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Yeah, I Said It | Sh*t Girls Say – Episode 1

I may love videogames & daydreaming about being a Marvel superhero, but at the end of the day I’m a female. I can be all tough and competitive when I’m playing videogames, yet when it boils down to my demeanor, I’m totally a girl. I love bright colors, adorable animals, I love cliche romantic comedies (yeah, I cry on Dirty Dancing,) and I love having the luxury to say random shit that girls have the pleasure of saying.

You’ve got to admit it ladies, we say some epic shit. Whether it’s our girlfriend commentary like “Girl, you totally don’t look fat in those jeans” or “I’m just kind of in a weird mood today,” we are always saying something that is perfect for every moment in life. Hell yeah we talk a lot, but that’s what makes being a female so much fun. I mean I’ll admit that I can’t stand nagging and I’m totally irritated when females nag,(dude, sometimes you’ve just seriously got to shut up and let a man do this thing) but there is nothing wrong with being expressive and talking a lot at the right moments.

I admit that I talk a lot, but when it comes to hanging out with my male friends and playing videogames, we have this unspoken rule about not having foolish conversations when in gaming mode. We don’t discuss dating, politics, or fashion. We discuss pwnage and dishing out major ass kickings. It’s all about knowing the time and the place to talk about frivolous drama. Yeah, I have stuff that happens and pisses me off, but I go talk to females about it and not my guy friends. Girls, we have shit that we say that is just totally for when we hang out with our girls. But even when we aren’t hanging out with our girls and are just traversing through life, we always end up having some epic shit to say.

If you follow the Twitter handle @shitgirlssay, then you’re quite familiar with the female language. It’s become such a successful Twitter account that if you’re a female and you’re not following it, then seriously you’re totally not a cool chick. Haha, okay…that was dramatic. But come on ladies, you know the shit we say is priceless! It’s so epically priceless that they’ve even decided to devote a video to some of the phrases that almost every female has said at some point in their lives.

The viral video Shit Girls Say – Episode 1 is yet another great video of 2011 that is being passed around the Web. The hilarious thing about this video is that it doesn’t even star a female; a female could have played the role, but it’s more comedic with male actor/director Graydon Sheppard. In the video, actor Graydon Sheppard (who wrote and directed the episode) portrays a typical female who goes throughout her day saying different words shit. It’s such a funny video because half of the things he says in the video I’ve found myself saying at times. Often it’s not even this long elaborate sentence, yet instead a simple “Shut Up.” No matter what race you are or cultural background, if you’re a female then you can relate to this video. A lot of the things said in this video I have said, but usually with a lot more sass or the typical Black girl response “Girl…”

Even if you want to be offended by this video, it’s kind of hard not to. It’s just lighthearted fun and even actress Juliette Lewis (she’s always in a bunch of quirky romantic comedies) makes an appearance. I’m sure the men watching this video will be nodding there heads in agreement that a lot of girls do say some priceless phrases. At the end of the day it’s what makes us as women so beautiful and fun to be around. It’s all fun in games, unless you start nagging…then you really just need to shut up and take a moment to yourself. Seriously, nagging is lame & you’re just embarrassing yourself.

If this video isn’t enough, then follow the official Twitter account @shitgirlssay and check out some of the epic shit us females say. Ah, I just love being a woman!

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Abstract Pop: Ultraviolet Sound “Girl Talk”

There is nothing I love more than having some good old fashioned girl talk! The confessions, dirty secrets, the fashion, the sisterhood, and a passion for looking fabulous while dancing the night away. I especially love hanging out with girls that are fabulous and avant-garde in their approach to fashion. They could easily try to look like every girl out there trying to be the next Kim K or Beyonce, but the artsy chicks (like myself) prefer to stand out and dare to be bold! Pops of color, hints of sparkle, and playful flirtation are a must-have!

My passion for abstract music and fashion is probably why I immediately fell in love with Ultraviolet Sound’s “Girl Talk” video. I’ve never seen it before until a few moments ago, but I just had to post it. It is fabulous! I’ve heard some of Ultraviolet Sound’s music in the past, but I never knew what they looked like. That lead singer looks so fierce and I love her bright blue dress; all her outfits in the video are so artistically playful and cute!

This video reminds me that life is to short to sit on the wall and be a plain jane. In the words of the Nike Make Yourself Campaign, go out there and make yourself: hot, fierce, fabulous, flirty, spunky, sexy, colorful, bold, and fun. Be the most beautiful woman you can be and don’t take life so serious some days. Get out there, dance around wearing bright colors, and don’t have a stuck up attitude just because men are looking. I’m let you in on a little secret; men love a woman that is bold, daring, and knows how to have fun.So if you are walking around with a stank attitude like you’re flawless, then don’t be surprised when men don’t pay you any attention. Flirty and fun girls have more fun then stuck up divas. Trust me, we have more fun!

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