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♥| Childish Gambino – ‘Sweatpants’ (Official Video)

childish gambinoYes, yes, yes! Childish Gambino has released visuals for his insanely dope track (all of his music is dope) “Sweatpants.”

Being that I am considered a “hipster” and like that “hipster/stoner/comedy” hip-hop, I’m totally a fan of Childish Gambino and in the past I’ve ranted about it on this blog. 

So, ya know his album Because The Internet is OUT NOW (you can stream it on Spotify,) and he’s also on tour doing a lot of shows (which are like probably SOLD OUT because he’s awesome.) :)

Gosh, he seems like such a cool dude just to kick it with, play video games, party, and have geeky rants.

But I digress. Go ahead and check out the music video!


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Future Bass | Alluxe – ‘Rytmus’ [Official Video]


Every weeknight at 3am EST, MTV airs Clubland, an hour-long show featuring electronic dance music videos. Normally, being the night owl that I am, I’m up to watch it, but when I miss it I can easily catch it the next day on my DVR.

Well, earlier this week I happened to catch it and fell in love with this futuristic bass music video by an artist named Alluxe. Continue reading

Screen shot at 2012-11-21 3.46.43 PM

Riise Up Dance Productions


Hey there all my readers/followers and those within the DMV dance/music community, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

My brother, Jamile McGee, is opening an awesome new dance studio right here in Annapolis, Maryland. Yes, that’s right, his own dance studio! Continue reading


G-House | The Beatangers – ‘Get Up Everybody’ EP Teaser


Amine Edge isn’t the only one keeping the G-House movement alive. With an affinity for all things house and that urban hip-hop vibe, The Beatangers are making gangsta moves with their new EP, Get Up Everybody.

Get Up Everybody is their first release on Kolombo’s LouLou Records and you too can be all gangsta when this release drops on December 12th (only a few days away!)

This is a wiicked good release and I’m totally giving it my full support. It’s got that old school hip-hop sound with that banging bass and house music arrangement. If you are a house music who digs hip-hop, then you’ll like, better yet, you’ll love this release. Continue reading


Dope Design | Sofles “Limitless” Graffiti Timelapse


Abandoned warehouses can be pretty drab, but when four graffiti artists are given unlimited creative expression and spray paint, they can easily turn a dull warehouse into a riveting masterpiece! Continue reading

james franco kanye parody 1

Awesomesauce | James Franco x Seth Rogen – ‘Bound 3′ [VIDEO]

james franco kanye parody 1

You guys have probably all heard about (and sadly watched) Kanye’s video for “Bound 2″ featuring Kim K naked on a motorcycle. Eww, it was just such a tasteless and trashy video, but it’s got everyone talking!

Even other celebrities have taken notice to it, including the hilarious Seth Rogen and James Franco. Continue reading