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Certified Awesome | Duke Dumont – ‘Won’t Look Back’

Duke Dumont is bringing some heavy classic house vibes with his infectious new floorfiller, “Won’t Look Back.”

A non-stop dance party, this new track is full of wicked piano riffs and soulful vocals that will have you shouting hallelujah!

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Certified Awesome | Anna Lunoe – ‘Bass Drum Dealer’

The lovely Anna Lunoe is bringing some major heat with her wicked single, “Bass Drum Dealer.”

Full of drums, synths, tribal vibes, and her alluring vocals, this track is certified awesome!

Bass Drum Dealer

Oh, and the #bassinyourface doesn’t stop there. She’s got a new track with Treasure Fingers, and you know what, it’s legit!

Bad MF



Deep House | Low Steppa Presents Dusty Sessions 5 (Mixtape)

If you’re in pursuit of a banging, yet chilled mix to spice up your day, then check out this insatiable mix from Low Steppa’s Dusty Sessions mix series.

Right off the back, “Dusty Sessions 5″ mix start of with some killer vibes to wake you up. Then, after you’ve got that adrenaline flowing, the mix takes a route towards the chilled sounds of deep house.

It’s got enough momentum to put a smile on your face, make you dance a little, and still get some “work” done at the office.


Confession: Online Dating Actually Isn’t So Bad…I Beat The Odds

In search of some tranquility and creative inspiration, I decided to spend the day in our family design/art/dance studio and just allow the sounds of house music to tease my ears. And as I find myself sitting here, grooving to the soulful love-infused house cuts, I can’t help but to think about the past few years of my life…my love life.

Status: Madly In Love

The past few months I’ve been (and still am) in a relationship with a wonderful, incredible, hilarious, amazing, awesome, geeky, intoxicatingly sexy (he’s Puerto Rican/Dominican), and incredibly loving man that breathes fresh air into my life everyday. Not a morning goes by I don’t get a “good morning beautiful/my love” text, and I see him 3-4 times out of the week. It’s not been totally perfect, but compared to my past relationships, it feels like I’m living a lovers dream come true.

Bad Dates Galore

I’ve been through my fair share of ups & downs since…well since I first started dating at age 15 (I’m 23 now, so still young.) I’m young, but I’ve matured over the years, and as I’ve gotten older, my interactions with men have ranged from “mind-blowing awesome” to “nightmares on whatever street I’ve found myself.” And to be honest, a lot of my dating experience has come from, not only meeting potentials in bars/clubs, but a lot of dates I’ve gone on have been from a popular starting point: online dating.

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Deep House| Lana Del Rey – ‘West Coast (MK Remix)’

One of the hottest producers that has been in the house music game for quite some time is MK (Marc Kinchen.) He’s surely produced some incredible heavy hitters, and this past year he’s probably become well known for his infectious remix of Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through.”

Well, MK is making some major buzz again with yet another proper remix of a Lana Del Rey single. In the same way he took “Summertime Sadness” and blew it out of the park with some major house grooves, this time MK heads towards some darker vibes with his remix of “West Coast.”‘

West Coast (MK Remix)

West Coast (Original)


Vogue | Zinc – ‘Show Me’ (Official Video)

Rinse FM veteran, Zinc, has released some vogue-inspired visuals for his single “Show Me.” 

The video features a Japanese dancer named Ayo Sato, and shows her vogueing in a quaint dance studio. 

Check out the visuals for the pop-house single below:

Show Me