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♥ | Angie Stone – “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You” (Isaac’s Xmas Gift)


On the soulful side of things, I’m a huge fan of the soul sistas: Angie Stone, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

So when it Isaac Tichauer put a deep & soulful house touch on Jill Scott’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You,” I fell in love all over again with the soulful ballad. Continue reading ♥ | Angie Stone – “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You” (Isaac’s Xmas Gift)

Awesomesauce | Key & Peele’s Hilarious LMFAO Non-Stop Party

Even though it seems unlikely that LMFAO will ever have a huge hit again(everything else they did after “Party Rock Anthem” and “Champagne Showers” was horrible), it is true that them dudes surely know how to party. I mean come on now, the videos of them shufflin’ and party seem to be a consistent theme. They know how to party all night long and they surely don’t show any signs of stopping; nothing can get in the way of shufflin.

Well, since they love to party so much, Key & Peele decided to take their own spin on it with a song called “Non-Stop Party.” What starts off as an awesome non-stop party, turns into a nightmare; everywhere they turn is a party. So what happens next? Well, watch the video and you’ll see. I surely don’t want to spoil the joke for you. :)

And while you’re at it, be sure to watch Key and Peele going crazy while listening to dubstep. 

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Remix | John De Sohn ft. Andreas Moe ‘Long Time’ (Benny Benassi Mix) + Official Music Video

TGIF! Ever since I turned 21 and started hanging out in D.C. more, I realized that my weekends don’t have to be so boring. There is so much to do in the city, and I especially love anything that has to do with EDM. You might think that D.C. is just filled with politics and buppies, but it has a cool culture of EDM fans that attend various events and just love good music.

Most of the places I end up going (which I will blog about) play house music, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about serious dancefloor fillers. I love a track that just pulsates throughout the club and you can’t help but to finish off your drink (or put it down & call it quits) and start dancing the night away. I’m not one of those people that can hold my drink and try to look cute while dancing to some serious beats, especially if a track comes on that catches my attention.

One of this tracks that truly caught my attention is John De Sohn’s “Long Time” featuring Andreas Moe. The track has a nice rise, a really good drop, and the remix by Benny Benassi makes you just want to dance, fist pump, and holler (not sure why you’d do that, but sure, ok!)

Check out the remix below. If you’re a fan of Benny Benassi and his remixes, then I’m sure you’ll love his remix of John De Sohn and Andreas Moe’s “Long Time.”

Here’s the original track + music video.

Not Bad | Chris Brown “Turn Up the Music” (Official Music Video)

I didn’t even bother watching the Grammy Awards this year. Not quite sure where I was, but most likely it involved either blogging or playing MW3. You know I’m a gamer, so I surely stay on my Ps3 quite a bit.

Usually I go track down the performances I might have missed, but this year I just didn’t care. I just read the usual controversies on Bossip surrounding Chris Brown, Rihanna, and folks still not liking him. None of that really phases me because I like Chris Brown, and I know some inside scoop on the reality of their relationship. Like I said, my brother (dancer/choreographer Jamile McGee from SYTYCD Season 1) has spent a lot of time hanging out with Chris Brown and showing him dance moves. So after partying with him and hanging out with his crew, you know eventually that dreaded Rihanna situation comes up.

I’m not one to dish out dirt unless you ask me in person, so I’m keeping what I know to myself. As far as I’m concerned, I still like Chris Brown. I may not listen to his music all the time (usually off listening to electronica,) but I definitely will say that I like his new music video for his dance track “Turn Up the Music.”

I’m basically used to a lot of R&B and hip-hop artists attempting to do dance tracks, so at this point it’s expected. It’s becoming trendy. But not everyone track will actually get me moving, but “Turn Up the Music” isn’t bad. It’s not the best (I’m a dance music & house junkie, so I can sometimes be particular,) but I think Breezy did a pretty good job. Not only does the song get you moving, but the music video is very cool. It must have been a lot of fun filming it, and the choreography is pretty nice.

Every time I see dancers in music videos, I always ask my brother if he knows any of them. And as usual, he can name most of the dancers in the videos because he has worked with them before or is friends with them. So I haven’t gotten a chance to find out the scoop of who did the choreography (usually Rich & Tone Talauega,) but I think it all came together very nice for the vibe of the song.

Peep the visuals below for Chris Brown’s latest single “Turn Up the Music,” and be sure (if you’re a big fan of Breezy) to get his new album Fortune when it drops on March 16th.

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Ice Cream, Anyone? | Skrillex ‘Bangarang’ (Official Music Video)

If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout the past two years blogging & posting YouTube videos, I can say I learned that those darn YouTube commenters take everything so serious! I mean for instance, early today I was listening to Deadmau5 track “Maths,” and I took it upon myself to begin reading the comments. Within reading the first comment, I could immediately tell I had wandered into an argument of how Deadmau5 created Skrillex. WTF?

It was such a heated debate stating that Deadmau5 therefore invented Skrillex because he discovered him, therefore Skrillex wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Deadmau5. It was just a redundant argument that appeared to have no end in sight, specially when someone claimed Skrillex invented dubstep (it got really epic at that moment.) Feel free to go read the amusing commentary for yourself by clicking here.

So after enjoying a few good laughs, I decided to see if Skrillex (the Grammy-award winning DJ/Producer) had released any new music videos. I like Skrillex, he’s got a unique hairstyle, amazing glasses, and good music. No complaints from me (even though lately I’ve been listening to M83 religiously.) I like dubstep, so whenever I hear that Skrillex has a new track I always check it out.

He’s been doing a lot on the music scene lately. From interviews, performances, collaboarations, and so much more. Anyone who loves electronic music is somewhere out there with at least one or more Skrillex tracks rotating in your playlist. He’s quite popular right now on the scene, but it’s nice to see him take some time to release a new music video for his track “Bangarang.”

The music video for the track is quite unconventional, but then again, that’s Skrillex for ya. The video takes the idea of a good old fashioned ice cream man, and adds this creepy rebellious vibe from the youth. Instead of just kindly paying for ice cream, the kids basically rebel & steal the ice cream. It’s basically a ice cream truck hijacking of some sort, but it’s not completely a booming success. But hey, who doesn’t love ice cream? It may not be the nicest way to get ice cream, but kids will apparently be kids.

Check out the visuals for the music video below. What are you thoughts on it?

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