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Part 2 | Hello, Goodbye, Never: A Rant on Modern Dating

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Our society functions off the principle of “hello, goodbye, never,” so I don’t see why these men get so terribly upset. When I say “hello,goodbye,never” I basically am referring to the concept of relationships not being long-term.

Connectivity has become diminished to short to term promises, instead of relationships that have longevity. Now, I don’t think all of our society is like that, but a majority of the young men and women I encounter are in tune with that mindset. So if these immature men I meet are just looking for something easy and a sex kitten, then they can easily go find a girl that fulfills their needs and doesn’t enrage them with intellectual conversation.

If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. You meet someone, you attempt to accomplish whatever it is you are in search of, then you say goodbye, and then you move on. I used to try to treat every man I met like he was going to be the next man I fell in love with, but that wasn’t the case. Usually it was just one date, a few phone calls afterwards, and then we never spoke again. That’s how it’s done nowadays. No stress, no pressure, no expectations.

I’m not necessarily pleased with the way things operate, but it doesn’t mean I’m not also an advocate of the no expectation theory. I can’t expect every man to understand me and want to have a long-term relationship, but that doesn’t mean I just become a girl that is “easy” and just focused on making love faces. Being an easy slut isn’t cool, especially since I’m a woman that has morals, intellectual pursuits, and a personality that doesn’t allow me to objectify myself. I’m a Taurus; I’m too stubborn and confident to succumb to being just someone’s object of affection pleasure. My aggressive nature is better suit for intense romance that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual.

Life and the journey of love are something I value. I’ve been through a lot of crappy men and dragged into ignorant conversations, but I still have this redeeming quality in me that allows me to believe in something great magically happening one day. I’ve been the side chick, finding out men are married or even have girlfriends, and feeling like a total blow in the face. And some of the situations I put myself in, I’m not perfect either. Yet, even with all the horrible things that have happened to me emotionally and physically, I still somehow believe there is a good man out there; I just can’t sit and try to pinpoint the day it will come true, or the type of guy that will become more than just a “hello,goodbye, never.”

What I mean is I don’t know when I’ll meet a man that is more than just some great conversation, a date, perhaps a kiss, a little foreplay, and then a goodbye, followed by never talking or hanging out again. There was a point and time in which I’d be highly disappointed or beat myself up over the lack of longevity in my interactions with men, but then I realized it wasn’t me, it’s the societal approach to dating. The pool of human emotions and interactions is more like an ocean, a massive body of water that can be rough, soothing, gentle, and even deadly, while still bringing forth life. The tides are always changing, but in the midst of all the change there is still a system at work that will bring forth meaningful existence.

Good men and good women still exist; it’s just that those of us in the dating “game” realize that we have to go through a lot of hell in order to find that meaningful connection. But it all makes sense, right? I mean, how can you truly appreciate the good if you’ve never experienced the bad? I’ve experienced a great deal of bad, but I’ve also run across some good. It may not have been the greatest batch of good, but it did have qualities that made me appreciate what I had in comparison to the prior horrors.

I’m not giving up on pursuit of a meaningful relationship, but I will say the journey has been interesting, downright comical at times. At least all my “hello,goodbye, never” encounters have been educational moments that I can one day look back upon and cherish. Life is hard, dating is hard, and being a human being is hard. But I know that as long as I’m growing from my experiences, the end result won’t be a waste of time. And sometimes, I’ve been that one to say “hello, goodbye, never.”

Yeah, I Said It | Sh*t Girls Say Ep. 2 & Sh*t Black Guys/Girls Say

I’m actually attempting to start going to bed a lot earlier in 2012 in order to preserve my sanity and have more time to create in the day, but I can’t help but get caught up creating & browsing the Web well after midnight. I’ve got some really cool blogs I enjoy reading, and I’m always finding some cool new music or comedy on YouTube.

Right now I’m trying to get ready to go to bed, but I’m procrastinating. Ah, I know, I know. I totally should just shut off my Macbook and go to sleep, but I’m waiting for my Sleepytime tea to cool down. Usually I’d sip on Nighty Night Tea (yeah, it’s actually called that) but I’m laying on my bed right now laughing at the latest episodes of Shit Girls Say. Not too long ago I did a post on the first episode, which you can read by clicking here.

But they came out with two more episodes, and I just found out about them. People have done some spin offs like Shit Black Girls Say & Shit Black Guys Say, and they were hilarious! As a Black girl, I can really relate to those ones as well. But then of course you’ve got a lot of people out there who were offended by the portrayal, but dude get over it. It’s just a joke. It’s humorous. People try to act all proper & socially/politically correct, but sometimes you’ve got to just chill out and take a good laugh. I mean as a Black woman I wasn’t offended because we say some priceless stuff. Out of all the videos I can honestly say I really relate to the Shit Black Girls Say, and since I hang out with mainly Black guys, I can say that the video for Shit Black Guys say is on point! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard a Black dude say some of the lines in that video. LOL, too funny!

All the videos are hilarious, but apparently  the original Shit Girls Say has much more content to work with so I’m sure these videos will keep rolling in within the next few weeks. But maybe there will be another installment in the Shit Black Guys/Girls Say videos. But for now enjoy the hilarious tweets by @shitgirlssay & watch episode 2 and 3 (well that one totally sucked, so I’m not posting it.) It just wasn’t as funny as the 1st and 2nd episode. They should just stick to the quick cuts and phrases, not one long drawn out conversation that is lame. But let me stop ranting and critiquing it.  If you’re a female, then most likely you can relate to Shit Girls Say. It’s hilarious, witty, & oh so true. Every time I watch the episodes I’m like “OMFG, I totally say that!”

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‘Improv Everywhere’ | The Art of Collective Street Pranks

I guess I’d consider myself a spontaneous person, but the level of adrenaline and spontaneity within my personality hasn’t had the chance to be fully unleashed. I have a lot of things I plan on doing, which include the following: parasailing, base jumping, swimming with dolphins, deep sea fishing, learning to surf, exploring a cave, riding a hot air balloon, scuba diving (or snorkeling, I might forget a lot of procedures and die while scuba diving), rock climbing a treacherous cliff, and participating in a flash mob/street prank.

A lot of those activities I’d probably experience in a beautiful place like New Zealand (ah, I want to go there so bad,) but the flash mob/street pranks I could easily participate in by taking a drive up to New York. I mean seriously,  it seems like every major collective street prank takes place in NYC. Not only is it a city that is featured in most cliche romantic movies, but it’s also known for it’s collective creativity and the art of collective street pranks.

I mean it probably wouldn’t be that hard to organize a collective street prank, but Improv Everywhere has got it down to a science. The organization has been known for it’s large pranks, including the “No Pants Subway Ride.” Now I don’t think I could ever have shown off my cakes in a prank like that, but I still think it’s cool how they organize these massive pranks. It’s sort of like a piece of art, exception it’s art in motion instead of something motionless.

The collective, which was started in 2000 by Charlie Todd, has successfully pulled off a lot of massive pranks. They’ve become known internationally for “Causing Scenes,” and the exposure they have created has inspired a new documentary that takes a behind the scenes look at the art of causing scenes. The documentary focuses on Improv Everywhere and the mission behind it. It’s currently in the process of being filmed, but they still need to raise money to successfully pull it off. In order to raise money for the film, which is slated to be released in early 2013, the crew and cast are urging people to donate via kickstarter.

Kickstarter.com has become a great way for many films and projects to raise money in order to finance their projects. Hopefully Improv Everywhere can raise enough money to actually make this film a reality. But with the future of this film being so uncertain at the moment, the crew has released a teaser trailer of what is to come. If they raise enough money, then this teaser trailer can actually turn into a feature-length reality. So be sure to support the cause and click here to donate.

If you’ve always wondered how they pull off those major street pranks, then you don’t want to miss the chance to make this film a reality. Support the cause, because it’s very cool to see Improv Everywhere & their slogan “We Cause Scenes” in action.

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True Freedom

I absolutely love being single! My life is so carefree right now, all I have to worry about is me. I don’t have to put time or effort into a guy that I kind of like, but don’t find myself being totally into him. I’m just not in the mindset right now to get attached to anyone, it’s just not happening. Of course I’ve met some decent guys that are somewhat charming, but they aren’t impressive enough for me to actually consider giving up my single life. For the first time in a long time, I’m really content with my life; I am truly liberated and soaking up my freedom.

I have this new amazing fitness plan I start once I move in on Saturday and on top of fitness, I’m doing well in school and I have a writing gig that pays weekly. Life is good right now. The only way I can see myself putting a man into the equation is if he meets my criteria. 1.) Well educated 2.) funny 3.) ambitious 4.) spiritual and 5.) tall.  You’d think that this would be easy to find, but a lot of guys that try talking to me either get super attached and clingy or they just continue to bore me with conversation about how nice I look and how much they like me. It’s like ugh, I get it, move on. No need to always talk about how I look and the same boring things. Can we please have a mature adult conversation beyond looks? How about we discuss art, politics, or even fitness.

Boring conversation is a major turn off to me, followed by immature attachment. It’s not even that I have commitment problems, because when I’m in a relationship I don’t mind hanging in there and making it work. The major issue is when guys I’m not really feeling like all that just want to jump the gun and get uber clingy. Not cool. That pushes me away, especially in the mindset I’m in right now.

Being single is such a liberating feeling. I’m in my last year of college, I’m finding myself, and a year from now I will be off having a whole new life. Once I get settled into life after college, living on my own, and working a normal 9 to 5, then I’ll be open to the idea of meeting other educated singles that are career driven and have a similar lifestyle. But for now, I’m not even thinking about becoming exclusive with anybody. Eh, no thank you.

I’m all for having male friends, but so many of them see that I’m a beautiful young educated woman and just want to make me their girl. Why can’t you just appreciate my worth and not trying to tie me down in a relationship? I won’t lie, in the past I’ve quickly jumped into relationships with guys that had everything I wanted, but that is the past. Right now I’m enjoying living my life, no strings attached, and making my dreams come true. I just don’t have any time for a commitment or attachment, especially with someone clingy. I just don’t want to be in a relationship right now and I definitely don’t want to seriously date. Dating should be fun, no pressure, just having a good time meeting new people.But the way things are right now, I’m so content with taking a break from going on dates and just enjoying being single and focusing on the things that matter most, my life.

It’s Okay, You’re Awkward…I Get It

I’ve never been the type of person to exactly follow social protocol. I’m far from a social assassin like Mr. Larry David, but I’m usually off into my own world. Sometimes I over analyze basic situations and other times I just completely “go for it.” Yet, my undeniable efforts always end up in a funny and random conversation.

I remember about two weeks ago I was at Target buying Fight Night Champion. I was getting as a gift for my brother, just wanted to do something nice for my big bro. It was really crowded and seemed everyone in the electronics section was waiting for some type of help. Finally after waiting, my mom went and found this short but cute light skin guy. He grabbed the game and handed it to me. My mom decided to walk off and told me to “handle it.” Whenever something needs to be done or a situation looks like it requires one of us to deal with it, my mom and me will simply give each other a quirky look and say “handle it.”

Well, needless to say I “handled it.” I ended up meeting the guy at the counter and I could feel myself towering over him. He was 5’6”, so compared to my 6ft frame, he looked like a child. We had this awkward moment while he scanned the game, then he said “I need your ID.” A normal person would have probably handed it to him and call it a day, but not me. I began asking him why it was so important and randomly talking about my height. He complimented my height and said “well little girls are getting taller.” LMAO wtf? Little girls are getting taller? I had no idea, maybe I should observe the ratio of heights more often (yea right.)

Long story short, we ended up bantering back and forth in a flirtatious yet awkward conversation. I told him he was short and then told him I was 20 and I don’t see why he needed an ID. Then he asked me how old he looked and I guessed 25, he had a grown man face on a small frame. Come to find out, he was actually 19. We bantered some more, laughing, flirting (nobody was in line, the people that needed help seemed to linger around televisions) and then I ended our conversation by telling him my plans for the night to play video games. It was just more awkward random conversation, but he was able to hang with me. I met up with my mom and she said “What was all that?” I laughed and said, “yeah, that happened.” She began laughing and replied, “Oh, it happened, can’t take you anywhere without you chatting up some guy.”

I have this habit of randomly getting in humorous conversations with strangers. I remember one time chatting up a white guy at JC Penney’s and talking about the beauty of black women and their bodacious butts. Haha, that was a great conversation! I suppose in some ways I’m slightly awkward but in a cool way. My theory is life is too short to always wonder what you should or shouldn’t say. I’m not awkward to the point where it’s rude, but I do like to engage in conversation and use my witty sense of humor to charm people.

Being awkward at times is a gift and a curse for some people, but “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” truly shows the ups and major downs of being awkward 24/7. A friend of mine sent this show to me on Facebook and after watching it, I realized I’m slightly awkward. I’m always finding myself in interesting situations that can be described as “awkward.” Yet “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” is the epitome of being awkward and does it in a hilarious way. It’s one thing to be awkward and random, but on top of that being far from the “normal” black girl; now that makes for a hilarious series of events.

It would be hard to sit here and describe the show in detail. I mean you’ve got the baby voice nigga, the awkward white guy, an evil office chick, an awkward Indian girl, and a gay guy that is racially insensitive. All those make for a great web series that shed light on being awkward. I happened to watch the show with my mom in one sitting and we both could relate to everything. There’s nothing wrong with being awkward, own up to it. The same goes for people that are jerks, if you’re a jerk/dick then own up to it. Lol commit to the title!

If you’re awkward or appreciate awkwardness, then check out Issa Rae’s “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.”

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Found Shit

The title of this post alone is probably conjuring up some curiosity. You are maybe wondering what in the world “Found Shit” means and why am I writing about it. Well, I didn’t actually find a piece of “shit” and this post isn’t about how crappy something is. There is a story here, so lets begin.

A little under a year ago, I was sitting in Denver one day minding my own business. You’d think I was probably contemplating ways to get out of Colorado and back home to the East coast, but in actuality I was working on homework.I usually tend to multitask while working on homework and end up getting distracted by a blog or something my mom emails me.She is always sending me helpful information in regards to career and networking, but on this very chill day in Denver; my mom sent me the most random website I’d seen in a long time. FoundShit.com

When I first saw the link she sent me, I was apprehensive to click on it. I didn’t know why my mom was sendingA picture from FoundShit.com me a website called Found Shit. I’ve heard of a lot of random and bizarre things in my life, but a site with that title ensues a lot of off assumptions. Yet, I trust my mom. She wouldn’t just send something without a meaning behind it,so I clicked on the link. As soon as the site loaded, I realized I had found my new favorite website. My mom had struck website gold.

The first thing I saw was this picture to the right. The post was titled “Peanut Butter Factory.” I almost died from laughter. The concept is abstract, sick, and some may say weird, but it works! It’s one of the coolest photographs I’ve seen in a very long time and I think the person who crafted it is a genius. A peanut sitting on a toilet and taking a dump of peanut butter, genius!

Found Shit is a website filled with “funny, bizarre, amazing pictures and videos.” It’s a haven of hilarious and artistic antics. Basically it’s a site filled with people just finding cool and bizarre shit. It’s a masterpiece! Some people may not have the type of humor to comprehend the randomness of Found Shit, but I totally get it! I’m always taking pictures of the most random occurrences in daily life and it’s nice to see a site where people appreciate them.

I love taking pictures of funny signs, it’s a hobby of mine. I’ve got a good collection of signs from all the road trips I’ve taken and I need to collect more. I may not have a lot of bizarre pictures, but Found Shit has already done the hard work. There are so many random things on Found Shit and you have to see for yourself…so check it out!

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