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SNL | The Obama Show, Maya Angelou Pranks, Beyonce’s Baby, & More Hilarious Skits!

I haven’t really blogged about Saturday Night Live in quite some time (the past episodes just weren’t that funny,) but last night Maya Rudolph made a triumph return. I know that whenever she is hosting SNL, it’s going to be an hilarious episode filled with her crazy antics.

Well, Maya never ceases to amaze. Yet again, she hosted SNL and she totally brought the funny. But yet, it wasn’t just her winning all the laughter. The cast last night did a pretty amazing job. At one point in one of the sketches, Kristin Wigg broke character and couldn’t stop laughing. The entire skit fell apart, but you could totally tell that they did the best they could to save it. Maya tried her best to remain in character, but Kristin Wigg and Bill Hader totally lost it; they couldn’t stop laughing at all!

It was hilarious seeing that skit fall apart. I couldn’t imagine having to constantly remain in character while acting so silly. I’d be the first one to totally break focus and just have to walk off the set (which is basically kind of what happened, except Kristin “drove” a golf cart off set.) Kristin may have lost character during that skit, but she did pretty good pretending to be Taylor Swift during Jay-z & Beyonce’s Baby sketch. Now that right there, boy, such a hilarious skit! Not only did Maya Rudolph do a great Beyonce impersonation, Jay Pharoahe’s impersonation of Jay-Z was pretty accurate. I’ve seen him do it before, so it was nice to see him be the one to play Jay-Z. Can you guess who played Prince? Haha, not even going to tell you. You’ll have to just totally watch the video & see for yourself. But I will say the Nicki Minaj impersonation was funny, and Justin Timberlake even stopped by for a Bon Iver impersonation.

Being that it’s perhaps Black History month (or maybe it’s because Maya Rudolph is half Black,) the episode last night contained more “ethnic” related skits then usual. No complaints from me, but it would be nice to see more Black cast members & other ethnic groups on a regular basis. But I digress. So last night they decided to do this hilarious Maya Angelou Prank Show (I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs), and that skit alone had me cracking up!Β  I suppose I was laughing so hard because Maya Angelou has this proverbial demeanor that seems to lack a funny bone. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to play pranks, so it was great seeing her prank people & because they were so honored to meet her, they weren’t even upset. She took it upon herself to prank Morgan Freeman (Jay Pharoahe,) Cornell West (Kenan,) and even Stephen King (Bill Hader.) All of the pranks were pretty lame (they were supposed to be,) but her reaction and the reactions of her colleagues were hilarious!

The prank show skit was funny, but I have to say the best part of last night’s episode was The Obama Show. Fred Armisen & Maya Rudolph really brought they A-game with their portrayal of Michelle & Barack Obama. RememberThe Cosby Show opening? Well, SNL decided to recreate that opening. But instead of the Cosby family, it was the Obama family. It’s too funny for words! You have to totally watch it! Oh, and if you remember that episode when Cliff was trying to eat a hoagie, then you’ll surely enjoy the skit.

All in all, last night’s episode was awesomesauce! I loved every single moment of it, including a skit at the end called How’s He Doing? Basically in this skit Maya, Kenan, and Jay Pharoahe discussed Obama & what it would take for Black voters to not vote for him. I found it pretty funny, especially being that I am Black & a voter. So you might also find that one interesting, so I’m going to post it as well. Oh, and they totally brought back What’s Up With That?: President’s Day Special Yeah, I totally forgot about that! It was funny too, so I will post it below. :)

Like I said, last night was a smashing success! Saturday Night Live really brought the funny last night. Every moment was funny, but of course everyone has their own opinions on what skits might have been the best. For me, the best skits (hard to choose one) were The Obama Show, Jay-z & Beyonce’s Baby, and Maya Angelou Prank Show. How about y’all, what’s your favorite(s) skit from last night’s episode?

Super Showcase

Man, this skit fell apart! They couldn’t stop laughing!

Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Baby

Maya Angelou Prank Show

The Obama Show

What’s Up With That: President’s Day Special

How’s He Doing?

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