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The Glitch: An Awesome Short Film About Those Annoying Glitches Us Gamers Hate!

tl-horizontal_mainI’m sure my fellow gamers out there have their fair share of glitchmares (glitch nightmares) and this awesome viral video from Corridor Digital is all about glitches and how they can destroy the world of gaming as we know it! The video is a hilarious yet uber dramatic look at what happens when a game has glitches, and the video uses super cool special effects to replicate what glitches look like. Dude, it’s pretty awesome!

So you may wonder why I decided to post this. Well, along time ago I came to a conclusion about myself. I’m a geek. Yeah, I can be cool and fly, but when it comes to video games and anything related to having powers or technology, I get super geeky and excited! So whenever I’m playing a game and it has a glitch, I get extremely upset. I feel as though the world is going to end (wasn’t that supposed to happen Friday?) You thought a lag could make a gamer upset, well you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a glitch terrorize our dreams.

Perhaps I’m being dramatic. Not all glitches are nightmares, some are quite hilarious and ways to “cheat” in a game. But I will say that some glitches I’ve experience have caused me to go into a fit of rage. The worst? I’d say when I bought Fable II and was super excited to play it. Seriously, I had waited so long for it to come out and I went out and bought it day one. But then I got so far and it glitched. Not sure what happened but it froze at the same part each time and I couldn’t beat the game. :( Bummer! Luckily I was able to take it back and get something else, but I was so upset I couldn’t get to the end. I had gotten so close and then it just messed up! Uh, darn glitch!!!!!

As you can tell from the paragraph above, I’m passionate about gaming. So when a glitch happens, it affects me deeply, especially if it messes up the flow of my gaming. But if it’s a funny glitch or a way to “cheat” the game, then hey I’m not hating. Sometimes you need a funny glitch to make your day. :)And this video truly makes my day; it’s funny, innovative, and speaks to all the gamers out there who have experienced glitches.

Us gamers got some great perseverance  We reset the game and start over until we can get it right. We will play a level over and over again with the hopes of the glitch getting out the way way so we can reach our goal…conquering the game.

Total Glamazon | Rocking DC Comics Wonder Woman Chucks

I feel like I haven’t touched my blog in decades! I’ve been so busy doing projects for other people, but now I’m back to doing what I love the most, writing on my blog.

Today has been a pretty good day so far now that I decided to really search my heart and go for my passion, art & interior design. The past few days I’ve been struggling with my passion, but I realized that I’m never going to stop my first love, art. Yet I want to intertwine that with my eye for interior design and my obsession with HGTV, so I figured I needed some inspiration to recover from the burden I’ve felt freelancing on so many projects. So, I bought myself a pair of DC Comic Wonder Woman Chucks.

I figured I’d at least treat myself from the earnings I made while freelancing, so the first thing that came to might was finding a pair of Wonder Woman related apparel. So when I ran across the shoes on Journeys.com, I immediately grabbed my card and bought the shoes right away. No shame to my game, I wear a women’s size 11.5, mainly a 12. So that in Converse size comes out to a Mens 10/Womens 12. But hey, I am an Amazon woman, so what do ya expect? No size 9 over here.

Now to my shoes came, I feel so spectacular. I really look up to the image of Wonder Woman and I’ve begun this obsession with collecting things Wonder Woman related. She is just such a powerful inspiration to me, especially in those moments of life when I’m feeling a little down or just out of place. Wonder Woman instills this strength in me, and I guess as geeky Amazon, I hold that strength close to my heart.

So the shoes are kind of more than just shoes to me. But aside from the sentimental aspect and deeper meaning, seriously…how badass are these shoes?! I have to give props to the design team over at Converse and DC Comics. They really came up with a sleek design that still has that oldschool Converse vibe, yet is ultra dope with a new school spin on the classic image of Wonder Woman. It’s timeless, yet insanely fresh.

What else can I say? I’m a geek. I’m proud of being a geek, and I’m also an Amazon woman standing at about 6ft tall. But don’t be mistaken or think the height is something to be weary of (unless you piss me off,) because at the end of the day I’m a gentle Glamazon that just wants to be geeky chic, borderline fabulous on occasion.

I heard this song a few days ago on Pandora and I love it! I’m a fan of RuPaul, so I couldn’t help singing along to it. I love the lyrics!!!!!!

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Geek Love | TLC’s New Reality Dating Show

Ah the perils of dating. Some people view dating as this dreadful task, but I like to view it was an exciting journey of meeting new people. I don’t really take it too serious and put a lot of pressure on finding love and getting married. I mean yeah it would be lovely to meet a nice guy who wants a serious relationship, but eh…that isn’t the case. So instead it’s basically just a journey of learning what I like, making new friends, or sometimes just having fun dates and then moving on with my life.

It’s really not that difficult for me to snag a date or meet a sexy guy, but it always become an issue finding a guy that isn’t just some swagged out asshole. Where is the substance? Like, yeah I enjoy being single and not having a bunch of pressure, but some part of me still believes in true romance and running across a man who just totally gets me. A guy who is artistically incline and actually reads a book here and there. It’s not like I’m this uber nerd/geek that is awkward (I’m geeky at times, but I’m really just an artistic down to earth woman) so I know that one day it will happen when I least expect it.

But there are people out there who just can’t seem to get it together when it comes to dating, especially folks who are way off into subcultures like the nerd/geek arena. It’s one thing for me to be geeky at times, but I’ve never been a major geek/nerd that dresses up in costumes and goes to anime and comic conventions. That’s cool and all, but eh…not for me. Yet there are some people that live and breathe the title of being a nerd, and for them dating isn’t such a breeze. Which is why TLC decided to introduce a new dating special called Geek Love.

The show, (well actually it’s a special with 2 episodes slated to premiere on this Sunday December 18th) sheds light on geeks & nerds trying to find love. I’ve got to admit, TLC is bringing their A game with the show ideas. I just watched Virgin Diaries and thought it was interesting seeing adult virgins in their late twenties and thirties; it was a cool series. TLC is always pushing the limit and shedding light on things that are far beyond the norm. I mean it is The Learning Channel, so I guess we are supposed to learn something new.

Geek Love is going to be a show that I think a lot of people will enjoy “learning” from. It gives geeks & nerds a chance to find love through Sci-Fi Speed Dating. Yes, speed dating for sci-fi fans. The speed dating is founded by sci-fi enthusiast Ryan Glitch, and every year at comic-con he hosts speed dating events for nerds & geeks to connect with other that might have been unlucky in love. I like that. It’s a chance for the underdogs and people who never get a chance to date liked minded individuals an opportunity to go on dates with people who get them. I know they say opposites attract, but sometimes you really do need someone who is into the same thing as you.

I think the show will be interesting to watch, and it will give me an insight to a lifestyle that I’m not quite familiar with. I have geek tendencies, but at the end of the day I’m an artist and writer. I’m that explosively creative and outgoing girl that can be wild, spontaneous, neo-soul, classy, and geeky when I’m talking about videogames. But for the most part I seem to be attracted to guys that are into art, music, fashion, and writing. I’d love to date a sexy tall guy that was a musician, a fellow writer, or an artist. Geeks are cool too, but I would never be down for going to anime conventions and dressing up. I’d rather wear a superhero costume somewhere else….. ;)

Anyways, whether you’re a geek/nerd searching for love or someone else that enjoys TLC’s specials, then you should check out the trailer for the show below. It airs Sunday night on TLC. So don’t miss it! Geeks & Nerds need love too.

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Keep Calm & Love a Nerd

I’m not really big on celebrity gossip, but I will say I wasn’t at all shocked at Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries getting divorced. I never really paid to much attention to her, mainly because I feel like she just capitalizes off her looks and dating athletes. It’s not like I’m a big hater of woman who does that, but it’s the mindset of chasing after “ballers” that annoys me.

I’ve met a lot of young women that just have such high ambitions of getting this guy who is totally swag literate and an impressive catch, but then they pass up some of the good men who may not be flashy, swagged up, or perhaps a hotshot athlete or distinguished lawyer or doctor. Not to say that all athletes or guys in medical and law fields are ballers, but it’s the perceptions that some women have of those men. I’ve personally had a few opportunities to date professional athletes, including a player from the Denver Broncos. But just the entire idea of them being on this hierarchy because they are an athlete and all the ladies love them just turns me off.

Guys that are just so obsessed with their looks, their ego, and bragging about their career tend be the guys that I get bored with. With the quickness, I’m just so over them. It’s like I don’t want to sit and talk about your looks or the sport you play all day, let alone sit and talk about material items that you can buy for me. They aren’t bad men by any means, it’s just that they don’t impress me. I’m the type of person that has this super serious side, but a majority of the time I’m not caught up on being that flawless diva. I’ve gone out on dates with guys in law school, med school, doctors, professional athletes, and so many other career aspirations, but some of these men just seem to capitalize on their career and not try to let their personality speak for itself. Even if I had a different career path, I’d still be the same person on a personality level. I wouldn’t try to impress someone based off my education or my career title, but instead let them discover the beautiful parts of my personality that mold me into the woman I am.

I have such an explosive personality that is driven by the arts, technology, and just being geeky chic. I used to apologize for being really silly, outlandish, creative, geeky, and passionate about certain topics. I had met so many different men that seemed “perfect” on paper according to the guidelines and lists that I used to have. You know the lists: educated, great career, tall, no kids, spiritual, well spoken, and culturally diverse. Those are some of the items that were on my lists and I had met men that totally met all those criteria and much more, but they just bored the hell out of me with their demeanor. It’s like they are so refined and distinguished, even have a classy style that is GQ worthy, but their personality didn’t mesh well with mine.

I used to hold back on being the woman I was during middle school and high school, but after being in college for the past 4 years I realized that all I can do is my true self. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m really silly, I’d rather play PS3 for hours instead of shopping and getting my nails done, and I think being passionate and wild about the arts is more important than trying to maintain this flawless image of a woman that is superior in education, classy and refined, and a “trophy wife.” I’ll admit that I used to only want a man that was well educated, but I’ve realized that’s not everything. I know guys who graduated magna cum laude from Cornell and other ivy league schools, but their entire attitude turns me off. Some of them have even told me that I was too much of a free-spirit. Can you believe that?! I’ve actually had some men that are so proper and classy tell me I’m “too wild” and confident for them. They express how they love my curvy body, my face, my eyes, and even touching and playing in my hair, but I’m just not the girl that fits that “image” they prefer.

I do believe that there is someone for everyone. In someone else eyes these guys are totally amazing catches. There is somebody for everyone, and in a real mature way, some people are meant to be together and some aren’t. So I’m saying this, so I don’t get any hate mail, that I’m not discounting the diversity of men that we need to have in our society. For myself, however, what has not been working for me is dating this image of what I think the right guy for me is. At the end of the day, I’m an artsy geek. I need a guy that can keep calm and love a nerd. A guy that doesn’t mind me sometimes slipping into a Spongebob voice, or reciting all the lyrics from that Dayman/Nightman song in  the Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode of “The Nightman Cometh.” A guy that can keep me laughing, and not be ashamed to join in on my silly antics. I need a dude that can play Call of Duty with me, while not trying to have a serious conversation. Seriously, I hate having long conversations while playing videogames, I’m just so in the zone with pwnage.

Dude, sometimes I just want to chill out and daydream about having superhero powers. I don’t want to sit their and get a blank stare from a guy. I’d prefer if he was geeky too and could so totally talk to me about the powers he’d love to have. Then we’d sit down and discuss the flaws in movies based off comic books, while probably jamming out to some house, dance, pop, d&B, and other genres of music; it’d be nice if he could accept my guilty pleasure of 80s rock songs and love ballads. :) But of course we’d be able to have serious conversations on politics, religion, and society every now and then, but he’d be totally okay with just having a spontaneous energy for the arts, technology, and life!

It’s not like I’m sitting here saying I need a man right now, because I do enjoy being single. But I will admit that I’m tired of going on dates with guys that just fit this “perfect” image of being a educated baller and totally swag literate. Those dudes don’t usually mesh well with my personality, so I think it’s time for me to do what I do best; go back to dating the geeky and artsy guys who have great personalities. Some of them may be swag literate and have pretty awesome careers, and some of them may not. But why the hell should that matter? You shouldn’t base someone off their career or bank account, but instead base it off the type of personality and vibe they have. So guys that are artsy, geeky, nerdy, and just such a joy to be around make my life so much more fun. I never had to apologize for being a extremely funny artistic geek that doesn’t always say the “right” thing. At the end of the day when it’s all said and done, I want a man that knows how to just keep calm and love a nerd.


I swear, I’d love to date a guy like Donald Glover. There is something so hilarious and sexy about him. I especially love everything he raps about. He totally makes fun of that ego that must rappers have, but he’s actually a pretty awesome rapper! Freaks & Geeks is the best track from Childish Gambino.


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