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Inconsistent Persuasion

I didn’t get a chance to blog the other day due to a lot of things that were taking place, but now I have the time today to share some of my thoughts. This week so far has been pretty good. I been spinning on my spin bike like a maniac, and I’m just anxious for the semester to start. I can’t believe I’m so close to actually graduating college; a mind blowing feeling of accomplishment tends to overwhelm me.

Nearing graduation is an awesome feeling, and it inspires me to think about what I want to happen in the next few months. I turn 21 in AprilΒ  & that signals a lot of new things for me, especially more social outlets. My brother is always asking me to go out to house clubs & cool lounges, but I’m never old enough. But least when I turn 21 I can go out more with him, as well as have the chance of interacting with some better men.

2012 is going to be a year where I actually ignore the lames & get rid of unreliable bastards men. My major pet peeve is men that are extremely unreliable and inconsistently persuasive. When I say “inconsistently persuasive,” I’m referring to men that don’t really follow through when it comes to getting to know you, but then they pop up weeks later with all these “charming” words that are supposed to allure you back into their self-centered orbit. All the “charming” things they say are apparently supposed to evoke an “awwww” from me, and have me forget the fact they’ve stood me up, often didn’t return my text or phone calls, and preached about going back to their ex, but then come back saying they want to give me a shot. WTF?

I absolutely loathe when men try to play games like that, it seriously pisses me off. I’m not just some loading zone that you can chill in for a little bit when your visiting, then you leave for days or weeks, but then come back later and try to set up shop for a few days. I know dating is all about having a variety of options (which I always do, never limit yourself to one man when single,) but I can’t stand it when guys seem really nice & interested, but then so damn inconsistent.

This inconsistency can probably be attributed to that “three-day-rule,” but man eff that nonsense. I know you don’t want to seem too eager, but I’m the type of woman that if you already barely have a busy life & some shitty job, then there is no need for you to not take the time to at least text me back. Then 5 days later, which is way over that 3 day time-frame, you text back like “hey baby.” WTF? Now all of a sudden you want to play this charm card. Ugh, I can’t stand that!

My thought on it is basically the following. I understand that dating is fun & it’s just about getting to know people, but don’t say a bunch of shit how you seriously want to get to know me and then not even have the common decency to be consistent with the process of interaction. Don’t just up & disappear for weeks to months, then text me or call me like everything is okay and you missed me & can’t wait to go another date. Nah, that doesn’t fly with me. Especially when I’ve actually take the time to be nice, then end up getting stood up or you pull that same inconsistent card & don’t bother to even call to let me know you can’t make our date. Instead you just don’t hit me up, then we go through the cycle again & a few weeks later you come back into my life like I owe you the time of day.

2012 is a new year, and new dating rules. No more second chances for guys jerks that try to play me with inconsistent persuasion. I’m going to keep dating around and just continuing not to take guys seriously, because apparently when you think someone is actually going to take the effort to be consistent, they are just coming in & out of your life like they have the right to play with your emotions. Well I’m not doing that this year. Like for instance, today I woke up two a few text messages from some guys I was talking to & one I had gone on a date with, but he is always inconsistent & comes back weeks at a time preaching how much he needs me in his life. Oh hush up! I deleted all their numbers, and I’m moving on with my life. Here’s new rule. If I hit you up with a text or a phone call, and it takes you longer than 3 days to hit me up, then you’re basically not a factor to me. “Delete, delete, delete.”

My time is too precious to be wasting it with inconsistent immature men that act is if they can actually charm their way back into my life. Wake up & smell the coffee, I’m putting some new rules in place in 2012. So get with the program, or get lost. Once you’ve lost my interest & my genuine communication, then it’s dead. This ain’t zombies, you can’t come back to life after this connection dies. It’s a wrap.

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