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Contra Shattered Soldier 2: An Awesome, Yet Oh-So Underrated Ps2 Favorite [Gameplay Video]

Even though I was born in Columbus, Ohio, I didn’t live there for a long time. Most of my life has consisted 250px-Contrass-frontof moving back and forth between Maryland and Colorado, but when I did live in Columbus I enjoyed visiting the 24/7/365 video rental store in German Village. Whenever my brother came home on the weekends, we would randomly go rent a game at 2am for less than $2.

The store was (it’s no longer in business) was the best place to go at any time of the day to try out new & old videogames on the PS2 and other systems. I remember so many late night strolls down to the store, and I even remember stopping by the store to pick up games before a blizzard hits. I fell in love with a lot of games when I was at that store, such as Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Dynasty Warriors, Escape From Monkey Island, and Ecco The Dolphin: Defended of the Future, but by far the game that impacted me the most was Contra: Shattered Soldier.

For years I’ve gone on epic rants about how amazing Contra: Shattered Soldier is, especially if you have the amazing opportunity to play co-op. Personally, I’ve played the game solo and co-op with my brother, and I found that it was much more fun playing co-op and taking on some of the most disgusting alien bosses I’ve ever seen.


If you’re faint of heart, then don’t even bother playing this game. Well, it’s not crazy gore or anything, but some of the alien bosses just look so disgusting and gross. I mean bug guts everywhere gross! But oddly, it is what makes this game so awesome and an instant Ps2 classic in my opinion.

But gross alien bosses and weird creatures with alien bodies but creepy gigantic human faces isn’t what makes this game awesome, it’s the progression of each stage in the two-dimensional gameplay style. In most first-person games you can spray bullets everywhere and now that sooner or later it’s going to hit, but in a 2D game where you shoot matters; hitting large targets and small targets in the midst of obstacles is something that makes Contra: Shattered Soldier an amazing game.

There where a lot of games that hit the PS2 that really caught my attention, but I’ll never forget paying $1 a day for Contra: Shattered Soldier and staying up late nights to beat it. And once my brother and I finally beat all those disgustingly awesome bosses, we headed to the video store between 3-4am and selected the next game we’d hope to conquer. Yet, Contra: Shattered Soldier would always be a game we would talk about for years to come. As I said before, it is an instant favorite that shouldn’t be slept on.

Here are some great videos that show how awesome the game is, as well as how disturbing and disgusting the bosses are. The turtle boss with the morphed-human-like butt face is the so gross! It even spits out acid, body parts, and bugs. LOL. But it’s a hell of a time shooting at it. Ah, good times…

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Welcome to Nomad Inn

I haven’t had the chance to blog in a few days, but now I actually have a clear moment of peace. I’ve been busy preparing for moving and then I started classes, on top of that my hair has grown so much and needed some TLC. So I finally was able to pick up a relaxer, do my hair, and take a nice hot relaxing shower. I’m sort of on this mini-vacation right now, since I’m actually living in a homestead suite until are apartment is ready to move in September 10th. We moved early because our landlord already rented our place out for Sept. 4th. Smh…he could have waited.

This past week has been quite hectic, but no move has ever been just a simple process. I’ve mastered the art of moving around, which is why I’m known as the “urban nomad” amongst the people I encounter in my travels.

Every year I’ve moved from a different house or to another city, sometimes a different state, but the key principle is; I’m always on the move to another destination. During my three year stint in Colorado, I had moved around to three different houses in three different cities in the Denver region. For the most part we moved due to finding better housing and the last place we lived in Colorado was this beautiful luxury loft.

Living in such a beautiful loft with hardwood floors and brand new appliances was amazing, but when we relocated back to Maryland we ended up staying in a different type of environment. It was an okay place, but the neighborhood wasn’t the environment I’m used to. It was surrounded by a bunch of little kids and a lot of foreigners that barely spoke any English. I’m used to living around a diverse neighborhood, but the place I was living before in Gaithersburg just didn’t have the right vibe.

I’ve lived in so many different types of neighborhoods and abodes, from the lower-end housing to the high class luxury condos. I’ve spent my time living far out in the country, experiencing those lovely nights where all you can hear is the bugs and you can lay out on the porch watching the stores. I enjoyed living out in the country but I also love living in the city and experiencing the vibrant culture. One of my favorite places I ever lived, even though I hate Columbus, Ohio, is an area called German Village.

German Village is this artsy area of Columbus, Ohio that has brick streets and some unique cafes. I used to always go to this placed called The Book Loft that has 32 rooms of books. It is one of the coolest book stores I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting lost in. Seriously, you can end up getting lost in a maze of tiny rooms and big rooms in the basement. It’s one of those places that is a must-see for any book lover. I don’t really like Ohio, but I do love German Village and The Book Loft.

I don’t really talk much about Ohio, because I honestly don’t really know it that well. I may have been born there, but as a nomad I’ve moved so much and haven’t placed my roots in one place. But I’m only 20 years old, there is no need to pick one place and plan on staying there my entire life. Moving around so much has been a great experience and now I’m preparing to spend at least a year in Germantown. I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up once I graduate college in the Spring and begin looking for jobs, but I do know that I have my eyes set on a few places.

My life is a book that is being written every day, but I’ve at least figured out that I consider Maryland and the DMV my hometown. It’s one of the places on the East Coast that I always end up coming back to and I think I’d like to sit still at least this year and spend my weekends exploring more cities on the East Coast. But for now, I’ll just enjoy my vacation and worry about the future another time.

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