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Deep n’ Sexy | Mannix feat. Rainy Payne – ‘Breathless (Richard Earnshaw Remix)’

295741_largeTease your ears this morning with Richard Earnshaw’s intoxicatingly sexy remix of Mannix & Rainy Payne’s single, “Breathless.”

Full of sexual innuendos, devilish flirtation, and a handful of eargasms, this is a deep sexy house remix that will put you in the mood. ;)

A lover’s touch so good; leaves you breathless…

Breathless (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

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Stanton Warriors - Mirrors HI RES

Classic Edit | Mighty Dub Katz – ‘Just Another Groove (Stanton Warriors Re Bounce)’

The track about is one of my favorite classic house cuts from Mighty Dub Katz. If you’re a true fan of house music, dance music, and anything in between, then you’ve probably have heard it sampled before. It’s truly a classic jam (in my opinion.)

And as far as classic goes, they are bound to be edited, mashed up, remixed, and basically changed around.

But if you’re looking to just get down and dance, then you should check out Stanton Warriors “Re Bounce” of “Just Another Groove.”

Served up as a free download, this edit is a fast-paced progressive house track that has a really good drop. And after that beat drops, you’ll just want to pump your fist, stomp your feet, and get on down to the beat.

Go ahead, give it a spin. Oh, and it’s a free download. :)

Just Another Groove (Stanton Warriors Re-Bounce)

Want some more bass?

Then check this out:

Stanton Warriors Beer Bass Mix


Deep House | Isaac Tichauer – ‘Changes’

It’s quite a gloomy day here outside of Washington, DC, but at least the weather isn’t freezing. Sure, for the most part, today has been a lazy day playing video games with my boyfriend. :)

But now that I’ve heard this dosage of deep house heaven from Isaac Tichauer…I really have the urge to dance!

For his first single of 2014, the French Express artist brings us some grooving deep house vibes with his track “Changes.”

With a simple vocal hook, which happens to be very soulful, this track comes to life with a deep bass that makes you want to dance.



Disco House | Push Music Mixtape – March 2014

Hey disco lovers, grab your bell bottoms and get your groove on with this delicious disco house mixtape from Push Music. 

Featuring a variety of disco house, indie edits, and a little bit of techno, Bill Push delivers yet another awesome monthly mixtape.

So if you’re looking to end March with a heavy dosage of nostalgic disco vibes, then peep this mix below:


Wilfred Giroux

Fresh Sounds | Wilfred Giroux – ‘U Make Me’

Not too long ago, I had the awesome pleasure (as usual) of sharing with you “Stronger,” a debut single from London-based house producer, Wilfred Giroux. 

His single debut single, “Stronger,” is a certified banger that will be out on Polkadot Recordings, but now you’ve got to get hype and check out the b-side of the release — “U Make Me.”

With a deep churning bassline, this new single is danceable, yet also perfect for a chilled-out rendezvous.

U Make Me


Certified Awesome | Amtrac x POSSO – ‘Don’t Know’

If you want to properly kick off your week, then get hype to these certified awesome bangin’ vibes from Louisville, Kentucky-based house producer, Amtrac. 

Featuring POSSO, Amtrac’s new wicked track “Don’t Know” is the type of house music banger you need to start the day (and a glass of orange juice.) :)

And with a LIKE on Facebook, you can download this killer tune for free.

Don’t Know

Featured Photo by:  Jacklyn Citero