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Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon Gives Props to Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend has been doing quite a lot lately, and his grind has finally deserved some recognition. NDL has being steadily rising in the hip-hop scene as a newcomer, but with the latest acclaim from Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, it will be a matter of time for Napoleon Da Legend makes it big in the industry.

The folks over SOHH.com did an exclusive interview with Raekwon. During the interview Raekwon gave his thoughts working on Napoleon Da Legend’s latest single “Oxygen.” The rest of the single will be released later this week, but be sure to head over to SOHH.com to read more.

Big props to Napoleon Da Legend. It’s nice to see him doing his thing and making it big  in the music scene. For him to get props from someone of Raekwon’s caliber in the hip-hop industry speaks on many levels. Congrats NDL!

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I’m Not a Digital Artist

You ever have those moments in life, where you step outside of yourself and say “What the hell was I thinking?” Well last night was one of the moments for me. Of course it’s impossible to step outside of yourself(or is it), but I did have one of those moments where I felt as though my soul jumped out of my body and looked it me, then shook it’s head and walked off. Blame it on my vivid imagination, but seriously, it was one of those moments where I needed to be slapped.

I had the grandiose idea to try my hand at a 30 day free-trial of Adobe Creative Suite. I figured it would be a piece of cake, so I proceeded to download it. In my mind, I thought it would be pretty simple to work. I had taken some graphic design lessons before, and taken into account my natural artistic ability, I assumed I could do a few tutorials and be on my way to eventually being a pro. Well, I was wrong…oh so wrong!

I found some basic tutorials for beginners and couldn’t get anything to turn out the way it was supposed to. I spent about two hours trying to do one simple task. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it together. I got so upset, I just got up and walked away. A lot of things come pretty easy for me in life, such as painting, drawing, acting, academics, writing, and even flirting and attracting me; but digital art is the one thing I can honestly say I don’t have a knack for.

I know that I’m good at a lot of things, but I’m also able to admit that there are things I’m horrible at. So, I’m willing to admit that I suck at using Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve tried before in the past to use it and I just couldn’t get it together. But, I also think it’s due to the fact that I just don’t have a desire internally to become really good at using it. I may be tech savvy in a lot of other areas such as WordPress and even creating simple flyers using MS Word, but being a digital artist is not my area of expertise.

Everyone has their different strengths and weaknesses, which is what makes our society such a beautiful place. One person may be amazing at graphic design, whereas another person might be a great fine artist. Instead of stressing over not being naturally talented at digital design, I decided to just admit defeat and pat myself on the back for my other natural talent. I’m a traditional artist. I’d rather grab the paint, the pencils, the canvas, and let my hand guide the creative direction. I don’t like when I’m not in control on artistic level, which is why using Adobe freaks me out! I literally felt like the world was going to fall apart, but luckily my mom gave me some great advice to calm me down.

It’s okay to admit that I’m not good at graphic design, but I make up for it with my writing and my artwork. Instead of beating myself up over my failed attempt at using Adobe Photoshop, I grabbed my pencils and begin drawing. If I’m not writing, then I’m probably in my room drawing or painting. I have to go to my strength in life. That saves a lot of time and avoids the unnecessary hassle. Of course there are things that people aren’t good at and they should conquer them if they want to, but being a digital artist isn’t my passion. I’d rather be traditional in my approach and keep doing art as a hobby on the side. It keeps me sane, the same way writing on a daily basis keeps me sane.

Yesterday’s confusion and frustration truly reminded me that I’m a writer and a traditional artist. I have a lot of things I’m good at, and a lot of things I’m not good at. But the things I’m good at should be the things I focus on. So there is no point in stressing out over Adobe Photoshop. Instead, I’m going to keep being the best writer I can be for myself and a great artist in my spare time. Digital art is not for me and that’s okay. I love getting all messy and covered with paint and pencil shavings, it’s the messiness that makes creating so much fun!

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The Writer…

I told myself I was going to hit the bed early and attempt to rise at an appropriate time, yet I find myself laying here torn between the pen and the keyboard. I’ve had this lingering desire all day to write down my thoughts and analyze these intricate revelations. I could have easily grabbed my lovely journal, but I’d rather write down my thoughts in a blog format.

When I write I feel absolute. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing a proposal, an article on some rapper I could care less about, a editorial on my blog, or an academic essay; I enjoy the the writing process. Ever since I was young I always had this intrinsic passion for the art of words. I may have had issues when it came to determining the grammatical structure of a sentence, but I would ignore the serious grammar issues and let the words possess me.

I didn’t want to sit around and study the defining qualities of conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs, and such. I just wanted to write. I was the kid in the classroom that got excited when a teacher would assign the class a written assignment longer than 2 pages. Any subject you can name, I’d write a paper on it in a heartbeat. I will write about anything, as long as I’m able to construct a well written piece and have it reach an audience. Even if that audience is a professor, at least someone will be reading it and will provide adequate feedback. Most of the papers I’ve written in school have received an A or A+ grade. There have been only at the most 8 papers throughout my entire academic history I have received a lower grade on. I could sit here and actually tell you the context of each of those papers, but that would be frivolous.

My point is, I’m a writer. I wouldn’t even be Jasmine McGee if I didn’t write. I couldn’t imagine being Jasmine “the dancer” or Jasmine “the scientist.” I may have a fascination with other subjects and fields of exploration in life, but writing is my preferred element of exploration. Writing gives me the ability to explore a range of topics. From the abstract theories to the basic essentials of life; I write about anything my mind intercepts and perceives of great importance.

The past few days the topic of writing has been weighing heavy on my mind. As I’m reaching the final year of college, I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have a dream job as a writer. I used to have this passion to be the next best pop culture writer of our Nation, but as glamorous as it sounds, it’s vague. It would be somewhat difficult to ascertain a job as just a “pop culture writer.” I’d need to narrow it down to a specific category within pop culture and that is something I can’t won’t do. I don’t want to just write about hip-hop all day or pinpoint the downfalls and benefits of dating/relationships; that isn’t a dream job.I’ve written for free and have paid my dues to the point where my resume is quite impressive, but I’m exhausted. I don’t have a dream of getting a job at a hotshot magazine or being on staff at a newspaper.

My dream job, well…I don’t necessarily have a specific title in mind. I do however, want to continue my pursuit of happiness in the writing process. I want the words I write to make a difference on some level, which is why I’m beginning to fall in love with proposal writing. The Technical writing class I’ve taken this semester and the Business writing class I took last semester, have tapped into the true power of my writing. I have this wonderful ability to write about important social issues, government projects, and other topics that benefit society.

An excellent writer shouldn’t be confined to one topic. I may have an expertise in expressing my opinions on the arts, but I’m also skilled in writing about science, health, social issues, world causes, and topics surrounding government. As a writer you have this amazing ability to research an array of topics and wear many hats, but you have to pick one that will at least feed the beast and pay the bills. When I say “feed the beast,” I’m referring to that untamed frustration writers experience when they are estranged from the pen, keyboard, or perhaps both.

As I daydream about my future goals as a writer, only a few things come to mind. I will always write my opinions down in my journal and my blog. That is an aspect of my voice as a writer that can’t be taken away from me. My blog and my journal are the creative outlets in which I explore the thoughts in my noggin. Once I graduate and hopefully go to graduate school at George Mason University, I will utilize my writing skills for the greater good of society. After spending time with my dad (he guided me on a proposal for class), a Senior Proposal Writer, I’ve began to see how cool it is to work for a technological company and the government. My dad took his degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton and used it to write award winning proposals that help the government and humanity; very cool!

I don’t know where I will end up as a writer, but I do know that I would like to potentially work for the federal government and use my writing skills to make a difference. I may not change the world, but if I worked for an agency in the federal government that improved/sustained society, then I’d feel like I’m doing my part as a writer. The journey of a writer is one that requires willingness and commitment. As I writer I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I’ve written about a wide range of subjects, but every word I’ve ever typed has pushed me closer towards finding my niche. In the same way I write articles, my life is a collection of words being organized into sentences and paragraphs. The only difference is, my life isn’t always grammatically correct…

Candid thoughts from ThinkSoul25.

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Doll Salvation: A 2002 Barbie Film

Hey guys!

I wanted to posted this footage my mom ran across last week. She recently bought a VHS to DVD recorder and has been running across a lot of old footage. I guess I was in 4th or 5th grade, was kind of bored and felt like making a soap opera with my Barbies. The turnout was Brandy Barbie dolls, a few other dolls, Steve, and GI Joe dealing with drama, friendship, and finding salvation during a crisis.  I can’t explain the whole concept, especially the easy listening christian music in the background( I usually listen go Gospel instead), but just check it out. It’s a funny video!

Voiced by my mom Janie McGee and myself, Jasmine McGee