923_933352564_nHey, they say house is a spirit thing, a body thing, a soul thing, and I know from years of falling in love with this music and experiencing it, that house truly is like no other genre!

So, with all that being said (sorry for the lengthiness,) I must say that if you want to experience house music on the East Coast and don’t want to make a trek to New York, then check out Deep Sugar @ The Paradox. From 11pm to 6am the morning, come early and till dawn (like I did,) or come whenever you want and still dance till dawn. Haha, you can’t resist the enigmatic atmosphere of the dancefloor chanting your name. :)

Hope to see you next month at Deep Sugar. Save the date: Saturday, May 11th, 2013 with OSUNLADE. Yes, Osunlade. I can’t wait!