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Deep House | Haim – ‘If I Could Change (MK Regrets Dub)’

Not too long ago MK did an exceptional (perhaps epic) Essential Mix for Radio 1. And out of all the tracks, his MK Regrets Dub remix of Haim’s “If I Could Change” caught my attention; not once, but over & over again. 

Well, now you don’t have to listen to the mix just to hear this incredible deep house edit. MK has finally uploaded it to his soundcloud! :)

So, without further adieu, enjoy!

If I Could Change (MK Regrets Dub)



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Nu-Disco | DCUP – ‘Someone Told Me’ (Official Video)


Release your happiness with these nu-disco vibes from Melbourne-based producer, DCUP. 

The producer has released a catchy new single titled, “Someone Told Me,” and we’ve also got a solid music video to match.

Check out the official video below. :)

Someone Told Me


Deep House | DJBorbon – ‘Basil’ Mixtape (Download)

Dj Borbon Basil

In search of a deep house mix with an exotic flair? Then check out Venezuelan DJ/producer, DJ Borbon’s new mix—Basil. 

With deep vibes, moments of nu-disco flair, and overall sexiness, this is a solid mix that you should totally download(right now.) :)



♥| Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – ‘Shake That (Blonde Remix)’

Shake That Blonde RemixA perfect harmony between piano house chords and a driving bass, Blonde’s remix of Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt’s “Shake That” is the epitome of joy!

When I first heard this track in The Magician’s Magic Tape, I was immediately under the spell of this heavy piano chords. With such a classic bravado, this housey edit reminds of a 90s dancefloor anthem!

Shake That (Blonde Remix)

But then, after checking out Blonde’s soundcloud, I realized this production duo (Adam Englefield & Jake Manson) have an affinity for that 90s house sound. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because the house music of the early 90s was driven by some incredible piano chords.

And who doesn’t love a snazzy piano?

Out of all the tracks on their soundcloud channel, “It’s You” is such a stellar edit that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Driven by a classic-house vibe, “It’s You” is a sexy little number that will have you jumping up & down for joy. Joy, joy, joy.

If you’ve got a frown on your face, then turn this one up loud and let the music change your disposition. :)

It’s You


Fresh Visuals | Julio Bashmore x Jessie Ware – ‘Peppermint’

artworks-000058756470-jng43c-originalUK-house producer Julio Bashmore’s forthcoming debut album probably going to be one of the most-anticipated (and long-overdue) releases of the year.

He’s been killing in the house game for a minute! And to kick things off proper, we’ve got a wicked set of animated visuals for his addicting single “Peppermint” featuring Jessie Ware. 

Totally avant-garde, this animated video totally fits that retro house vibe & pulsating bass line, especially as the sexy vocals sing out “I’m hot for you.”

Is it a weird video? Of course. But I love weird things, so this video is totally #winning.


And just because I love Julio Bashmore so much, here’s one of my favorite originals:

Au Seve

Duke Dumont I Got U

Tropical Vibes | Duke Dumont – ‘I Got U’ (Official Video)

I’m really in desperate need of some sunshine, but at least I can visually escape to paradise with Duke Dumont’s new music video, “I Got U.”

Shot entirely in a first-person POV, this video follows the main character partying on sandy white beaches, traveling throughout the city, hanging out with sexy ladies, and having the time of his life.

But he’s wearing a virtual reality device, so all of this is but a distant vision of a reality we’d all love to have; sheer paradise.