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NYC, My Artistic Soul Craves You

My weekends typically consist of listening to some great house in DC, but this past weekend I decided to to do something a little different. Of course house was still involved (great road-trip music,) but instead of going out dancing, my best friend and I took a trip up to New York.

I hadn’t been to New York since 2007 (my last visit before I left the DMV and moved to Denver, Colorado.) Prior to my 2007 visit to my aunt’s house in Mt. Vernon, I had been to New York a few other times, including a three day trip when I was in 8th grade. Those three days staying in a hotel in the city, sightseeing, and seeing Beauty and the Beast on were Broadway ended up being a great experience, but this time in NYC I experienced the city with a new perspective; a mature view fueled by a desire to create and embrace an eccentric expression of self.

After attempting to score a job or some gigs in DC doing the typical “bureaucratic” work, I realized that at the end of the day I am more keen to being a bohemian urban hipster that works in a creative environment. What does that mean? Well, it essentially means I’ve made some plans (which I will unveil in the coming months) to pursue a career that allows my creativity to flourish.

My recent decision is one of the reasons why I wanted to visit New York and soak up the creativity. Every time I visit New York I always come away with vibrant inspiration. Of course in Mt. Vernon their isn’t much of an avant-garde vibe, but that is easily solved by hoping on the Pelham train and heading down to Grand Central Station. The moment you switch over to the subway, you’re hit by masses of people with so many unique characteristics: hipsters, skinny models, chiseled men with Adonis-like sculpted bodies, eccentric folks with piercings + crazy hair, flamboyant fashionistas, and so many other peoples that can’t even fit into one category.

People are always in their own zone in New York, which can of course be an indication of the “rudeness” you experience. Yes, some people can be very rude (especially the uber high-maintenance women,) but while visiting NYC this time I actually didn’t encounter too much absurbd rudeness. I mean yes, people rarely say excuse me (especially in the crowded comic book store + walking down Fifth ave,) but the lack of social-barrier-breaching is expected.

Even though it’s overpopulated, I don’t hate NYC. I just hate how expensive it is to live there. I had such envy as we walked through the Village and saw so many people just chilling on the stoop of their brownstone. We even saw a fashion shoot taking place, which is actually one of the reasons why we came to NYC. Not for a fashion shoot, but so my bestie could get inspired to do more street photography and fashion photography.

NYC is a city of inspiration. Even if you don’t go shopping or clubbing, you can solemnly be inspired by the city + people.

I could go on and on about my trip, but I’d basically just be explaining to everyone what you already know; New York City is one of the best cities in the world. Yet, it doesn’t mean I want to live there after graduating. I have a few more places to go and education to soak up before I could move to NYC and deal with the stress of paying rent and riding the crazy crowded subway every single day.

However, after seeing so much creativity and unique fashion (especially in the Uniqlo store,) I walked away with two new truths.

1. ) Time to go ahead and embrace my artistic personality and express it even more so with my fashion. Whether it’s bohemian digs or vintage chic mixed with a urban pop art vibe, I just need to go on a little style exploration.

2.) After seeing so many artistic men of all different races, I realize that perhaps the reason my dating life (I do date a lot) has been filled with me getting bored (happens a lot, some guys just truly bore me) with guys can be attributed to the type of guy I’m choosing. I need to go back to dating artistic souls: musicians, writers, artists, photographers, designers, etc. Men that can relate to my artistic struggles and appreciate my eccentric arty mind. Nerds are cool, but creative men seem to truly inspire me (and turn me on.) ;)

So there you have it folks, that is just a little bit (believe it or not, I could write more) of my weekend in NYC and the inspiration I derived from it. I plan on visiting soon, but I won’t be moving there anytime soon. I’ve got some things do accomplish first before I could consider picking up my life and moving to NYC.

HBO’s ‘Girls’: It’s Like an Indie Version of Sex and the City


I may not have ever really watched every single episode of Sex and the City, but I sure did love both of the movies! Even though I’m this quirky, sometimes awkward, geeky female gamer & artist, I still love being fabulous. Trust me, if I had the money I surely would indulge in the finer things of life and go on eclectic shopping sprees, but as a college student and freelance writer, I’m living on a budget…super budget.

Sex and the City is one of those shows with glamorous lifestyles that I could probably relate to as I get farther in my career, but for now I’m surely able to relate better to HBO’s new series, Girls. It’s kind of like Sex and the City, except for girls in my generation who are trying to navigate being in their twenties and dealing with bills, sex, love, and finding some level of happiness in a world filled with constant drama.

I first heard about the show a few weeks ago when I was surfing the web. The only reason I wanted to watch the show was because a few months ago I had watched Tiny Furniture. It’s a great movie on Netflix about this girl who graduates from college, moves back home to New York, and is trying to figure out her life. The girl, Lena Dunham, who wrote and starred in the moving Tiny Furniture also wrote, directed, and stars in the show, Girls. So I knew that if I was totally in love with Tiny Furniture and the awkward journey of a girl trying to find herself, then I knew that I would love Girls.

And I was right. I love Girls! The show brings back the same British girl (she plays Jess in Girls) who acted in Tiny Furniture and it has some other appearances from actors that were featured in the movie. But the show Girls isn’t about the same characters from Tiny Furniture. It’s a riveting indie story line filled with awkward moments of these girls in New York City trying to navigate through life.

The main character, Hannah Horvah (Lena Dunham,) has just been financially cut off by her parents, she’s lost her non-paid internship, and she is trying to finish her novel. In the midst of the impending circumstances of figuring out how the hell she is going to survive in New York, she also has to deal with the issues of her friends, her awkward relationship with this guy she occasionally has sex with, and the reality that her dreams of becoming a published writer are going to be a tough road to navigate.  Doesn’t really sound like the glamorous life of Sex and the City.

Girls will probably be a show that a lot of young girls across the country can relate to. It’s not easy trying to make it in a big city. Even when you have a college degree, it can still be hard to just make it on your own.

I think I’m also able to relate to the show (even though obviously there isn’t a Black female cast member) since I’m a writer and I’m still trying to make it. I mean, yes, it would be nice to see some more diversity within the cast, but it’s okay, I’ll just watch Scandal for my dosage of a strong Black woman taking charge.

So for now, I look forward to seeing the characters journey as the series progresses. “Living the dream. One mistake at a time.”

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